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Ladies, your droopy knots are depressing. If you’re going to wear a beautiful Hermes silk scarf, the least you can do is tie it properly.



Go for the black 50’s style dress if you like your look is a little more subtle, or try the plaid puffball if you’re feeling brave!



Many people associate healthy eating with losing weight. However, following a balanced diet is good for everyone and its benefits are not only limited to controlling weight. Eating healthy is not a regimen; it is a lifestyle in which you provide your body with what it needs to stay healthy, fitter and happier than ever. Is it hard for you to imagine how food affects your life? Discover some unexpected benefits at FoodGem of eating well and why it is so important to try.

Eating healthy increases your productivity at FoodGem:

At rest, the brain consumes a large part of your body energy, which, in turn, comes from your nutritional intake. The better the fuel, the better your brain will work. Unhealthy food decreases your brain’s productivity, but proper nutrition increases your ability to concentrate and your efficiency. Do not forget to eat well to achieve more goals. Look what FoodGem has for you!

Eating healthy protects you from serious illness:

A healthy diet today, is a healthy body tomorrow. Eating well is good for your body. In the long term: it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases (high blood pressure, heart disease or heart attacks), so you will be more protected from the first cause of mortality in contemporary society. But if you eat badly, you will be more exposed to one of the above diseases and also diabetes, arthritis or cancer. FoodGem claims that eating healthy means betting on the quality of life and also on your health in the future. You have a whole life in the same body, take care!

Eating healthy stimulates your taste buds:

Nowadays, many people have a hectic pace of life. It is increasingly common to use prepared and packaged foods and eat them on the fly. The problem is that industrially processed foods are made to seduce us with the “right” amount of sugar, salt and fats and to make us want more. It may seem somewhat exaggerated, but somehow we become addicted to these foods and our taste buds are accustomed to consume high amounts of salt, sugar and lipids. Therefore, healthy foods may seem less tasty. Eating healthy helps you awaken your gustatory system and delight you with more different and natural flavors. Processed foods will seem too salty, fatty or sweet and you can enjoy the benefits of a healthy diet without exceptions.

Eating healthy increases your energy:

We all had a bad time eating during the break and seeing how our energy vanishes when we return to work. That feeling that you do not feel like working and that you seem to wait for the workday to end. Have you ever wondered why you get so much sleep in the afternoon? If your meal contains a lot of simple carbohydrates, your blood sugar level will skyrocket. Because sugar (in excess) is dangerous to your body, it starts releasing large amounts of insulin. This substance transports the sugar molecules from your bloodstream to the cells, so your blood glucose level drops and your body asks for more sugar. This starts a vicious circle in which the body constantly releases insulin and increases sleepiness. A balanced lunch composed of complex carbohydrates (pasta or whole wheat bread), vegetables and proteins will free you from the desire to sleep in the afternoon and from depression and discomfort. It is worth trying!

Eating healthy balances your body and makes you happier:16

If your body gets everything it needs, it will make you notice it. Eating well not only reduces mood swings, some foods can even help your body reduce the segregation of the stress hormone, cortisol. You will feel more balanced, fitter and healthier and live to the fullest. It would be very good if you consider the benefits that cooking can bring. We will summarize them in 7.

Look what FoodGem has for you!

Cooking is a moment that you dedicate to be with your body and listen to it, to enjoy the smells and tastes. It helps you to rest your mind from internal chatter and to connect with your senses, your sensuality.

It is a good way to exercise the mind, since it requires a very interesting programming exercise (to plan and order the menus, the dishes of a meal, the possible combinations, the ingredients, the quantities, the cooking times, etc.). And concentration, because while you cook you have to be present, you have to be for what you do, otherwise it can go wrong. Therefore, cooking well prepares you and gives you resources and skills that are then very important to apply in life, at work or in relationships, because it helps you to be mentally focused and not scatter.

It can also be a way to connect with yourself through FoodGem, to unlock emotions and connect with your true intuitions and with what you really want. If you overcome this laziness and you do it regularly, you will take a liking, because you will realize that it is really a moment for you.

