Are you looking for the best men’s clothing of the moment? Then you should take into account the complete selection of men’s clothing brands. That we present below. Read on to find out which are the best menswear brands that you can currently find on the market.


One of the best menswear brands of the moment is Lacoste. This brand was founded in 1920 by a popular tennis player named René Lacoste.  It is a preppy fashion brand that was born with the aim of improving sportswear.  The invention of cotton piqué, a particularly resistant fabric. Belongs to this brand. In the same way, it should be noted that it is currently a brand that incorporates a wide range of clothing and technical clothing with unique and original collections as well as classic and elegant.

Hugo Boss

Without a doubt, another of the best menswear brands is Hugo Boss. This brand was founded during World War II, in the year 1924 and first specialized in uniforms. Today it offers fashion that combines classic business wear and sportswear with casual touches.  All his garments by him are simple but very classic and elegant, perfect for the most stylish men.


Another of the most popular menswear brands of the moment is Valentine. It is a brand founded in Rome in 1959 by the Italian designer Valentino Clemente Ludovico. It is an international fashion brand that makes everything from accessories to shoes, passing through fragrances and all kinds of clothing, in which its avant-garde designs and a particularly interesting style stand out above all.


The DKNY brand was founded by Donna Karen in 1984 and in 1992 she launched the brand for men. It is a very popular fashion brand among men, with clear sports influences and an informal touch without sacrificing elegance.  In the same way, it is a firm that recalls New York with its bridges and landscapes in its designs. In addition, it is a type of simple, relaxed, and stylish fashion.

Ralph Lauren

This is undoubtedly one of the most avant-garde menswear maracas on the entire list, which we have been able to find, like the rest of the popular firms in this collection, by reviewing, where you can have a lot of interesting information to make your purchases safely evaluating the best options and opinions of users and experts. It is a clothing brand that has been a world leader in marketing and design since 1967.


The next brand that we include in this selection is Italian, and it is a brand that stands out for making its menswear since the fifties with a particular style. To do this, they carry out 220 steps and more than a day’s work, creating unique pieces for men,  especially elegant and sophisticated, even when we talk about everyday garments.

Paul Smith

This brand was born in the 70s and since then it has maintained the same standards when creating its garments, creating unique designs but without giving up the classic and elegant touch. It is a very fun fashion brand designed for the most daring men and perfectly combines haute couture, formal wear, and originality.


This fashion brand of menswear stands out above all for its leather goods and garments,  although its accessories and stylish but traditional clothing are also very popular. This brand is perfect for flirtatious yet daring men who are looking for elegant clothes to wear on a daily basis.

Calvin Klein

Of course, another of the men’s clothing brands that cannot be missing from this selection is Calvin Klein. It is a menswear brand that was born in the year 68 and since then it has not stopped succeeding.  It is characterized by making label clothes with a modern and provocative nature. The aesthetic of their garments is minimal, perfectly combining the most iconic basics with unstructured tailoring.


This brand emerged from the hand of Thomas Burberry with the creation of garments designed to protect men from the cold and the British climate, but since 1856 it has not stopped growing to become one of the most popular men’s fashion brands in the world. It is a fashion house characterized mainly by its British identity and produces classic outerwear with traditional fabric patterns and polished tailoring.

Dior Homme

This popular menswear brand was founded in 1948 by Christian Dior. It is a very popular European luxury goods company, and it is for this reason that all its garments have a clearly sophisticated style,  as well as current, formal, and minimalist.

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