100blogslink.jpgTo celebrate the end of the year (and as a bit of a Christmas present to you lot) we raided our bloglines, del.icio.us accounts and bookmarks to bring you our definitive list of the top 100 fashion and lifestyle blogs. All the blogs in the list were chosen by our editors, and we decided to go with personal choices, not lists compiled from stats, technorati profiles and search engine popularity. These are the blogs we recommend in ten areas of style & women's interest. Since they're grouped by topic, obviously they're not in order of favourite - every one deserves to be number one in our book!

1 - 10: Fashion's Big Blog Players
(compiled by Kim & Gemma for Catwalk Queen)

1. Fashionista: Fast-talking high fashion delivered in a slick, no-nonsense way. These girls definitely know their stuff (and are masters at style trivia). Fashionista wears the high fashion crown.

2. Style Bubble: Susie's fearless style, obvious passion and endearing modesty make Style Bubble a must read for anyone who wants to know more than just what's on the high street. Amazingly, this girl earns nothing from her blog and doesn't work in fashion, even though plenty of us have tried to lure her into the industry!

3. Styledash: Fashion finds, celebrity style and industry gossip updated frequently and full of scoops. This AOL-owned blog benefits from a big staff and plenty of avid commenters. We love it....

4. FabSugar: You'll notice the Sugar blogs pop up frequently in our list, and with good reason. FabSugar is full of glossy pics, news and reviews, and has a really addictive upbeat, positive tone that makes a real change from catty critiquing.

5. Sassybella: We like to think of Sassybella as the Aussie equivalent to Catwalk Queen, and we can say that because Helen, the editor, is a good friend of ours and a contributer to this site. Her own blog is beautifully designed, well-maintained and enjoyable to read. If it only it was the competition...

6. Who What Wear Daily: Want to know what a celebrity's been wearing? The staff of WWWD know everything there is to know about celebrity style. And they have amazing photoshop skills to boot.

7. My Fashion Life: One of the longest running fashion blogs, My Fashion Life deserves all its success. With archives that span such a long period, there's very little in the world of fashion that this blog hasn't covered. We also know editor Michele works ridiculously hard, as we've run into her at early morning weekend fashion shows!

8. Fashionologie:If you want fashion blogging without all the 'sweetie darling' chat that comes with it, Fashionologie is the place to go. Short, to-the-point articles that break news stories on a regular basis.

9. Fashion Tribes: Loads of competitions, product picks and link round-ups, this is a great site to visit for that 'community' spirit. Discussing everything from stylish cocktails to gold leaf facials, it goes far beyond clothing.

10. A Shaded View On Fashion: Diane Pernet's trademark big hair and black mantilla make her hard to miss on the fashion circuit. Her blog follows her life as an industry insider, and is full of exclusive pics, new talent and creativity, and is a must-read if you love to know about the inner workings of the more alternative side of the industry.

11 - 20: Fashion's Blog Underdogs
(compiled by the Gemma & Isabelle for Catwalk Queen)

11. Mrs Fashion: Witty, funny, insightful and crammed with common sense (and just a dash of clever bitchiness) this is a daily read for our editor in chief and should be for you too. We wish Mrs F was our shopping partner.

12. Kingdom of Style: Probably too popular to be a real underdog, this blog makes it onto this section regardless because we had to mention it somewhere. Michelle looks like a slightly more clean-living Ladyshambles, and both Queens have style by the bucketload. KoS is always packed with the good stuff.

13. Daddy Likey: Blogger extraordinaire Winona makes fashion funny. Really really funny. It's a mystery to us why she doesn't get hundreds of thousands of hits because of it...Daddy Likey is one of the wittiest fashion blogs out there and should definitely be on your dailies. After CQ, of course.

14. Disney Rollergirl: A thoughtful take on life as an editor, the long involved posts are a million miles away from your usual soundbite blogging fare. She deflates myths and provides valuable behind-the-scenes insights.

