Nobody is born with a style, this is acquired over the years, taking note of those who know fashion (designers, experts, models…) and copying those women and men ( yes, Harry Styles, for example, is a reference top) that serve as a source of inspiration when you stand in front of the mirror. We know what a woman needs to dress with style. We are not talking about the trends that you will not stop seeing this spring-summer, which are temporary, but about the 10 keys so that you always go ideal, in 2021 and in the following years.

In reality, you don’t need to make big changes in your wardrobe, much less in the way you dress. We know that you have a great personality when it comes to deciding what you wear every morning. The objective is to give you those tricks that add art to an ‘outfit’ and that you become an example for the women around you. You are going to become a true fashion ‘insider’. From looking for inspiration to bring it. That easy.

Carry Bag In Hand


This simple habit has two objectives:

  • That the bag has much more importance in the ‘look’ that you have chosen.
  • Keep your hands busy, because many times we don’t know what to do with them. Also, if the bag is a chain, wrap it around your wrist like a bracelet and you will see what an incredible effect.

Roll Up Your Jacket Sleeves

It’s a trick to be able to wear a ‘blazer’ even in summer. And if you do it in spring, wear a nice long-sleeved shirt underneath, roll it up too, and it will be perfect. In addition, you will achieve that puffy ‘look’ that has been so popular since last fall.

Don’t Abuse Jeans

Yes, it is a wild card garment and you will surely love it (find out which ones are worn this year here), but you have to open your mind to other worlds, such as midi skirts ( we have found three ideal black models ) or spring dresses -summer, like this one from Zara that will be just as comfortable and versatile as your ‘jeans’. Dress according to the occasion and you will succeed.

Join The XXL Sunglasses

This Audrey Hepburn trick to hide a bad face day has become a sign of style and elegance. This summer the most popular is the ‘Long Keeper’, which you can find on Amazon at a great price.

Combine Neutral Tones

It is one of the secrets to dressing well because they are easy to combine, pair with any moment, and are synonymous with elegance. By definition, they are variations of the colors white, black, gray, and beige. If you want to give yourself a youthful touch, mix the fabrics and the different shades of this range. They will also look good with pastel colors, the stars of this summer.

Put Your Heels Back On

We know that after spending so much time at home you have a hard time getting back into high-heeled shoes, but that’s not why you should banish them, since they are an essential piece and it would be a shame if you didn’t take advantage of their qualities. If what you want is to be comfortable, we give you high-height footwear alternatives so as not to suffer and with a lot of styles.

Wear XXL Link Necklaces

Give accessories the importance they have and don’t think you’ve finished off your ‘outfit’ if you haven’t taken them into account. Enjoy wearing necklaces, earrings, and rings. Those with large links are always a success.

Change Your Bag For A Wicker Basket

You are going to tell us that this is not a style trick, but a trend, but you are wrong. What happens is that the wicker baskets return every summer, they are eternal. At Pull&Bear you have this ideal and cheap model for you to try.

Give A ‘Glam’ Touch To Your ‘Look’ Thanks To Silk

Because you always have to shine. If you don’t really like to attract attention, use the trick of Audrey Hepburn (yes, we love her), who said she felt more beautiful if she wore a silk scarf. You can wear it like her or in a strategic place.

Yes, The Scarf Is Your Best Ally

We think it’s cool to tie your hair up, one of the oldest tricks used by French women to be considered the chicest in Europe.

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