victoria beckham range rover.jpg

In addition to her own fashion empire, Victoria Beckham has been busy designing her own car for Range Rover - yup, really. The stylish mogul has spent the past 18 months working on her own custom design for the car manufacturer called the Range Rover Evoque. Last night, she unveiled her debut design in Beijing for the luxury market.

Speaking of how she came up the design, she said: "When I first started working with the team I did a lot of research, and created mood boards to show the team my love of timeless and classic design. I looked at yachts, luxury jets and classic cars."

With a rose gold-plated interior, hand sewn leather seats and a bespoke four piece luggage set, car enthusiasts are looking at around £80,000 for one of Beckham's new Range Rovers.

A sexy car deserves a sexy campaign to back it up. And so Victoria has teamed up with Nick Knight from SHOWstudio to create a glamorous video which sees her pose in a various sultry ways while wearing a floor-length cream gown and pulled back hair. Check out the promotional video below...