15. Cafe Mode: A beautiful fashion and lifestyle blog with great touches like the gorgeous old movie galleries, this site makes us wish we could still read French properly! It's worth the struggle to translate anyway, as Geraldine knows her stuff and is always insightful and entertaining.

16. Fops and Dandies: Thin Man and LC compile a great mix of sample sales, kooky trainer finds and outfit pictures. They're both New York based but don't give off 'Devil Wears Prada'-esque Manhattan snootiness. The vibe is definitely laid back, but the fashion picks are always top notch.

17. The Business Of Fashion: Doing exactly what it says on the tin, this is the blog to go to for a slightly more professional look at the industry, with really good business advice and insider info. Too big to truly be an underdog but too much of a trade secret to be considered a big player, this is one to watch if you want to work in fashion.

18. London Liberty Girl: Written by a British fashion editor working in New York, this site is great if you like to live vicariously through other people. She hangs out with designers, dines out and parties in Manhattan hotspots and because she's anonymous she can dish the dirt on what happens in the fashion industry.

19. Painfully Hip: Unbelievably awesome eye candy, Painfully Hip's main schtick is their compilation of Wardrobe Remixes from Flickr and various style blogs. Quirky, vintage outfits worn by real people I never tire of looking at this site.

20. The Vintage Society:
Another avid Wardrobe Remix-er, this blogger combines outfit and product picks with historical profiles, and celeb features. Her own sense of style is a great slice of LA indie which is accessible but nonetheless quirky.

21 - 30: Shoe Blogs
(compiled by Amber McNaught of Shoewawa.com)

21. Manolo's Shoe Blog: The Manolo, he loves the shoes. The Internet, it loves the Manolo – every one's happy! (Except the Croc lovers, of course, who're not so keen on the expensive shoes so beloved of the Manolo and his legions of fans.) One of the wittiest sites around, and read even by non-shoe-lovers for that very reason, Manolo continues to fight the good fight against ordinariness and ugliness, in shoes and in life.

22. Shoe are You?: Meghan Cleary is America's Shoe Expert, and with a book (The Perfect Fit: What your shoes say about you), a TV show (Shoe Therapy, on the Home Shopping Network) and a Podcast Series (also called 'Shoe Are You?), there's not a lot Miss Meghan doesn't know about shoes. Luckily, she's willing to share that knowledge with us in her blog, which features beautiful shoes by the dozen, footwear advice and analysis.

23. Heel Candy: Sara at Heel Candy works at Nordstrom, so, as you'd expect, she really knows her shoes. She may only own 16 pairs of her own (she says she doesn't buy "unnecessary shoes"), but she's more than happy to help the rest of us add to our collections. And add to them, and add to them…

24. Shoe Dish: Shoe after beautiful shoe – and a few ugly ones thrown in for us to snigger at!The subtitle of the blog is "so pretty you want to pet them" and Shoe Dish is right – we do!

25. Shoe Blog: It's called simply "Shoe Blog", but you'll find more than simply shoes at this site, run by three girls with a passion for – what else? – shoes! There's also shoe accessories, shoe news, shoe sales and … well, you get the picture.

26. Style Bard Shoes: If you like to save money on shoes, this is where to come. Style Bard is stuffed full of special offers, coupon codes and sale information, so you need never spend too much on shoes ever again (although we know you will!)

27. Grand Mademoiselle Shoe Blog: The Grand Mademoiselle has a problem many of our readers will be familiar with: a large shoe size which many designers don’t deign to make shoes for. Her blog chronicles her ongoing search for the perfect pair of large size shoes, with a bit of fashion thrown in for good measure.

28. Shoeaholics Anonymous: Kim is the president of Shoeaholics Anonymous, and, like many of us, she's a shoe addict, with more pairs of shoes in her closet than she'll ever have time to wear. Luckily for us, Kim's shoe addiction has resulted in a blog filled with great deals and wonderful shoes. More power to the shoe addicts!

