As temperatures rise, there’s no lowering of the standard of elegance. These are the mistakes that must not be made and the tricks that must be put into practice to choose our warm clothing this season.

Clothes for the heat? There are some very precise style rules to face the hottest days of the year without losing style. Because hot doesn’t mean cheap, although we know that the urge to literally rip off your clothes when temperatures rise is stronger than ever. That doesn’t mean you can wander around town shirtless or wear plastic flip-flops without being on the beach. The golden rule is to lighten the weight of the clothes you wear, opting for loose-cut essential pieces. Here are the mistakes you should not make and the tricks you should put into practice to avoid the double S (Sun+Sweat).

Fabrics Make The Difference

Of all the basic style rules, this is undoubtedly the first and most fundamental. Try to avoid synthetic or too-heavy materials when the humidity feels like that of a tropical island: not only will you get horrible stains on your clothes, but you will feel uncomfortable with every movement. Linen, silk, cotton, lyocell blends, as well as loose-knit pique and sheer knits, are the best solution to this problem. If they also contain breathable, thermoregulatory, and antibacterial threads inside, even better. From clothing to essential warmth.

Loose Cuts, But Not Too

It is also essential to pay attention to the cut of the clothes, looking for models that are not very tight and allow air to pass through the areas that most often keep the heat. Pants that are too tight can cause chafing and irritation, and pants that are too baggy will make you look sloppy. The middle ground is always the best.

Light Colors All The Time

This is a purely scientific question: white and brightly colored fabrics repel light rays and therefore heat up less than black, which, on the contrary, absorbs them. In addition, a set in light colors is also very chic. So why doubt science?

Protect Your Head

A well-chosen hat has a double function: in addition to protecting the head from sunburn, it enhances any look and completes it. They can be straw hats, fedoras, Panamas, and the like, although baseball caps are more common.

Sun Protection is Not an Optional Extra

If you think that lotions and creams are not for you, you are wrong, and very much. There is nothing worse than sunburn, blisters, and peeling skin. Looking like a shrimp has never sat well with anyone, and remember this universal mantra: the tan fades, the wrinkle remains, and the melanoma is unforgiving. So never go without a sunscreen of at least 30fps.

Invest in a Good Pair of Sunglasses

A classy frame, carefully chosen to suit your features, is the perfect finishing touch to any summer outfit. The best are the models that never go out of style rules, such as squares and tortoiseshell, but the fashionista, colorful and striking versions are also good. A very important point is the quality of the lenses, which must be polarized to avoid damage to the iris. In this case, it can be said that the more you spend, the better.

Shorts Yes, But With Caution

The excuse of global warming should not serve as an excuse to put on some exercise shorts, for the summer or a swimsuit, especially away from the coast. Better choose quality shorts that fit you like a glove. They will become a staple in your closet and come in handy on many occasions.

Never, Ever, Ever Take Your Shirt Off in Public

From the age of 8, the only time it’s really acceptable to take your shirt off in front of other people is when you’re sunning yourself on a blanket in the park or on a towel by the sea. Amen.

Flip-Flops? Only On The Beach

After months of confinement, it seems that some style rules of etiquette have come to an end. But plastic flip-flops have never been acceptable, before or since. If they did not produce toxic waste they would be incinerated, and used only after bathing in the gym or for a dip in the water. The only sandals we approve of? The Birkenstocks, are one of the best sandals brands for men (get over it).

Do Not Neglect Your Feet

This is totally related to the previous point, if you choose to wear sandals, your limbs must be taken care of. There is nothing worse than seeing a man with bad feet, cracked heels, and peeling nails. If you don’t wear tennis shoes and socks, treat yourself to a good pedicure.

Rolled-Up Sleeves Are The Extra Touch Of Class

Polo shirts and t-shirts may be comfortable, but the elegance of a shirt is second to none, and we never tire of saying it. On one condition: long sleeves. And when the thermometer rises, all you have to do is roll them up with care and sophistication, without forming sausages or asymmetries.

Thirst Can Be Fashionable

Although thirst catches you off guard and dry throat becomes unbearable, that is not a reason to reach for the first drinker or drink from the plastic bottle. The solution is a bottle of thermal water that you can always carry with you, but chosen in a design and luxury version.

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