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Ladies, your droopy knots are depressing. If you’re going to wear a beautiful Hermes silk scarf, the least you can do is tie it properly.



Go for the black 50’s style dress if you like your look is a little more subtle, or try the plaid puffball if you’re feeling brave!


Conscious clothing made from banana peels

Alenkie is an Argentine clothing brand that uses fabrics made from banana and orange peels, abandoned fishing nets, and recycled nylon and polyester.

With the banner of ecology at the fore, many new ventures connected to recycling and waste reuse are emerging. Alenkie is a new clothing brand that is within this group.

The brand was born with the aim of showing that it is not necessary to continue using natural resources to manufacture quality products.

The garments have simple designs, most of them oversized, and printed in a way that does not harm the planet.

The slow fashion clothing brand is known for working with modern and conscious materials such as banana and orange peel fabrics, abandoned fishing nets, recycled nylon, and polyester, recycled PET, and Tencel.

“The idea is to recycle the garbage that we generate and give it another life, turn it into something positive and beautiful”, explains its creator Nana Metanjian, “this collection will promote environmental awareness. It is not a fad or a passing trend, but an active militancy that Alenkie captured as a mission and struggle. ”

“At the time of delivering the purchase, our packaging has zero environmental impact. For that, we collect the bags of potatoes, onions, and sweet potatoes to make backpacks and that’s how the garments are delivered ”, Metanjian details.

Nana Metanjian, the entrepreneur behind Alenkie, arrived six years ago from Armenia and fell in love with Argentina and together with her husband decided to stay and live in the country, where today they raise their two daughters.

In addition to being passionate about fashion and the environment, she is a German translator and also speaks Russian and English.

Cashmere Clothing Shopping: Simple and Effective Ways to Test for Quality

Just about everyone likes having the finer things in life. Well, when it comes to fashion, one of the “finer fabrics” would definitely have to be cashmere. It’s soft. It’s rich-looking. And if you take care of it properly, it will also last you for years to come.

However, there is something to keep in mind when shopping for cashmere. Being that it is the type of material that is such a hot commodity, there are a lot of retail stores that will sell a less-than-impressive version of the real thing. That’s why it’s so important to know how to find the best type of cashmere.

If you’d like some simple and effective ways to test for quality cashmere, here are five tips that will have you wrapped up in the absolute best.

Don’t settle for less than 100 percent

Say that you’re out at the mall and you walk past a window display that’s advertising 100 percent cashmere sweaters and scarves at 50 percent off the retail price. Although that sounds like a truly amazing deal, make sure you check the tag first. Being that the Federal Trade Commission makes it mandatory for manufacturers to list what their clothing is made out of, don’t believe that something is 100 percent unless the tag says that it is.

Don’t settle for less than two-ply cashmere either

Speaking of not settling, something else that you should look for is cashmere that is no less than two-ply. Basically what that means is look for cashmere that has a certain level of thickness. If you can find some that are four or even six-ply, that is even better. The thicker the fabric, the longer it tends to last.

Administer the “hand test”

One way to figure out just how thick your cashmere maybe is to administer what is known as the “hand test”. For instance, if it’s a cashmere sweater that you’re looking at, put your hand in the sweater, in between the front and the back of it. If you can see your hand through the fabric, this means that it’s too thin. You really should look elsewhere.

Feel the fabric

If you were shopping at a store and you asked the customer sales associate for some tips on how to know that you’re buying cashmere that’s top quality, something that they would probably recommend is you feel the fabric. That way, you can see if there’s any fuzziness or pilling. For the record, quality cashmere will actually “bounce back” when you touch it. Plus, it will not pill or wrinkle.

Look at labels

You already know that you should check the tag to see if something is 100 percent cashmere. Well, another thing that you should do is pay close attention to who the manufacturer is. When it comes to labels if you’re going to shop online, consider stores like TSE and Autumn Cashmere to get what you’re looking for. If you would prefer to go into a physical department store, opt for one that has a wide selection of cashmere to choose from. That way, you can apply all of these other tips in order to get just what you’re looking for. Enjoy!

Men’s must-have fashion items

Before reaching the third floor of life, you need to open the closet doors and see if you have everything you need. There are basic pieces essential for every man, and it is not necessarily about being fashionable, but about being well dressed. Whether you are 30 or not, it is important to maintain your style in the future.