If you cook for your partner or your family, you can feel the pleasure of generosity. Because cooking is an activity that goes in favor of life, in favor of well-being. And the body and mind are grateful, even if we do not realize it. And it produces the well-being and the serenity that generates us doing things well, which helps to live centered in the complicated and hectic world in which we move.

The fact of preparing food for another always implies an intention, a way of directing the energy towards what we want. If I am in love and I want to prepare a delicious dinner for the person I love, that intention with which I will choose the menu, to select the ingredients, to prepare the dishes and to present them will be transmitted. And the same happens with children, the rest of the family or friends.

It can be a form of therapy, of finding that space and that moment to listen to us, to connect with our needs and satisfy it.

What do you expect to start a healthy lifestyle and enjoy all these advantages? Take care of your body, you only have one. If you do not know where to start, learn the main guidelines to follow a long-term healthy lifestyle in the FoodGem and discover all our tasty and healthy recipes.

How to use a compound Miter sliding saw

What is a dws709 miter saw?

The miter saw is a necessary tool for carpenters and for metalworkers. Its ability to make crosscuts and angled cuts allows craftsmen to build corners and create bevelled edges. The first manual miter saws were built with disposable blades suspended on a series of rollers. The leaves broke frequently, but made precise angular cuts in all types of wood and metal parts.

Characteristics of dws709

Miter saws may include additional features such as a dust bag to collect debris as the blade is cutting. Another common feature is a laser guide to make it easy to keep the blade straight.

Electric miter saws

Electric miter saws have a circular saw blade attached to a hinged mount. This allows the sheet to run continuously while still cutting accurately.

Composite miter saws

Composite miter saws can make two different angular cuts at the same time. These saws have a built-in inclination to the blades that allows the user to cut bevels on the carpentry pieces.


The blades of a miter saw must be very sharp to cut through the metal. Do not use a miter saw without the blade guard. Always hold the item to be cut securely in place when operating with the saw. Sliding compound miter saws have revolutionized carpentry and carpentry. Allowing larger cuts than your siblings do not slip, while being more portable than radial arm saws, sliding compound miter saws are the best choice for a growing group of professionals and amateurs. The head of the saw consists of the motor, blade and blade guard; the head moves forward and aft in a sliding lane. The table supports the work and turns left and right in the horizontal plane. The fence is placed on the table and serves as a stop for your work.

The dws709 miter saw is a necessary tool for carpenters and for metalworkers. Its ability to make cross cuts and angled cuts allows artisans to build corners and create bevelled edges Similar in appearance is dws709, both the cutting saw and the circular miter saw cut a wide variety of materials, such as wood, metal and plastics. Although both saws cut through the material with a serrated circular blade, the cuts differ in angle and width. Therefore, depending on whether you are working on construction sites or with rough finishing works, it is important to have an overview of this product in order to choose a saw with the characteristics that best suit our needs.


  • Adjust the saw on a stable surface and at a comfortable working height. Make sure you have enough free space on the sides of the work piece, and enough free space in the back for the sliding mechanism. Plug in the dws709.
  • Release the saw head from its storage position; Pull the release leg on the back of the head and loosen the lock button on the saw’s slide mechanism by turning it counterclockwise.
  • Adjust the desired bevel angle by loosening the lever or knob on the back of the saw, and moving the head in the vertical plane. A graduated scale in degrees indicates the angle. Tighten the head in the desired position.
  • Move the knob or lever on the front of the saw table and adjust the miter angle. As with the bevel setting, a scale indicates the angle of your cut in degrees. Lock the lever in place to maintain your environment.
  • Place the workpiece on the saw table, and hold it firmly against the fence. Do not put your fingers within 6 inches of the blade. If the work piece is short, fix it in place. The unfinished side of your work should be down and towards the fence.
  • Make your cut. Pull the head of the saw toward you, switch the saw motor in and with a sinking motion, move the head down and back towards the fence. Release the trigger and release the head.
  • Wait for the blade to stop rotating of dws709 before recovering the work piece.

Miter crown moulding cutting can be a frustrating task, since it seems difficult to translate the necessary angles based on the shape of the crown moulding. Crown moulding is actually a triangular shaped piece that is at an angle to the wall and ceiling. It does not fit into the traditional 90 degree angles that most tools are adjusted to make cuts, and this makes moulding crown difficult to miter.

