At home we love pizza, I would say always but more especially since we prepare it totally homemade, the dough and everything, since it gives a tremendous game and, I don’t know how it happens, but it is always… scandalous!

There are pizzas for all tastes and perhaps that is where its success lies: only with tomato and cheese, with some sausage or meat, with vegetables, with fish and seafood, with lots of different types of cheese and there are even some out there with fruit that does not end to convince everyone (although I love it :P). Crunchy, slightly fluffy base and gratin cheese, for me, are the essential requirements for a good pizza.

Perhaps for all this, we can say that the “studies” and “headlines” that generalize and call pizza junk food bother me. Yes, it is true that the consumption of ready-made and packaged pizzas are widespread, made with ingredients that we would doubtfully label as healthy, but a homemade pizza with fresh ingredients and dough made with love is, in addition to being a delight, a super complete bite and not at all something that we can not eat in our weekly menu.

If you like pizzas, you will surely love our selection of focaccias, I would say that they are between pizza and bread and accept many combinations, although the dough is the protagonist. And another preparation that, although it is not typical of Italy but of France, also reminds me of pizzas due to their versatility, are the quiches, in all shapes and flavors, what a delight!

Homemade pizza dough, what makes the difference

Making pizza dough at home has so many advantages that I always encourage myself to prepare it since that is how I enjoy it the most. In addition to the fact that you make it with your own ingredients (and so you know exactly what it contains), it is a very easy dough to work with (and kneading is always relaxing), you can give it the thickness and sponginess that you prefer and you can also innovate by incorporating flour some ingredients such as spices  (oregano, thyme, rosemary) or even grated cheese, to make a really original and unique dough that will be delicious.

Opt for our fluffy, homemade pizza dough if you like doughs with a body and a certain thickness, or prepare the thin pizza dough if you prefer a finer, crisper finish. Which one is your favorite?

Bake pizzas as if you had a baker’s oven

Pizzas are best baked in the large ovens typical of pizzerias, reaching 300ºC or even more. This way the base is crispy, the cheese melts and it is also ready in a few minutes. At home, we don’t have ovens like this but we can use it in a different way from how we usually bake using this trick to get baking as similar as possible to those pizzeria pizzas.

The first thing you should do is preheat your oven to the maximum temperature, normally 250ºC, with heat up and down and a fan if you have one. When it has reached that temperature, place your pizza on parchment paper and place it with the parchment directly on the base of the oven, without a tray or anything, completely attached to the base (you can do this if your oven is NOT gas) , and leave it there for 3-5 minutes so that the base browns and becomes crispy (you can open the oven and lift it a little with the help of a fork to check if it is to your liking). Raise it to a height above half in the oven, now on a rack or tray, and let it finish another 4-5 minutes or until the dough and cheese are golden.

The best pizza recipes:

Pizza, just like pasta, admits infinite variations and recipes and you don’t have to get very complicated to get a great result. Here you have a selection of the most popular pizza recipes (and without a doubt my favorites), although I always recommend you adapt them to your taste and modify the ingredients as you prefer. What is your favorite?

Daisy Flowerpizza

It is the most basic and essential pizza since tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese are simply added to the dough and we have also given it an aromatic touch with fresh basil. Let’s say that most of the pizzas that we usually have start from this combination and ingredients are added according to taste, although I already tell you that its success lies in the simplicity of this pizza.

Pizza 4 Cheeses

It is one of my favorite pizzas and that of any cheese lover. Add your favorites and enjoy that explosion of flavor and its texture in the form of threads so appetizing.

Barbecue Pizza

Not only with homemade pizza dough but we have also prepared our own barbecue sauce. This only has advantages, since you leave both the dough and the sauce to your liking, working on the texture, flavor, and shape that you like the most, and of course controlling the ingredients, all very natural and appetizing.

Carbonara Pizza

Inspired by the traditional carbonara pasta, it is one of the creamiest pizzas that can be prepared and a mixture of mild flavors that everyone likes.

Homemade Calzone Pizza With Bolognese Sauce And Vegetables

The calzone is a somewhat special version of pizza since it is as if you folded the pizza on itself, enclosing all the ingredients inside and completely covered with dough on the outside. I admit that at first, I did not understand this format because one of the things I like most about pizza is the cheese gratin, but the truth is that preparing it this way has its point, and if we fill it with a good homemade sauce and the appropriate vegetables,  the result is authentic… scandal!

Onion And Blue Cheese Pizza

It is very easy to make, the only bad thing is that it is eaten very quickly because it is delicious. In this case, I have added a tasty touch with tapas, black olives, and arugula which are phenomenal.

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