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Ladies, your droopy knots are depressing. If you’re going to wear a beautiful Hermes silk scarf, the least you can do is tie it properly.



Go for the black 50’s style dress if you like your look is a little more subtle, or try the plaid puffball if you’re feeling brave!


How to make your stomach look flat in clothes?

A woman with a little “flab” on her belly was a symbol of beauty and prosperity in the 1700s, as several works of art demonstrate. According to the beauty standards of today, however, it is almost considered unbecoming, to the point of becoming a taboo. The winter just ended. A few big lunches during the holidays and dietary strains can make both women and men accumulate annoying extra pounds. If you want to know how to make your stomach look flat in clothes, follow these simple tips and you will surely have some benefits. read more…

10 Great Ways to Wear Popular Boyfriend Jeans

Gone are the days when a woman looked great only in tight clothes that, many times, did not even let you breathe. For a few years now, wide pants have been in the wardrobe of many girls around the world.

The best thing about these pants is the comfort that each one feels when wearing them, but sometimes being comfortable wins out by looking good and we fall into the hole of sloppiness. In other words, this garment as well as it can become our best ally can also become our worst enemy, making us seem as if we do not care about our appearance.

The Chica Genial team loves this style of jeans; So to make you look great with them, we give you a list of great ways to wear Boyfriend Jeans.

It does not matter if it is to go to study or to a disco; these pants can always look good.

Look casual combining it with sneakers

The most common way to wear them is with sneakers and a comfortable polo shirt. Keep in mind that part of your ankles will show, so the stockings you use should not be noticeable; or if they do, it should be in a subtle way and preferably neutral tights in a single color.

Take care of every detail of your look so you don’t look disheveled.

A glam look with heels

Most of these jeans are ripped and have holes, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t look fancy when wearing them. A cute top and great heels can complete your outfit to go out to a somewhat formal meeting.

Sweet and tender with ballerinas

Ballerinas don’t just look good with skinny pants; With some Boyfriend Jeans, you can create a spectacular image. For that, take into account the model of the shoes.

This look is ideal for casual gatherings and shopping.

With a shirt, a masculine style

When worn with a shirt, you will achieve a somewhat masculine look but at the same time chic. Remember that both the pants and the shirt must be your size; on the contrary, you may not see yourself as you thought.

Combine them with a blazer

The blazer is a cool and elegant garment; You can combine it with many clothes, including Boyfriend Jeans. Like the shirt, the blazer should also fit properly to the shape of your body.

Boyfriend Jeans and white polo shirt

Wearing a white polo shirt and jeans is classic and if you don’t do it in style, it can look very boring. With some Boyfriend Jeans and the right accessories, you will stand out from all the girls.

A nice coat or a fashionable bag can make this look the coolest.

Highlight the pants by combining them with neon colors

Combining these masculine jeans with bright colors will be a plus. In addition, summer is the best season to wear these colors in your outfit.

Rock style with a leather jacket

If you are a rock girl, a leather or leatherette jacket is a must in your closet. Combine this jacket with some loose jeans and you will look like a true Rock Star fashionista.

With a black top, the lifesaver of all

As with a white polo shirt, this style is a classic. You can improve the look by opting for a glued top that outlines your figure.

Urban chic style, you will look a little daring

In this style, we rescued the shoes from the first example, but we added a fishnet-type pantyhose. You will have a super urban and modern look.

Choose some patterned jeans

The prints on the clothes are in full fashion, especially the prints on the type of jeans we are talking about. There is everything; flower, animal, cartoon, pop art, etc; You can combine all the designs with different polo shirts, sweaters, and accessories.

This is how you can wear those very comfortable Boyfriend Jeans and at the same time be impeccable. Don’t forget to get one in your size, otherwise, it will look huge on you.

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BMX Bike Brakes Repair Issue Top Guideline

Today this article, we’re going to be talking about one big reason that your brakes could suck. There are lots of causes you have found. Here we have discussed some important issues.

Brake Lever

So what we’re going to be talking about today is the pivot point on your brake lever, where the lever itself actually moves.

If you didn’t know, there are brass bushings inside of here that if they get worn out and rough, they can make for an equally as rough and worn-out brake pole.

So, what we’re going to do is we’re going to take this bolt out here, right here.

We’re going to take this bolt out. We’re going to take the actual lever itself out, and we’re going to see how the bushings in my adult BMX bike brake lever look because I haven’t taken this apart since I got it.

The bowl is out. So now we’re just going to take the lever out as well actually okay. So here’s one thing for the Odyssey monitor lever.