Tips and warnings

  • Some woods splinter easily, even when using a sharp blade. Try covering the area of your court with tape.
  • Never use a dull blade; It increases the likelihood of dangerous kick back, and it is hard on the motor of the saw.
  • You can cut aluminium, brass and plastic with your saw; Use a hard metal blade with a shallow hook angle.
  • Never deactivate or remove the blade guard.
  • Keep hands and fingers at least 6 inches from the blade at all times.
  • Tie the long hair to prevent it from becoming entangled in the spinning blade.
  • Always wait for the blade to come to a complete stop before removing your work or making any adjustments to the saw.

Tips and warnings

Always wear safety glasses when working with a miter saw. This will help protect your eyes from pieces of wood and debris. Dws709 are used to make precise cuts at an angle in the wood, such as framing or castings, for a precise fit. A miter saw is used on smaller pieces of wood that would be dangerous to cut with an electric miter saw. A miter hand saw consists of the saw and the base. Most hand saws can be used for miter cuts, but a miter saw is short with small teeth to minimize chipping. There are two types of bases: the platform, in which the saw rotates and the moulding sits on an L-shaped platform; and the box, in which the saw fits into the pre-cut grooves and the moulding is in a U-shaped box.

Discover how SEO positioning can help you obtain better results and investment returns

Marketing professionals must be at the forefront of the infinite updates of the Google algorithm. If it is not done, you run the risk of not showing up in important keyword searches. Does your company not appear in Google results for the keywords you want? Or do you appear, but behind your competition? Do your customers not find your services or products? If your answers are affirmative you need to implement an SEO positioning strategy to increase your visibility.

Do you know what SEO is on the page?

Optimization for SEO search engines covers the creation, optimization and promotion of content. When we talk about SEO, we often refer to “SEO on the page” and “SEO off the page. When we talk about traffic capture we mean you have to be able to make your user – potential client – fall in love with your website. Being visible is the first step, however if the potential client does not enter the web, it is useless to be well positioned in the SERPs of the search engines. Common Sense SEO goal will be that users, who find your website in search engine results, enter and navigate through it.

Common Sense SEO has two great benefits for your company:

Common Sense SEO – Increase in Visibility

You will reach your visibility goals and overtake your competitors in the organic results of the search engines. You will be positioned for the keywords that your customers use when searching for you.

Common Sense SEO – Increase in Profitability

The methodology created by our Common Sense SEO consultants has allowed us to achieve the objectives set with our clients. If you want to get more visits to your website, in Common Sense SEO we know what to do. The important thing is not to be on the internet, but to create strategies that allow improving the visibility and indexing of your website. These strategies will be closely linked to the creation of services that allow you to identify the needs of your customers, boost their recruitment and improve their conversion on your website.

Common Sense SEO as an SEO positioning agency, we evolved at the same time as SEO techniques to provide the best services to our clients. Our goal is to improve your long-term profitability. In the current positioning, it is necessary to give a very important role to the Technical SEO that allows the Google robot to track your website well, index all the URLs and position us correctly. For this, our consultants use the best tools to improve the local and international SEO of our clients. Among the tools we use, we have Semrush, AHref, Sistrix, Majestic, among others.

Branding E-commerce Apps NFC solutions Services 

  • SEO positioning
  • StartSEO positioning
  • SEO Positioning Agency

In the current positioning, it is necessary to give a very important role to the Technical SEO that allows the Google robot to track your website well, index all the URLs and position us correctly. For this, our consultants use the best tools to improve the local and international SEO of our clients. Among the tools we use, we have Semrush, AHref, Sistrix, Majestic, among others.

Achieving success with SEO on a website is not an easy task, there is a general rule that is the optimization of websites with relevant keywords.

Do you know the difference between SEO on the page and off the page?

The SEO on the page (or “what a site says to a search engine”) consists of optimizing individual web pages to have a better ranking on the search engine results pages (SERP). The term covers the content itself, in addition to the HTML source code. Both elements can be optimized for searches.

