Seen (on the catwalk or on Instagram), approved, arrived in the store and now we can’t wait to wear: these trends are a concentrate of style and originality, garments and accessories that will soon become the passe-partout of the hot season.

Black fitted dress

The time has come to say goodbye to the classic little black dress: fashion focuses on a very tight model cut in jersey. To make it even sexier and dynamic is the cut-out motif: strategic cuts show strips of bare skin, while the laces intertwine and give the possibility to customize the look to your liking.


Algae, fish, corals, and starfish arrive with energy for the spring/summer 2021 garments: the protagonists of the abyss are not only revealed as fantasy but become décor elements – like jewels – or take the shape of garments. Examples are the shell-shaped bras cups or the sinuous cuts with curled edges, all details that refer to the iconography of the mermaids.

The pink shirt

A touch of pink is always granted in summer: this year, however, it will be in the form of a shirt. Very long and coordinated with the trousers (Prada), very wide and unbuttoned ( Valentino ), or shirt-cut (Christoper John Rogers), it will boldly replace the classic white cotton poplin.

Granny, the style of creative grandmothers and grandchildren

It is one of the most intoxicating trends of the next season because it tests creativity, recycling, and even irony: the classic squares and crochet flowers made with advanced wool will no longer only form the blankets of the country house but will adorn colorful clothes, handmade bags, and artisan tops. A traditional classic that now dresses with all its whimsical strength. Dresses, tops, bikinis, hats, and bags: choose your favorite crochet garment or accessory. A trend that enriches patchwork fashion and that of beaded necklaces.

The elegant but “relaxed” look

We are not yet ready to abandon the casual wear trend, especially when it comes to everyday life, the working day spent in the office behind a computer. Relaxed suits, minimal coordinated or exotic-inspired suits are the essence of spring-summer 2021 fashion for the city outfit.

Back naked

Unexpected gaps open up on the back: a bursting neckline, a geometric cut-out, or a top left open. A surprise effect for those high-necked and apparently chaste models.

Shorts mania

Ultra-short trousers and frayed jeans reveal the legs for summer 2021. Here are the three combinations with shorts to copy: a cotton t-shirt, coordinated bralette, and shirt tied at the waist.

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