Many people associate healthy eating with losing weight. However, following a balanced diet is good for everyone and its benefits are not only limited to controlling weight. Eating healthy is not a regimen; it is a lifestyle in which you provide your body with what it needs to stay healthy, fitter and happier than ever. Is it hard for you to imagine how food affects your life? Discover some unexpected benefits at FoodGem of eating well and why it is so important to try.

Eating healthy increases your productivity at FoodGem:

At rest, the brain consumes a large part of your body energy, which, in turn, comes from your nutritional intake. The better the fuel, the better your brain will work. Unhealthy food decreases your brain’s productivity, but proper nutrition increases your ability to concentrate and your efficiency. Do not forget to eat well to achieve more goals. Look what FoodGem has for you!

Eating healthy protects you from serious illness:

A healthy diet today, is a healthy body tomorrow. Eating well is good for your body. In the long term: it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases (high blood pressure, heart disease or heart attacks), so you will be more protected from the first cause of mortality in contemporary society. But if you eat badly, you will be more exposed to one of the above diseases and also diabetes, arthritis or cancer. FoodGem claims that eating healthy means betting on the quality of life and also on your health in the future. You have a whole life in the same body, take care!

Eating healthy stimulates your taste buds:

Nowadays, many people have a hectic pace of life. It is increasingly common to use prepared and packaged foods and eat them on the fly. The problem is that industrially processed foods are made to seduce us with the “right” amount of sugar, salt and fats and to make us want more. It may seem somewhat exaggerated, but somehow we become addicted to these foods and our taste buds are accustomed to consume high amounts of salt, sugar and lipids. Therefore, healthy foods may seem less tasty. Eating healthy helps you awaken your gustatory system and delight you with more different and natural flavors. Processed foods will seem too salty, fatty or sweet and you can enjoy the benefits of a healthy diet without exceptions.

Eating healthy increases your energy:

We all had a bad time eating during the break and seeing how our energy vanishes when we return to work. That feeling that you do not feel like working and that you seem to wait for the workday to end. Have you ever wondered why you get so much sleep in the afternoon? If your meal contains a lot of simple carbohydrates, your blood sugar level will skyrocket. Because sugar (in excess) is dangerous to your body, it starts releasing large amounts of insulin. This substance transports the sugar molecules from your bloodstream to the cells, so your blood glucose level drops and your body asks for more sugar. This starts a vicious circle in which the body constantly releases insulin and increases sleepiness. A balanced lunch composed of complex carbohydrates (pasta or whole wheat bread), vegetables and proteins will free you from the desire to sleep in the afternoon and from depression and discomfort. It is worth trying!

Eating healthy balances your body and makes you happier:16

If your body gets everything it needs, it will make you notice it. Eating well not only reduces mood swings, some foods can even help your body reduce the segregation of the stress hormone, cortisol. You will feel more balanced, fitter and healthier and live to the fullest. It would be very good if you consider the benefits that cooking can bring. We will summarize them in 7.

Look what FoodGem has for you!

Cooking is a moment that you dedicate to be with your body and listen to it, to enjoy the smells and tastes. It helps you to rest your mind from internal chatter and to connect with your senses, your sensuality.

It is a good way to exercise the mind, since it requires a very interesting programming exercise (to plan and order the menus, the dishes of a meal, the possible combinations, the ingredients, the quantities, the cooking times, etc.). And concentration, because while you cook you have to be present, you have to be for what you do, otherwise it can go wrong. Therefore, cooking well prepares you and gives you resources and skills that are then very important to apply in life, at work or in relationships, because it helps you to be mentally focused and not scatter.

It can also be a way to connect with yourself through FoodGem, to unlock emotions and connect with your true intuitions and with what you really want. If you overcome this laziness and you do it regularly, you will take a liking, because you will realize that it is really a moment for you.

If you cook for your partner or your family, you can feel the pleasure of generosity. Because cooking is an activity that goes in favor of life, in favor of well-being. And the body and mind are grateful, even if we do not realize it. And it produces the well-being and the serenity that generates us doing things well, which helps to live centered in the complicated and hectic world in which we move.

The fact of preparing food for another always implies an intention, a way of directing the energy towards what we want. If I am in love and I want to prepare a delicious dinner for the person I love, that intention with which I will choose the menu, to select the ingredients, to prepare the dishes and to present them will be transmitted. And the same happens with children, the rest of the family or friends.

It can be a form of therapy, of finding that space and that moment to listen to us, to connect with our needs and satisfy it.

What do you expect to start a healthy lifestyle and enjoy all these advantages? Take care of your body, you only have one. If you do not know where to start, learn the main guidelines to follow a long-term healthy lifestyle in the FoodGem and discover all our tasty and healthy recipes.