For its part, SEO outside the page refers to external classification signals, such as links . Improving SEO on the page can help you significantly in your inbound marketing efforts, as it allows you to attract the right visitors to your website.

Ready to get more customers and generate more income?


Increase visibility must be one of the fundamental objectives for any company that wants to develop its activity on the internet. Nowadays, in order to be successful in such competitive markets, it is essential that your company or brand appear in the first SERP results due to the search intentions of your potential clients. SEO techniques evolve to the point that Google’s algorithm marks, although they are not the only algorithms. However, the objective is always the same: to be in the first results when your potential client conducts a search.

Common Sense SEO consultants work constantly with the most advanced professional tools in the market to optimize technical SEO. This makes it possible for search engine robots to crawl and index your website correctly. Once you reach your visibility goals, our work will focus on your website being maintained in the first results of the search engines.

Do you want to increase your visibility?

Indexing and tracking

Your website must be optimized so that the Googlebot, Googlebot (also known as a spider) can track your entire website. The tracking should be done quickly and agilely by the spider without losing tracking budget. An unoptimized website runs the risk that part of it will not be indexed.

If the search engine robot does not get to index part of your website, it will never be able to position itself. Therefore, the first step is the tracking by the robot. However, your website must be indexable so that said robot from Google or from the other search engines can classify you and position you in good results of the SERP. The Google robot is a mathematical formula that runs your website valuing the parts of your website, so you have to know very well how to create a website that is traceable and indexable.

In Common Sense SEO we work to optimize the factors that intervene in the tracking, indexing and classification of your website. It is important to have a well optimized site, this way you will begin to see the results, among them a better quality of visitors, higher conversion rates and, ultimately, more customers.

The Best Model Walks That History Will Always Remember

Not all can walk on a ramp. Most of the viewers believe that catwalk is as simple as any other walk. You simply get onto the stage walk and get back to your den. But that is not how modeling works. It requires special training and a lot of practice. The idea of walking on the ramp is so difficult some of the models are never forgotten by the history. The best part of these top models is that surveys of the best walks of the history were taken at different points in time and the same few models topped the list.

Here are some of the models who are remembered for their walks:

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid is complimented by people for her simple and girls next door looks. She has friends from the high society but that still she seems unaffected by her status. However, the case is entirely different when she steps on the ramp. She walks with so much pride and authority that even men will have to shy out of her way.

Naomi Campbell:

With that perfect amalgamation of boldness and beauty, Naomi Campbell knows how to arrest the attention of her audience. If there is one model who can inspire great performers like Beyonce, then it can be none other than Naomi Campbell. This is where Beyonce drew her inspiration for the walk that featured in her ‘Crazy in Love’ video.


Karlie Kloss:

Karlie Kloss is often nicknamed as ‘Panther.’ We need not have to explain where she got the name from. She is also called as the predator for her bold and captivating stride. She is a cat in the form of a human. Nothing can get better when you have her right in front of your eyes. She is not just bold and beautiful, but also indomitable and authoritative.

Pat Cleveland:

Pat Cleveland is known for the perfect cat-like twirl that she makes while she walks on the ramp. She was the super-model of the seventies. Pat Cleveland was known as the trendsetter as she was one among the first few people to get women to a broader platform and proved that women are capable of active stuff rather than the passive photo shoots that women were known for back then.

Coco Rocha:

When your whole body complements that way your legs walk and the expression on your face, then that is the best moment for a model. To be quite honest Coco Rocha’s modeling career is filled with such moments the way her body and her expressions complement her walk has made her one of the best models of all time.

Simple Tips For A Perfect Runway Walk!

If there is one thing were appearance counts, then it is modeling. The better you carry yourself, the better you earn, both money and fame. So here are some of the tips that models have to follow:

Carry yourself well:

The moment you to become a runway model, you must be prepared to sport any accessory and wear any costume. This is because most models are involved in promotional activities and endorsing brands. Learn how to walk and move around. A small flaw will capture the eyes of the viewer’s immediately that will ruin the whole show.