This bolt is not the only thing that has to come out. I forgot there’s actually a little collar-type thing that goes through the lever itself. That the bolt screws into that you have to take out as well.

So now that these are out, the brake lever should come out. There you go. And you can see the bushing. So my bushing’s actually in pretty good shape.

Try and get a better view here and It’s a little dirty so put some TriFlo in here before to try and make it smoother.

That’s another thing that you can do if your bushings are good and your BMX brakes are still pulling badly.

So, there’s a bushing on top and then there’s the bushing on the bottom and if you take these apart in part of it’s missing, or it just the metal is beaten up rough looking.

Chances are you’re going to want to replace it and usually brake levers come with these to replace because it’s a known issue.

So, I looked on the internet and most BMX brake levers that I saw said something about this.

So chances are if you have a brake lever and it’s your brakes or not and if you have a brake lever of course, you have a brake lever.

If you have brakes, chances are. If your BMX brakes aren’t pulling well and your cables are fine. You have no friction points other than the typical ones. Then this is probably your issue.

Tighten the Bolt

You want to replace your bushings, put your lever back in, and if you have the Odyssey brake lever, you put the collar piece in first in the bottom and line it up.

Then you just put your bolt back in. One thing to talk about is that if your bushings are fine and your brakes still don’t pull very well, you’re going to want to check your cables because there could be a kink.

They’re just, there could be some other issue that’s binding your cables up. Also check your brake Springs because if you have your brake Springs too tight, that could also cause it to not pull as well.

Usually, this is one big issue that you don’t really think about. Another thing to think about too, is you don’t want to have it too tight because if you tighten the bolt too much, it pinches down on the parts where the lever goes in and the bushings, and doesn’t let it pull or move as easily.

One way to tell if your bushings are junk without actually taking your lever apart and doing this wiggle right here.

If this moves a lot, like a huge amount, chances are that there are no bushings in there because the bushings are, what’s taking up that XX space between the actual housing or whatever you want to call it here.

The pivot point of the lever itself and so pretty much if your brakes suck, check your bushings, check your cables springs between those.

Those are the only things that really make it up. You should be able to find it, but. Chances are if your brakes are terrible and you can’t find any other issues, this is where your problems at.

If your bushings are fine, lube it, put some TriFlo on there. Check your cables and should be good to go. One other thing I wanted to add in here is that this is what the bushings look like when they’re brand new with the Odyssey mano lever.

It comes with an extra bolt and two bushings. They’re brass. So this is what they look like brand new.

And this is what you’re going to want to replace. If the ones that are in here do not look like this.


Hopefully at least a few of you found this article useful and if you want to know more check OutdoorXsports. If so, share it with somebody who has a really terrible break and we’ll catch you in the next one. Thanks for reading our article.

Spring Summer 2021 fashion: 7 trends that you will surely wear

Seen (on the catwalk or on Instagram), approved, arrived in the store and now we can’t wait to wear: these trends are a concentrate of style and originality, garments and accessories that will soon become the passe-partout of the hot season.

Black fitted dress

The time has come to say goodbye to the classic little black dress: fashion focuses on a very tight model cut in jersey. To make it even sexier and dynamic is the cut-out motif: strategic cuts show strips of bare skin, while the laces intertwine and give the possibility to customize the look to your liking.


Algae, fish, corals, and starfish arrive with energy for the spring/summer 2021 garments: the protagonists of the abyss are not only revealed as fantasy but become décor elements – like jewels – or take the shape of garments. Examples are the shell-shaped bras cups or the sinuous cuts with curled edges, all details that refer to the iconography of the mermaids.

The pink shirt

A touch of pink is always granted in summer: this year, however, it will be in the form of a shirt. Very long and coordinated with the trousers (Prada), very wide and unbuttoned ( Valentino ), or shirt-cut (Christoper John Rogers), it will boldly replace the classic white cotton poplin.

Granny, the style of creative grandmothers and grandchildren

It is one of the most intoxicating trends of the next season because it tests creativity, recycling, and even irony: the classic squares and crochet flowers made with advanced wool will no longer only form the blankets of the country house but will adorn colorful clothes, handmade bags, and artisan tops. A traditional classic that now dresses with all its whimsical strength. Dresses, tops, bikinis, hats, and bags: choose your favorite crochet garment or accessory. A trend that enriches patchwork fashion and that of beaded necklaces.

The elegant but “relaxed” look

We are not yet ready to abandon the casual wear trend, especially when it comes to everyday life, the working day spent in the office behind a computer. Relaxed suits, minimal coordinated or exotic-inspired suits are the essence of spring-summer 2021 fashion for the city outfit.

