The world of fashion is an exciting world. Especially if it is analyzed from more distant points of view to the typical ones of dresses and clothes. Fashion culture is much more than all that we are used to.

Sociological studies link studies related to this sector with two fundamental societal issues: control and social change. Sociologists who analyze fashion as a form of social control focus on the relationship between fashion culture and custom. This implies that we can follow fashion to imitate others and to be up to date, capturing the mood and fashion culture of the moment.

Fashion culture is the reflection of the society of the moment through it.

fashion culture reflection

By appropriating discourse, consumers generate personalized narratives that express fundamental existential tensions.  And that shows resistance to the norms of the prevailing culture or the culture of the ordinary consumer.

To what extent is fashion culture oriented towards innovation and to what extent towards social convention? Keep in mind that both fashion and customer culture have a lot to do with consumption. With representations in the media of the fashion industry, with consumer activism and class and consumption.

It is very important to bear in mind that the words “fashion” and “identity” are synonymous. Through fashion (the garments and accessories that we use in our daily lives). We express a way of being. We show a feeling of belonging that tells others who we are and where we belong. According to experts, it is a common way of acting in society that shows a personality generated by imitation of others, which is also called social equalization.

On the other hand, if we had to name the word “culture” we would say that it is a set of habits and customs, forms and knowledge common to a group of people that reveal the lifestyle of a group of people who share a society.

Fundamental aspects such as beliefs and values ​​shared by all, the history they have in common, values, ​​and language are those that are contained in this word that encourages and advocates fashion as a social form of manifestation.

If you are thinking of dedicating yourself to the world of fashion in any of its forms. It is very necessary that you know concepts like this of fashion culture that we have talked about in this article. Since they will be very useful to understand a large number of aspects that surround your future profession.

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