Mute expressions play a major role while models walk. Models need not have to talk or act, but the expression that they carry on the face should keep complement the costumes and the apparels that they wear. They have to be both bold and beautiful which will give them a whole new look and makes them more look-able.


Talking about expressions, if you are confused as to what we meant by the term expression, it is confidence that we meant. Confidence is very imperative for a model, and that is what makes them the person that people wish to see. It helps the model walk with the gait that is more presentable.

Your whole body must compliment you:

In case if you didn’t know earlier, models are trained as to how they have to walk, how the sway their hands, how to look, position their lips, chin, and shoulders. This is the reason why all model look like sisters. This training makes them more professional. So the whole body has to function together so that models look good when they walk on the ramp.



Walk carefree:

This is the other perspective that models should hold on to when they walk on the ramp. If you are confident and conscious at the same time, you might lose track of what you are doing on the podium. So at times, you are expected to be carefree, but at the same time, we would also like to remind you that there is a vast difference between being carefree and careless. You are allowed to be carefree, but you are never supposed to be careless. You shall rather be conscious than careless.

Draw inspiration from cats:

If you are still confused as to how models perform each other, they take inspiration from cats. That is why it is called ‘catwalk.’ Cats walk effortlessly but still they maintain the gait and power of a tiger. There is a specific instruction in ramp walking that says ‘turn back like a cat.’ When models walk and get to the end of the days, they are expected to turn away from the audience and walk back, and this is where they are expected to imitate cats so that their walk looks flawless and stunning.

Win a chic leather bag from Free Endearment

While the original Free Endearment Dana Clutch is a great stylish basic, the laser cut detail on the new version really adds more interest and excitement to the piece. I feel like it elevates it to a special occasion bag. Which is good for me, because I need outside pockets for keys/phone on an everyday bag. As you can see from the inside view, this has plenty of pockets and is larger than you might expect of a clutch. But with my (admittedly not small) makeup bag, wallet, keys and phone it’s fairly full. If you were willing to forego wallet and makeup bag and utilize the pockets for those functions, you could certainly save some space and make this your regular purse.

This is of course what you want from a handbag line – a solid basic design and then updates that riff on the original design in new and interesting ways. A+ for the handmade, custom-tanned leather purveyor. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on them.

Emily Blunt is a green goddess at 2012 SAG Awards

Hello, color! After multiple neutral tones and dark-colored dresses at last night’s SAG Awards, our favorite gal Emily Blunt blew them all out of the water in this bright green number from Oscar de la Renta’s Resort 2012 collection.

The one-shoulder emerald green gown is definitely not a color that everyone can pull off, but luckily for Em, it worked a treat. For an added touch of sexiness, the British actress flashed some leg thanks to the thigh-high split. Finishing off her look, Emily wore a pair of strappy Jimmy Choo sandals and carried a Swarovski clutch. It was just the breath of fresh air this often tired red carpet needed!

Your Autumn wardrobe Essentials

Perhaps you’ve already felt the chills in the air as the evenings begin to drop, packed away your swimsuits and pulled out your ‘big coat’ from the back of the wardrobe, or maybe you’ve noticed all of the AW12 stock making its way onto the shelves on your local high street – whether you like it or not, autumn officially begins tomorrow!

When you’re immersed in the world of fashion – whether it’s on the front row at London Fashion Week or from the comfort of your home between the pages of the latest glossy magazine – it can be difficult to keep track of what’s going on around you, especially when items that are hitting the shop floor are already classed as ‘last season’, and you’re looking ahead to Spring Summer 2013 before Christmas has even started.

In light of autumn is just around the corner, we thought we’d cast our minds back to the AW12 shows we saw in February and put together a few key pieces that are essential for your wardrobe right NOW. We’ve taken inspiration from collections like Paul Smith, DAKS, Burberry Prorsum and Topshop Unique and fused them together in one fashionable pot!

When we think of autumn, a plethora of rich, textured fabrics spring to mind, and this year it’s all about mixing them together to create a pretty yet edgy vibe. Layer tartans, tweeds, and houndstooth with corduroys, velvets, and wool for a heritage feel and team with boy-cut, tailored pieces for a modern twist. Play with scale too for maximum effect – combine structured, cocoon style coats with slouchy oversized knits and cropped preppy trousers.