Back naked

Unexpected gaps open up on the back: a bursting neckline, a geometric cut-out, or a top left open. A surprise effect for those high-necked and apparently chaste models.

Shorts mania

Ultra-short trousers and frayed jeans reveal the legs for summer 2021. Here are the three combinations with shorts to copy: a cotton t-shirt, coordinated bralette, and shirt tied at the waist.

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What is upcycling fashion?

The definition of upcycling tells us is the use of products, waste materials, or waste to manufacture new materials or products of better warm d today, in the world of fashion are many and brands that are committed to using recycled materials in their designs, especially small brands whose collections are born from the reuse of garments or fabrics.

If we take into account data such as that  2,700 liters of water are necessary to manufacture a shirt. Upcycling can be the most sustainable bet for the planet. We reduce the manufacture of new raw materials and the expenditure of energy resources such as water or light.

The circular economy is the present and the future, it is the alternative to the linear economy. We must bet on the so-called triple R of recycling Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. And although fashion brands have to recycle in this sense and be more sustainable. Given that it is the second most polluting industry on the planet. The consumer must also do so and do their part to achieve greater sustainability in the industry step by step.

Put into practice when buying we must reflect and ask ourselves if We really need what We are going to buy. Since we use only 20% of what we have in our closet, buying to buy or on impulse does nothing other than damage our planet Since most of these clothes will end up in landfills with the consequent CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Finally, if we really need that garment, buy it from upcycling, sustainable brands, or second-hand stores.

Path to sustainability in the fashion sector

Upcycling fashion gives fabrics a second life, reuses and modifies them to improve them.

Society is increasingly aware of the importance of caring for the environment and many people are already betting on firms that do so, but as with everything, not everything goes,  sustainability has to be in the entire manufacturing process, production. What is useful to make more sustainable collections using recycled materials if it is then manufactured in workshops where there is labor exploitation towards its workers, sustainability involves much more than the use of recycled material, is what must be made clear, it is what today day is known as greenwashing that big brands do just to wash their image, without any social or environmental awareness.

In this sense, there are brands such as Monai Bags that work the products by hand. We make the designs without any type of labor exploitation in our workshop. And reuse textiles in the designs of bags and accessories that we make. They are timeless and durable designs, for people who are aware of the situation that the planet is going through and who are committed to responsible and ethical consumption.

Fashion and nature Love and inspiration or toxicity and dependency?

People who buy fashion with these values ​​not only see the beautiful design that a product may have. Or how well it can be with one or another garment. They go further, and that is what most fills us. That they value the artisan work behind it and the sustainable product for the planet that they are buying.

7 tips so that your high-heeled shoes no longer hurt your feet or back

It will sound exaggerated, but we suspect that within a generation or two they will be laughing at the evils that many women suffer today from wearing high heels. This is not new, for hundreds of years we have been subjected to unusual torture in the name of fashion, from extremely tight corsets that disfigured the body and left more than one breathless, to absurdly voluminous crinolines, which in pre-electric times were on in fire with the rubbing of any candle or gas lamp. This is how Oscar Wilde’s sisters tragically died at a Dublin Halloween party in 1871, and sadly many more women.

And while it may seem that subjecting our bodies to such dangers in the name of fashion is a thing of the past, for many women it can be torturous to ride on a dizzying pair of heels, and they do not stop doing it. The heels in addition to adding inches of height and a lot of sex appeal, affect posture.

A study at the University of Minho in Portugal explains how increasing the height of the heel modifies the distribution of body weight on the feet, putting more pressure on the metatarsal bones, impairing the balance of the body, safety when walking, and altering the posture of the spine. “The human foot naturally exhibits a slight imbalance in the distribution of the body.

When walking barefoot, 43% of the weight is projected to the front of the feet, while the remaining 57% is directed to the heel portion. Orthopedic specialists generally recommend the daily use of 2 cm high heels as it helps balance the distribution of body weight along the foot, “the study states.

This suggestion is easy to come up with from a lab, difficult to put into practice if you’ve spent your whole life going to work in high heels because you’re short – or because you adore them. According to a 2014 survey by the American Podiatric Association, the average woman owns nine pairs of heels. 71 percent of those surveyed admitted that wearing high shoes is painful, and we suspect that this does not mean they would change them by about 2 cm.

For all of them who feel that shoes are killing them, but still love those little sculptures they collect in their closet, the American Podiatric Association created a series of recommendations to improve the relationship that women have with their heels:

  1. Avoid wearing high-heeled shoes for long periods of time

Take advantage of the trend of wearing sneakers with all kinds of outfits, including silky dresses and work clothes, to give a break from high heels while sitting at the desk or when you go out to lunch on the street. New Yorkers have been doing it for years.

