Today this article, we’re going to be talking about one big reason that your brakes could suck. There are lots of causes you have found. Here we have discussed some important issues.

Brake Lever

So what we’re going to be talking about today is the pivot point on your brake lever, where the lever itself actually moves.

If you didn’t know, there are brass bushings inside of here that if they get worn out and rough, they can make for an equally as rough and worn-out brake pole.

So, what we’re going to do is we’re going to take this bolt out here, right here.

We’re going to take this bolt out. We’re going to take the actual lever itself out, and we’re going to see how the bushings in my adult BMX bike brake lever look because I haven’t taken this apart since I got it.

The bowl is out. So now we’re just going to take the lever out as well actually okay. So here’s one thing for the Odyssey monitor lever.

This bolt is not the only thing that has to come out. I forgot there’s actually a little collar-type thing that goes through the lever itself. That the bolt screws into that you have to take out as well.

So now that these are out, the brake lever should come out. There you go. And you can see the bushing. So my bushing’s actually in pretty good shape.

Try and get a better view here and It’s a little dirty so put some TriFlo in here before to try and make it smoother.

That’s another thing that you can do if your bushings are good and your BMX brakes are still pulling badly.

So, there’s a bushing on top and then there’s the bushing on the bottom and if you take these apart in part of it’s missing, or it just the metal is beaten up rough looking.

Chances are you’re going to want to replace it and usually brake levers come with these to replace because it’s a known issue.

So, I looked on the internet and most BMX brake levers that I saw said something about this.

So chances are if you have a brake lever and it’s your brakes or not and if you have a brake lever of course, you have a brake lever.

If you have brakes, chances are. If your BMX brakes aren’t pulling well and your cables are fine. You have no friction points other than the typical ones. Then this is probably your issue.

Tighten the Bolt

You want to replace your bushings, put your lever back in, and if you have the Odyssey brake lever, you put the collar piece in first in the bottom and line it up.

Then you just put your bolt back in. One thing to talk about is that if your bushings are fine and your brakes still don’t pull very well, you’re going to want to check your cables because there could be a kink.

They’re just, there could be some other issue that’s binding your cables up. Also check your brake Springs because if you have your brake Springs too tight, that could also cause it to not pull as well.

Usually, this is one big issue that you don’t really think about. Another thing to think about too, is you don’t want to have it too tight because if you tighten the bolt too much, it pinches down on the parts where the lever goes in and the bushings, and doesn’t let it pull or move as easily.

One way to tell if your bushings are junk without actually taking your lever apart and doing this wiggle right here.

If this moves a lot, like a huge amount, chances are that there are no bushings in there because the bushings are, what’s taking up that XX space between the actual housing or whatever you want to call it here.

The pivot point of the lever itself and so pretty much if your brakes suck, check your bushings, check your cables springs between those.

Those are the only things that really make it up. You should be able to find it, but. Chances are if your brakes are terrible and you can’t find any other issues, this is where your problems at.

If your bushings are fine, lube it, put some TriFlo on there. Check your cables and should be good to go. One other thing I wanted to add in here is that this is what the bushings look like when they’re brand new with the Odyssey mano lever.

It comes with an extra bolt and two bushings. They’re brass. So this is what they look like brand new.

And this is what you’re going to want to replace. If the ones that are in here do not look like this.


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