The long-awaited date has arrived, 080 Barcelona Fashion celebrates its 28th edition between October 25 and 28. The fashion platform has already become a reference in the fashion circuit. Which is held on this occasion in an exceptional setting, the XC Space, the work of the sculptor Xavier Corberó.

This important event, promoted by the Generalitat de Catalunya through the Consorci de Comerç, Artesania I Moda (CCAM), welcomes in this edition a total of 22 designers and brands. Among these stand out from big names in the industry to young promises. All of them present their most collections.  Which promise to bring all the necessary inspiration to keep up with the latest trends. All collections will be presented digitally, through channel 080TVof the official website

On this occasion, the fashion platform has Clearpay as the main sponsor. The leading deferred payment method in the fashion sector allows us to buy what we want in a much more flexible way. Paying in four installments at no cost, thus helping to better plan expenses.

Take a seat in the ‘front row’!

The digital front row of this edition awaits you, and what better way to discover the 22 designers who present their collections in this edition.


The long-awaited Barcelona fashion

The multidisciplinary designer and artist present ‘Eternal Loop’, a collection inspired by loops, fractals, and the idea that we are all equal. Some pieces in this new collection are inspired by Dutch collages expert Fenna Schilling.


The designer’s fifth collection mixes tailored and urban styles. Take striped and pleated prints as starting points, as well as neutral colors such as white, gray, or black. The Basque couturier celebrates this fifth anniversary of the firm by baptizing this collection inspired by the flysch as ‘Bost’ (five in Basque).


The new slow fashion firm was founded by Constan Hernández. Who captained Intropia unveils its proposal for the summer on the Catalan catwalk. The collection, baptized as ‘La Colonial’. And inspired by the architecture of colonial Central America. Focuses on the interplay of textures and colors, taking as a reference the urban woman. Who wears comfortable, versatile, and cheerful garments that go from day to day. the night.


The firm, founded in 1929, has become a benchmark in the world of knitwear. Now, it celebrates its 10th anniversary on the 080 Barcelona Fashion catwalk in which knitwear is not lacking. The collection, called ‘My Way’ celebrates the plurality and differences of human beings.


This young 20-year-old Catalan designer presents her first thermoregulatory collection with a technology developed for NASA. With ‘Utopia’, the designer makes an analysis of the timelessness of colors and explores the duality of new technologies.


The firm created in 2004 presents ‘(A) symphonia’ an ambitious collection that plays with space and color through space-time and that deals with constant transformation.


The firm presents ‘Nymph Aura’, a collection that is inspired by the nymphs of light that are the essence of the forests. It is designed for the cosmopolitan woman of today and that is closely related to the more sophisticated 90s minimalism.


The well-known house created in the 80s by the Dalmau brothers, Custo and David, presents ‘I am the power’ its proposal for autumn-winter 2022. It highlights the bold and sexy air that is emblematic of the firm with current sporty tints.


The designer presents ‘Cruel and soft’, a genderless fashion collection that reflects on the darkest emotions of the human being.


Maite Casademunt, daughter of the firm’s founder and current creative director, is inspired by the colors and landscapes of her travels but, above all, by the women around her. His spring-summer collection, entitled ‘Urban New Western’ is inspired by the 70s film ‘Midnight Cowboy and takes to the catwalk such desirable items as palazzo pants, waistcoats, jackets, and many fringes.


The young firm, created four years ago, focuses on winter to give life to a collection that develops new fabrics and materials, where unexpected volumes reign and whose color palettes fall between Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud.


The designer returns to the Barcelona catwalk with his second collection, ‘Recuerdo’. As he explains, this collection was born from the need to explore the memories that we all keep in the museum of our heads. Its twenty-five looks define the designer’s most intimate memories through garments where large volumes prevail.


The well-known bathroom firm is inspired by the magnetic beauty of Japanese gardens to shape a collection that evokes nature and where the blue tones and the greens, pinks, and lilacs of the flowers are not lacking.


The new Martín Across collection is about movement and is inspired by the force of nature. His designs are once again inspired by sediments, layers, and minerals, and are made with local materials and in an artisanal way in Ecuador.


California and the iconic song ‘ California Dreamin’ are the starting point of the firm led by Maite Muñoz for next summer. The firm, which has conquered celebrities such as Tamara Falcó and Rossy de Palma, claims vitamin colors and more seventies prints.


The new proposal from the men’s fashion house is defined as neutral, versatile, and works, very faithful to its philosophy where essential pieces for day-to-day reign.


The namesake firm of designer Moisés Nieto was founded in 2011 and since then it has not ceased to captivate with its attention to small details and its passion for craftsmanship. On this occasion, it presents a collection that dates back to the summer of 1990 and the couturier’s childhood memories.


Clara Esteve, the creative director, highlights ATSL’s use of natural dyes, making each garment totally unique, and its memorable tie-dye prints. The new ‘Origin’ collection revolves around the values ​​and origins of the firm, focused on sustainability and local manufacturing.


‘Paradise = Mental Health’ is the name given to the latest collection by Yolanda Pérez, creative director of the firm. On this occasion, there is no shortage of prints, of a seventies character or pleats

19.30 THE LABEL EDITIONVéronique Von Siebenthal and Laura Johansson, creators of the brand, are inspired by natural elegance and details to give life to the brand’s new collection. Find out at the fashion show ‘Vague à l’âme’.


Born in 1998, this young woman from Tarragona pays tribute with her ‘Camille’ collection to the sculptor Camille Claudel, an artist who lived in the shadow of her love life.


The recognizable tailoring pieces and the striking colors and patterns that are part of the designer’s DNA are not lacking in ‘Mon Coeur bat la chamade’, the new collection by Juan Avellaneda.

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