Have you ever been charged with a penalty or a speeding ticket because your car was exceeding the speed limits set by the police department? Has it ever happened that you wished you knew where the speed traps were so that you could avoid them or evade them? Well, this might have happened just a few days ago or maybe even today. The need for a mechanism to detect these speed traps is growing everyday and this is where the radar detectors come to picture. You need the best radar detector available in the market so that you can drive without any hassles and worries.

What is a radar detector?

The radar detector that is installed in the cars is a device that helps you to detect the speed traps well in advance, so that you, as a driver, can adjust your speed right before the speed trap comes and therefore, can avoid falling for a ticket or a penalty. This kind of a device works on the basis of radar signals that get emitted and subsequently reflected by the speed traps. The best radar detector can have a good range and can save you loads of dollars as you can evade the speed traps without even letting the police know about it.

The speed traps check for the velocity of a car and if the velocity exceeds the limit prescribed by the administration, the identity of your car is saved and a ticket is assigned to you. What follows is a saga of monetary fines, penalties and even tedious visits to the traffic administration’s office at times. Get the best radar detector for your car and then, you will be the monarch of the roads. There should be no one to impede your pace on the roads and the best radar detector can help you in this regard.

What does the best radar detector have?

The market is flooded with radar detectors of all types. A lot of brands promise to give you the best service and yet fall short of saving you from the police. When you go to the market to get a radar detector, you must know the features to expect from the best radar detector.

  • Detector type: The type of detector makes a lot of difference, in terms of visibility and range. You can use the corded detectors, which are basically wired ones and can be attached to the windshield using suction cups. This kind of detector has the maximum range and is certain to help you evade any kind of speed trap, provided it is durable over a long period of time. However, you can also go for the cordless radar detector that can be removed and mounted on the car as per your own will. The visibility of this detector can be managed as you can simply hide it in case you come across a police interceptor. However, the range of the device is also limited. The last category is the remote-mount, which is installed inside the car and has very limited range.
  • City mode: This mode ensures that you don’t get false alarms because of any other kind of device that works similar to radar guns. These kinds of similar devices are quite common in the cities and you must have this mode so that your radar detector does not alert you for false signals.
  • 360-degree laser detection: The best radar detector can detect the radar signal sources from all directions. Be it from the front, back or any other side, your device must be able to protect you from all angles.
  • Instant-on protection: The radar detectors can fail if the instant-on beam has been directed at your vehicle before the detector can even pick it up. Therefore, you need to have instant-on protection so that your best radar detector can alert you much before the signals can be aimed at your car.
  • Multiple threat counter: The police is always interested to stay a step ahead of you. So, it installs multiple speed traps so that your speed detector can be overwhelmed. This is where a radar detector needs to be capable of detecting multiple threats and alerting as and when required.
  • Quality of user interface: Radio detectors must also be able to show you text displays for warnings. The color coding of the messages must be enough to let you know of any impending trap, e.g. a message in red must alert you right away, while a message in green must indicate absence of detectors. However, the display must be large enough for you to be able to see the message with corner of the eye.
  • Voice alert: It is not always possible to keep looking at the display while driving. This is quite unsafe and can be distracting. However, the best radar detector these days comes with voice alerts which can help you slow down your car without looking at the display all the time.
  • GPS capability: The radar detector must also have GPS tracking capability so that the speed can be accurately measured.

The best brands

Here come the best brands for detecting speed traps. One of them can certainly be installed in your car as the best radar detector.

  • Escort: This brand has been delighting car drivers over the last 35 years. The patented technology is extremely reliable and fast in detecting the radar signals.
  • Uniden: The repute of this brand goes far and wide, and it is known to be one of the best brands in the market. Get it in your car and your worries will meet an end.
  • Beltronics: The high-performance detectors of Beltronics, a division of the Escort brand, will help you drive safely over the roads and avoid any kind of speed trap.


Now, you know what you have to do to avoid any kind of radar signal that can catch you while speeding. Get the best radar detector and challenge the winds like no one else has ever done. You deserve to be the fastest on the road and let no one contest your capabilities.