  1. Stretches the muscles before and after using them

Stretching your muscles before and after wearing heels will help reduce pain after a long day in high heels. If you don’t have time to visit the yoga or Pilates studio when you leave the office, a few low-key stretching exercises in the middle of the day could change how you approach the rest of the afternoon.

  1. Try not to exceed 5 cm per heel

Reap the benefits of the return of the low-top mules of the 90s and medium block heels. There is no shoe that looks more office-appropriate today than a moderate-height one, and that’s good news for your metatarsals.

  1. Buy shoes in the afternoon, when your feet are more swollen or …

To avoid suffering at the end of a day walking in the street because of tight shoes, in the middle of an intercontinental flight, or in the third trimester of your pregnancy, buy shoes half a size larger and use cushioned insoles when you need to fill in the extra space.

Warning: These should not be placed on pointed heels because they will force your toes into an even narrower area, and that’s another pain we don’t wish on anyone.

  1. Avoid sharp-tipped ones

Pointe shoes are among the most painful models in the entire closet, subjecting the toes to an unnatural and consequently painful posture. Take advantage of the return of the square toe this season, both in boots and sandals. Your feet will thank you.

  1. Look for shoes with leather inner soles to prevent your foot from slipping

Inner soles, both in animal and vegetable leather, will help the foot not slip forward, even in the most vertiginous heels, like these from Salvatore Ferragamo.

  1. Try to vary the models and shapes of the shoe you wear every day

Wearing comfortable shoes is, without a doubt, the best favor we can do to our back, our hips, and our feet. And for more than two years it has become a common practice to opt for the comfort of a pair of sneakers or flats over high-heeled shoes in the daily lives of the most elegant women on the planet.

Don’t you want to let go of your high heels? Okay, at least try to rest from them intermittently during the week, to avoid permanent damage that in a hundred years will sound as absurd as a corset or crinoline on fire.

Conscious clothing made from banana peels

Alenkie is an Argentine clothing brand that uses fabrics made from banana and orange peels, abandoned fishing nets, and recycled nylon and polyester.

With the banner of ecology at the fore, many new ventures connected to recycling and waste reuse are emerging. Alenkie is a new clothing brand that is within this group.

The brand was born with the aim of showing that it is not necessary to continue using natural resources to manufacture quality products.

The garments have simple designs, most of them oversized, and printed in a way that does not harm the planet.

The slow fashion clothing brand is known for working with modern and conscious materials such as banana and orange peel fabrics, abandoned fishing nets, recycled nylon, and polyester, recycled PET, and Tencel.

“The idea is to recycle the garbage that we generate and give it another life, turn it into something positive and beautiful”, explains its creator Nana Metanjian, “this collection will promote environmental awareness. It is not a fad or a passing trend, but an active militancy that Alenkie captured as a mission and struggle. ”

“At the time of delivering the purchase, our packaging has zero environmental impact. For that, we collect the bags of potatoes, onions, and sweet potatoes to make backpacks and that’s how the garments are delivered ”, Metanjian details.

Nana Metanjian, the entrepreneur behind Alenkie, arrived six years ago from Armenia and fell in love with Argentina and together with her husband decided to stay and live in the country, where today they raise their two daughters.

In addition to being passionate about fashion and the environment, she is a German translator and also speaks Russian and English.

Men’s must-have fashion items

Before reaching the third floor of life, you need to open the closet doors and see if you have everything you need. There are basic pieces essential for every man, and it is not necessarily about being fashionable, but about being well dressed. Whether you are 30 or not, it is important to maintain your style in the future.

Men’s must-have fashion items

Whether you want to always make a good impression, conquer the person you like, or simply feel good about yourself, here are the 30 necessary pieces that you must have in your closet:

White t-shirt

The most important basic piece. It’s an everyday classic to wear under a jacket or even on its own. Find one that fits your body.

Leather jacket

A leather jacket is a staple for any man’s wardrobe. Invest wisely, take care of it, and last you a lifetime (plus you will use it a good deal.)


The must-have without excuses. Look for a sturdy pair in dark blue. There is nothing that they will not go well with. The combinations to use them are endless.

Oxford shirt

Essential. Get one (or many, if you can).

Bomber jacket

It is probably one of the most versatile styles, as it can be worn practically all year round and works for most body types.

Grey sweater

A sweater is the perfect middle piece for when it’s not too cold to wear a jacket. Gray complements most of the other things you’ll have in your closet.