29. Shoe Hunting: Don’t you just hate it when you spot the perfect pair of shoe on a celebrity, and don't know where in the world they got them from? Shoe Hunting is bound to know: the site features celebrity shoes a-plenty, plus shoe reviews and lots of pretty pictures. We love the pretty shoe pictures…

30. Sole SheBang: "Let the shoes shine!" says the banner, and that's exactly what this site does, with not too many words, just lots and lots of shoes. You'll also find information on those all-important shoe sales, too.

31 - 40: Handbag & Accessories Blogs
(compiled by Laura Street of The Bag Lady)

31. Purseblog.com: Simply because it is unashamed bag porn. Reporting on the latest must-have it-bag before anybody else, this blog is also great for sample sale news in the US. There is also the purse forum where you can meet like-minded bag-aholics.

32. BagSnob.com: An amusing look at some of the latest must-have bags and accessories. Again, the main focus is on designer bags but mixed in with celebrity fashion news. The girls recently featured in Grazia marking their status as true bag snobs.

33. Baggage Claim: The first thing that draws me to this blog is simply the name, what a great title. It's written by the lovely Minjae Ormes who is new to the blogging world but definitely a name to remember. She choses a great selection of designer bags that you're bound to want.

34. Bag Bliss: There is a lot of celebrity content on BagBliss.com and the blog is really easy to navigate. There is a celebrity index linking you to all the main celebs and their arm candy. There is also the Bag Forum to discuss all your handbag needs!

35. Carrying Contraption: This blog is presenting all the latest man-bag news. Confirming the man-bag status as equally as important as handbags this blog shows the latest designer offerings for men from laptop bags, to totes to leather tape measures. Great place to find a Christmas present for the men in your life.

36. Pursepage.com: An eclectic mix of designer totes and celebrity handbag news. I particularly like that it lets you rate the bag out of five. You can also search for your favourite designer using the toolbar on left. Predictably I click on Miu Miu...

37. Luxist handbags: This blog mainly reads like a list of the most desirable designer totes currently on offer with the occasional news story. The choice of bags will either leave you drooling or spending a ridiculous amount of cash. Either way, it's always worth a look.

38. Bagdreamblog.com: Initially going to this site may confuse you as there is a lot to take in. However, the window shop section is perfect! You chose what colour, style, designer or price range you're looking for and it will provide you with a list of options. It almost makes shopping too easy...

39. In my bag: It is difficult to find amusing things to say about bags but Inmybag often achieves this. It is very personally written which is a nice touch. My favourite aspect of this blog is the way it lets you say what you think. Is this post cool? fun? insightful? or a great find?

40. Kristopher Dukes: Kristopher Dukes has an impressive CV, she has previously written for WWD, and has been profiled in Vogue.fr and Forbes.com! I see this as the PerezHilton of handbag blogs. It can also be translated in to thirteen languages! Pretty impressive global appeal.

41 - 50: Beauty Blogs
(compiled by Charlotte Howells of Kiss and Makeup)

41. Beaut.ie: The Irish gals over at Beaut.ie tell it like it is and have a way with words to rival Marian Keyes.

42. Temptalia: The best and most beautifully photographed eyeshadow tutorials on the internet, no question!

43. We Love Beauty: The only beauty blog that is so pretty and well presented you feel like you're reading a magazine.

44. Hey, Dollface!: Written by fellow Shiny and officially the funniest writer in the world Amber, this never fails to give me a giggle...

45. A Touch of Blusher: If PJ at A Touch of Blusher recommends something, I know it's good. She also knows all the important scientific things about beauty products - go there and learn!

46. Musings of a Muse: The muse has the biggest collection of makeup I have ever seen, and thankfully she shares all her makeup wisdom with the world.

47. Jolie in NYC: One of the original beauty blogs, and still one of the best, it's even made it into book form.

48. Bella Sugar: If you want to ogle at celebrity beauty bloopers, there's no shortage of it here.

49. Bjooti: Most of the words are in Swedish, but worth a visit for the lovely pictures and the one line English translations.

50. Truth in Beauty: Posts on this blog by an anonymous UK beauty editor are rare, but they're always packed with tell-it-to-you-straight info.