Once you’ve got your silhouette sorted, the accessories are just as important. Add a flash of color to your outfit with colorful suede or leather gloves, team ribbed tights with shimmering ankle boots, pull wool skirts in at the waist with patent belts, and finish with an oversized clutch or a giant tote. The overall look should be a charming blend of old meets new, of librarian chic meets country girl!



Find the perfect pair of jeans for your shape at Donna Ida’s denim clinic

I have a love/hate relationship with jeans. It’s no big secret that I’m a dress girl, but there are days when only denim will do. It surprises people to discover that I own about a dozen pairs of jeans, but the truth is, I only have so many because I’ve never found the perfect style for me.

And I know I’m not the only one – when I asked on Twitter recently what people found the hardest item of clothing to buy, almost everyone came back saying jeans! They’re notoriously tricky, with so many washes, cuts, and textures on offer, but they’re also an absolute wardrobe staple so it’s worth hunting down the perfect pair.

About Donna Ida

Donna is a self-confessed denim addict who decided to open her own boutique – with a huge emphasis on customer service and advice – after experiencing poor service buying jeans in department stores. She now has four London boutiques and an online store, all of which stock premium denim brands, from J Brand to MIH in sizes 23 to 34 (plus a capsule collection of tops and accessories).

The price tag for designer denim may be high (£200+ a pair) but at Donna Ida, you pay for the service as much as you do the jeans and if you can splash out, it may well be worth it. You can visit the ‘denim clinic’ and be fitted for the perfect pair by one of the experts working in a store. Think of it like a bra fitting, but with more denim! This idea is replicated online with videos full of fitting advice and an extensive set of resources that aim to take the nightmare out of navigating the hundreds of options, but if you can get to London, I absolutely recommend going instore if you can.

The Fitting

For my fitting, I visited the Belgravia store, with the lovely Claire on hand to guide me through the maze of options. Firstly, I was asked what I was looking for and explained I wanted something I could wear for work or play, quite a classic shape in a darkish wash. My only stipulations were no skinny jeans and no bright colors.

These requirements were then combined with Claire’s knowledge of what works for my body shape, and I was I was quickly dispatched to the fitting room with various recommendations, plus a plain white t-shirt to try them all on with.The store is really well-designed for trying on. The fitting room is generous, with a mirror inside.



It was easy to see why Saab has become a favourite amongst the red carpet crowd with several knock-out gowns ranging from creamy ivory to mustard yellow to dusty orange, grass green and electric blue.

Caroline Flack wears

Caroline Flack followed Fearne Cotton lead at the National Television Awards 2012 last night, opting to support British Fashion in a dress by ppq.

She poured herself into the silk skater-style dress with its Versace-esque paint splash and chain link print, adding her own fashion touch with a pale pink collar poking out the top. The effect on curvy Caroline – who’s said previously that she hates her big chest – was far more fit-and-flare than the dress looked when it was shown on the catwalk. It barely hugged the body of the model who wore it.

Stop shopping and start curating a wardrobe

Does that sound pretentious? If it does, this concept may not be for you. But if you love fashion and creating looks this might be something you’d enjoy pursuing. Calling them looks and not outfits is your first clue. A new year (or season, or job, or week, or meal) can be a blank fashion slate.

Try some extreme colour courtesy of Uniqlo

The trend for colourblocking may be slowing down a bit, but there’s a new way of wearing colour that’s set to take over. For those who’re brave enough, the extreme colour trend can look amazing, but it takes guts to give it a go. Instead of blocking out your look in a set of different colours, go really extreme by wearing one shade from head to toe.

At least you won’t have any trouble matching, right?

Uniqlo have made trying this look really simple with their Spring range of coloured denim and matching knitwear. The trick is to mix textures so things don’t look too flat.



This would be the perfect dress to wear to formal events in warm weather – the neckline and hemline are modest, it’s a light summery shade (but not pure white, so you could get away with it at a wedding) but the detail gives it that extra edge, with no need for dramatic jewellery or extra accessories. Wear your hair up for the full effect – you want to show off those pink petals!