Men’s must-have fashion items

Whether you want to always make a good impression, conquer the person you like, or simply feel good about yourself, here are the 30 necessary pieces that you must have in your closet:

White t-shirt

The most important basic piece. It’s an everyday classic to wear under a jacket or even on its own. Find one that fits your body.

Leather jacket

A leather jacket is a staple for any man’s wardrobe. Invest wisely, take care of it, and last you a lifetime (plus you will use it a good deal.)


The must-have without excuses. Look for a sturdy pair in dark blue. There is nothing that they will not go well with. The combinations to use them are endless.

Oxford shirt

Essential. Get one (or many, if you can).

Bomber jacket

It is probably one of the most versatile styles, as it can be worn practically all year round and works for most body types.

Grey sweater

A sweater is the perfect middle piece for when it’s not too cold to wear a jacket. Gray complements most of the other things you’ll have in your closet.


It is the accessory that will never go out of style, and that will tell if you have good taste or not. Although you no longer “need” it to check the time because you already have your phone with you all the time, there is nothing more elegant than looking at the time on a wristwatch.

Navy blue suit

Another staple to have a “drawer” in your closet. You can never go wrong with the classic navy blue suit, for any occasion and in any season of the year.

Trench coat

Elegant, yes. But it is also an outerwear garment that can keep you warm in cold weather.

White tennis

Now more than ever, they can be used with anything and for any occasion, from a full suit to jeans and a T-shirt.

Polo shirt

To keep it formal, but casual and slightly sporty. A basic for summer.

Militar jacket

This garment is not only perfect for a smart casual look; it also retains its military roots.

Everyday bag

A bag that can go anywhere and do anything its charger can. Something consistent but very elegant.

Jeans jacket

Now the denim top is a versatile wardrobe essential.

Lace-up shoes

A good pair of shoes has the power to elevate any look.

Casual shirt with print

Now and then, you want to wear a different piece than what you wear every day.


They are no longer the garment with which you look fabulous. A slim pair of pants should be your new look for the weekend.


Loafers are easy to wear. You can combine them with jeans and a polo shirt to give it a casual but fine look.

Bermuda shorts or chino shorts

They will never be too much for the hot season or any beach vacation.


Ideal for use between seasons.


There are two basic belts: a sporty one, and a black dress belt.

Sports Tennis

Even if you are not one of those who exercise, it is important to have them. It is never too late to start!

Khaki pants

For when you get tired of wearing jeans or a suit every day

Wayfarer glasses

Although there are thousands of different eyewear designs, Wayfarers are a must all year round.

A pair of boots

Every man needs a pair of shoes that are neither formal nor casual. Boots are becoming more and more popular, and there are tons of options.

Blazer or sport jacket

A sports jacket can add a touch to any shirt or t-shirt you are wearing. You can use it more times than you imagine.


It should be an essential element in your wardrobe. Choose a color that matches other clothes.


For the colder months, a wool coat will fit perfectly.

Leather wallet

It is the accessory most used by men. They are so common that they are often overlooked. If you are going to renew, make sure it is made of quality material to last longer.


They are garments that say a lot about the personality of the person. They give the final touch to shoes and pants.

5 Things to Consider When Shopping for a One-of-A-Kind Prom Dress

Is there any high school scenario worse than showing up for prom in the same dress that several other girls are wearing? Even one other girl wearing the same dress is something of a tragedy (especially if she looks better in it than you do). So you’re probably keen to find a truly unique garment that makes you look and feel special and beautiful on this singular night. But if you’re limited to department stores and local shops, you might be facing the same selection as every other prom-goer in town. Luckily, you have the internet at your disposal, which means there is a whole world of possibilities when it comes to finding a one-of-a-kind gown to wear to your prom. And here are just a few things you’ll want to consider when you start shopping. read more…

Fashion Accessories that are ‘Must Have’ for all Woman

It is the innate desire of every woman to look her absolute best every time she steps out of the home for a party or any other social event and for that she needs a few essential accessories that match well with her outfit. Today, there are myriad types of accessories and you would feel spoilt for choice while buying one, but there are few timeless classics that have been around for a long time now. These accessories have remained popular and have withstood the changing trends because no matter what the trend is they make women look flattering and have a unique charm that pep-ups even the simplest of outfits. So without any further ado, lets us take a look at the few fashion accessories that must be a staple in every woman’s closet:

