Eating properly is an important part of maintaining a good healthy lifestyle, both to generate the necessary energy to face the daily routine, and to have an ideal body.

Even if you do a lot of exercise or reductive massages, if you do not change your eating habits, you will not notice completely favorable results, since you will always accumulate fat and this will be quite noticeable in your body.

Foods that can make you fatter the most

Before starting this list, it is important to clarify that eating a balanced diet does not mean that you should restrict your diet since extreme diets are also very harmful to the body for the opposite reason: lack of nutrients.

In this case, it is about maintaining a balance in the meals and staying away from those foods that are fatty and processed, which are the main elements that make you gain weight and that do not provide you with anything at a nutritional level.

  1. Fried foods and fats

With this, we refer specifically to those foods that are fried in oil, such as French fries or battered foods. The main problem with these foods is that they absorb too much oil that remains impregnated throughout the food, thus losing its natural nutrients and instead of leaving only fats.

The best thing to do is to consume these fried foods only twice a week at most, drain them very well on absorbent paper or on a rack and accompany them with salads and natural juice.

  1. Processed foods

Among these, we can find those foods that contain additives and preservatives so that they can last a long time in your pantry, such as cold cuts, canned food, cereals, cookies, soft drinks, butter, sauces, etc. The damage of these foods to the body lies precisely in the number of chemicals that are used to preserve them and give them their artificial flavor.

We suggest in this case that you reduce the consumption of these foods as much as possible and replace them with healthier options, such as fruits, vegetables, and fresh meats.

  1. Pasta sauces

This is a point that must be clarified, pasta by itself is not fattening, since it is a common carbohydrate that accompanies any other food on the plate. What does make you gain weight is what you add to pasta to flavor it, such as sauces or dressings, as well as other ingredients that you add.

Pasta sauces and dressings also contain additives, oils, and ingredients that make it heavy on the body and turn it into a fatty food.

  1. Industrial sweets

We have all consumed industrial trinkets (candies, chocolates, fried foods, etc.) as snacks or to spend the day, to go to the movies, in a meeting with friends, or in a casual outing to a pool. But did you know that these little sweets are the ones that can make you fatter the most? Especially if you consume them on a regular basis, this is because it contains preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and large amounts of fats or carbohydrates that are difficult to eliminate with physical exercise.

In addition, they are the ones that represent the most health alert, from bringing dental problems such as cavities to increasing cholesterol. So you should try to avoid them at all costs and only consume them a couple of times a week,

  1. Fizzy drinks

Soda or soft drinks are harmful to health and one of the main reasons why we gain weight, this is due to the large amount of sugar and additives it contains. Which have a negative effect on metabolism, making it slower and causing the gastrointestinal system to have problems for its proper functioning. In the long term, it can raise blood sugar levels and lead to diabetes.

  1. White chocolate

As you are reading, white chocolate is the chocolate that can make people gain weight and behind this is milk chocolate, while dark chocolate is actually the healthiest of all, being recommended for daily consumption (one frame a day). But for what reason? It is because this type of chocolate is made from cocoa butter instead of pure cocoa, which is why it has a higher fat content than the rest of the chocolates.

  1. Long-life juices and milk

Again, it must be remembered that long-lasting foods have preservatives and additives that make them have a long life, but that can have repercussions for physical health. But the most dangerous thing about both juice and long-life milk is the amount of sugar and artificial flavorings to give them that signature flavor that we all love.

Instead of consuming them regularly, you can make homemade juices with natural fruits or opt for natural cow’s milk, which you can boil and beat on your own to homogenize it.

  1. Refined sugar

Sugar is by far one of the foods that most contribute to weight gain, you can try stopping its use for a while so that you can see how your body begins to metabolize more quickly and fatigue is no longer present. The big challenge is that sugar is very necessary to sweeten foods, especially sweets or juices, so we recommend that you look for other alternatives such as sweeteners or stevia.

The harm in refined sugar or white sugar is that as it has been purified, it loses the healthy natural attributes that it has in sugar cane or molasses, leaving only the additives added to it.

  1. Flours

Like sugar, flour is one of the main causes of body weight gain and one of the most difficult to avoid, since many of the foods we consume daily contain flours, such as sweet and savory bread or cakes. These also have slowing effects on metabolism, the elevation of cholesterol, and fat accumulation.

As they are almost impossible to eliminate completely, the consumption of simple whole-grain bread or to do it in the hours of the day is recommended, since in the hours of the afternoon and the night they become heavier to digest.

  1. Fast food

Fast food makes you fat, there is no doubt about that, this is because they enjoy fried, fatty, and processed foods, accompanied by soda or sweetening juices and a delicious dessert that we cannot resist, In short, a terrible bomb for the Physical Health. Of course, consuming them sporadically does not tend to affect the body, the effects are perceived when they are consumed regularly, hence the importance of preparing your meals at home to take to your work.