Balance when dressing

If you opt for a garment with a large volume in the upper part, you must bear in mind that the lower part must be more adjusted to your body. Just like if you decide to show legs, forget about the neckline.

Buy clothes that fit you

Never buy clothes because they are in style, because a friend has them or because they are on sale. The only rule you should follow when buying some clothes is that they fit you well, and this will depend on both your body and the parts of it that you most like to highlight.

A colorful accessory can change your look

It doesn’t matter if you wear the most boring clothes in the world (tight jeans + white t-shirt) a single necklace or large scarf will completely change your look.

The size of the label does not matter

Mainly, because there is no universal measurement table and each store has its own and because the clothes depending on the shape, one size or another will fit you better.

If in doubt, Total Black

never goes out of style, it’s elegant and it will also make you look slimmer!

Adjust your pants to the shoes you wear

There is nothing more horrible than wearing flat shoes and wearing excessively long pants that drag. The best thing is to make a hem, no matter how obvious it is, it doesn’t look bad and it will always be better than picking up the garbage on the floor with your clothes.

Invest in underwear

Because even if you don’t show it to the rest of the humans, there is nothing better than feeling sexy, comfortable (or whatever adjective you want to use) inside, to feel more beautiful on the outside. The best underwear is the one that makes you feel good. It is not worth the “not seen”.

In addition, it may be that at some point, it will become fashionable to teach it…

Don’t abuse jeans

Yes, it is a wild card garment and you will surely love it (find out which ones are worn this year here), but you have to open your mind to other worlds, such as midi skirts ( we have found three ideal black models ) or spring dresses -summer, like this one from Zara that will be just as comfortable and versatile as your ‘jeans’. Dress according to the occasion and you will succeed.

Choose the right bag for every moment

It’s not the same to go to work, going to university, going out to a party or meeting for a coffee one afternoon. And since none of these things look alike, you don’t have to always go with the same bag. Adapt this garment to your needs, a larger one to go to work, where the computer, the sandwich, the water will fit… A clutch to go out one night, a medium one to stay an afternoon…

Buy yourself heels you can walk in

Is there a worse image than a girl/woman/lady/being wearing super cute shoes and waddling like a duck? It doesn’t matter if your shoes are more or less pretty, have more or fewer heels, or the color is more or less garish. You should buy shoes that you can walk in.

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