It is the accessory that will never go out of style, and that will tell if you have good taste or not. Although you no longer “need” it to check the time because you already have your phone with you all the time, there is nothing more elegant than looking at the time on a wristwatch.

Navy blue suit

Another staple to have a “drawer” in your closet. You can never go wrong with the classic navy blue suit, for any occasion and in any season of the year.

Trench coat

Elegant, yes. But it is also an outerwear garment that can keep you warm in cold weather.

White tennis

Now more than ever, they can be used with anything and for any occasion, from a full suit to jeans and a T-shirt.

Polo shirt

To keep it formal, but casual and slightly sporty. A basic for summer.

Militar jacket

This garment is not only perfect for a smart casual look; it also retains its military roots.

Everyday bag

A bag that can go anywhere and do anything its charger can. Something consistent but very elegant.

Jeans jacket

Now the denim top is a versatile wardrobe essential.

Lace-up shoes

A good pair of shoes has the power to elevate any look.

Casual shirt with print

Now and then, you want to wear a different piece than what you wear every day.


They are no longer the garment with which you look fabulous. A slim pair of pants should be your new look for the weekend.


Loafers are easy to wear. You can combine them with jeans and a polo shirt to give it a casual but fine look.

Bermuda shorts or chino shorts

They will never be too much for the hot season or any beach vacation.


Ideal for use between seasons.


There are two basic belts: a sporty one, and a black dress belt.

Sports Tennis

Even if you are not one of those who exercise, it is important to have them. It is never too late to start!

Khaki pants

For when you get tired of wearing jeans or a suit every day

Wayfarer glasses

Although there are thousands of different eyewear designs, Wayfarers are a must all year round.

A pair of boots

Every man needs a pair of shoes that are neither formal nor casual. Boots are becoming more and more popular, and there are tons of options.

Blazer or sport jacket

A sports jacket can add a touch to any shirt or t-shirt you are wearing. You can use it more times than you imagine.


It should be an essential element in your wardrobe. Choose a color that matches other clothes.


For the colder months, a wool coat will fit perfectly.

Leather wallet

It is the accessory most used by men. They are so common that they are often overlooked. If you are going to renew, make sure it is made of quality material to last longer.


They are garments that say a lot about the personality of the person. They give the final touch to shoes and pants.

5 Things to Consider When Shopping for a One-of-A-Kind Prom Dress

Is there any high school scenario worse than showing up for prom in the same dress that several other girls are wearing? Even one other girl wearing the same dress is something of a tragedy (especially if she looks better in it than you do). So you’re probably keen to find a truly unique garment that makes you look and feel special and beautiful on this singular night. But if you’re limited to department stores and local shops, you might be facing the same selection as every other prom-goer in town. Luckily, you have the internet at your disposal, which means there is a whole world of possibilities when it comes to finding a one-of-a-kind gown to wear to your prom. And here are just a few things you’ll want to consider when you start shopping. read more…


It was easy to see why Saab has become a favourite amongst the red carpet crowd with several knock-out gowns ranging from creamy ivory to mustard yellow to dusty orange, grass green and electric blue.

Caroline Flack wears

Caroline Flack followed Fearne Cotton lead at the National Television Awards 2012 last night, opting to support British Fashion in a dress by ppq.

She poured herself into the silk skater-style dress with its Versace-esque paint splash and chain link print, adding her own fashion touch with a pale pink collar poking out the top. The effect on curvy Caroline – who’s said previously that she hates her big chest – was far more fit-and-flare than the dress looked when it was shown on the catwalk. It barely hugged the body of the model who wore it.

Stop shopping and start curating a wardrobe

Does that sound pretentious? If it does, this concept may not be for you. But if you love fashion and creating looks this might be something you’d enjoy pursuing. Calling them looks and not outfits is your first clue. A new year (or season, or job, or week, or meal) can be a blank fashion slate.

Try some extreme colour courtesy of Uniqlo

The trend for colourblocking may be slowing down a bit, but there’s a new way of wearing colour that’s set to take over. For those who’re brave enough, the extreme colour trend can look amazing, but it takes guts to give it a go. Instead of blocking out your look in a set of different colours, go really extreme by wearing one shade from head to toe.

At least you won’t have any trouble matching, right?

Uniqlo have made trying this look really simple with their Spring range of coloured denim and matching knitwear. The trick is to mix textures so things don’t look too flat.



This would be the perfect dress to wear to formal events in warm weather – the neckline and hemline are modest, it’s a light summery shade (but not pure white, so you could get away with it at a wedding) but the detail gives it that extra edge, with no need for dramatic jewellery or extra accessories. Wear your hair up for the full effect – you want to show off those pink petals!