The definition of upcycling tells us is the use of products, waste materials, or waste to manufacture new materials or products of better warm d today, in the world of fashion are many and brands that are committed to using recycled materials in their designs, especially small brands whose collections are born from the reuse of garments or fabrics.

If we take into account data such as that  2,700 liters of water are necessary to manufacture a shirt. Upcycling can be the most sustainable bet for the planet. We reduce the manufacture of new raw materials and the expenditure of energy resources such as water or light.

The circular economy is the present and the future, it is the alternative to the linear economy. We must bet on the so-called triple R of recycling Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. And although fashion brands have to recycle in this sense and be more sustainable. Given that it is the second most polluting industry on the planet. The consumer must also do so and do their part to achieve greater sustainability in the industry step by step.

Put into practice when buying we must reflect and ask ourselves if We really need what We are going to buy. Since we use only 20% of what we have in our closet, buying to buy or on impulse does nothing other than damage our planet Since most of these clothes will end up in landfills with the consequent CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Finally, if we really need that garment, buy it from upcycling, sustainable brands, or second-hand stores.

Path to sustainability in the fashion sector

Upcycling fashion gives fabrics a second life, reuses and modifies them to improve them.

Society is increasingly aware of the importance of caring for the environment and many people are already betting on firms that do so, but as with everything, not everything goes,  sustainability has to be in the entire manufacturing process, production. What is useful to make more sustainable collections using recycled materials if it is then manufactured in workshops where there is labor exploitation towards its workers, sustainability involves much more than the use of recycled material, is what must be made clear, it is what today day is known as greenwashing that big brands do just to wash their image, without any social or environmental awareness.

In this sense, there are brands such as Monai Bags that work the products by hand. We make the designs without any type of labor exploitation in our workshop. And reuse textiles in the designs of bags and accessories that we make. They are timeless and durable designs, for people who are aware of the situation that the planet is going through and who are committed to responsible and ethical consumption.

Fashion and nature Love and inspiration or toxicity and dependency?

People who buy fashion with these values ​​not only see the beautiful design that a product may have. Or how well it can be with one or another garment. They go further, and that is what most fills us. That they value the artisan work behind it and the sustainable product for the planet that they are buying.