High Heeled Pumps

A pair of sexy high heel pumps are an absolute must-have. Remember, no matter if you are wearing a designer outfit for a simple dress, your look is incomplete without good footwear. A couple of pair of high heeling pumps in basic shades like black and beige is all you need to look fabulous in anything that you wear. Whether you are dressed up in an evening gown for a cocktail party or if you are sporting cool jeans and tee, the high-heeled pumps will glam-up your looks. If you have not bought pumps yet, with the festive season on, you can buy it right now!  With almost all the online stores offering various deals you can have a pair or maybe even two at an affordable rate.

Pair of dangling earrings

A pair of dangling silver earrings can be paired with practically everything and get that perfect girly and feminine look. The best thing is they suit every face type and are a perfect accessory for all occasions. Make sure that you have at least 3-4 pairs in different shapes and patterns to mix and match with your outfits.


A pair of sunglasses as functional as they are in keeping you protected from the harsh sunlight they also make you look good; it is a great way to make your style statement. Depending on your face shape make sure that you have at least one pair of oversized glasses. If you are stepping out in the day, it not only makes your overall looks more appealing but also makes an instant impression on the onlookers about your immaculate fashion sense.

Ballet Flats

Not all women feel comfortable wearing high heels all the time and there are times when you would need to wear flats that are perfect to complete your looks. The ballet flats not only provide great comfort but also they look really classy, you can pair it with any kind of dress you want, be it frock, denim, shorts or skirts. Ballet flats are timelessly classic and will remain in trend forever.


Watch is one of those accessories that every woman must own, it doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive designer watch but even a simple inexpensive timepiece is enough to add that extra bit of glam to your looks.

The foods that are the most fattening

Eating properly is an important part of maintaining a good healthy lifestyle, both to generate the necessary energy to face the daily routine, and to have an ideal body.

Even if you do a lot of exercise or reductive massages, if you do not change your eating habits, you will not notice completely favorable results, since you will always accumulate fat and this will be quite noticeable in your body. read more…

5 Essential Style Tips for College Students

When you were in high school you may have felt a certain amount of pressure to dress in a particular way because that’s the way that your friends would dress. Or you may have just felt that you had to stick to some preconceived notion that people had about you. However, when you’re in college you can have a lot more fun, because no one has any preconceived notions about who you are, and you will be making all new friends. Nonetheless, sometimes having such a blank canvas can make it difficult to know where to start.

Here are five essential style tips for college students.

  • Keep it Comfortable

It’s important to remember that dressing for class is nothing like dressing for the club. If you are going to class wearing tons of makeup, revealing outfits and high heels, you will look like you don’t know where you are. Not only will you give your professors the impression that you are there to be seen rather than to learn, but you will be getting attention for all the wrong reasons. You will have long walks between classes, so it doesn’t make sense to wear heels. You don’t need to wear sweats or yoga pants, but do try to keep it subtle.

  • Always Accessorize

Just because you are dressing comfortably doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t accessorize. Your clothes in college should suggest that you have put some thought into your outfit, but you aren’t trying to be wildly distracting. Every outfit you wear should have at least 3 pieces: a top, a bottom and some kind of accessory. This accessory could be a scarf, a necklace, a vest, a hat, etc. Keep reading how to evolve snom.

  • Dress for the Weather

You should always check the weather before you get dressed in the morning. If you are from Hawaii or California, this may not have been necessary when you were growing up. But if you are attending University, then you are going to be living in a city that has very discernible seasons and weather patterns. You don’t want to freeze to death in a tank top during the winter, and you don’t want to be sweating bullets in a sweater during the spring.

  • Be Yourself

There are all kinds of fashion blogs or websites you can follow in order to keep up with the trends, but in the end you always want to make sure that you are wearing clothes that suit your personality. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t experiment with your look a bit, but you also shouldn’t look like you bought each of your outfits off of a mannequin at the mall.

  • Choose Flattering Lines

In addition to making sure that you are always dressing in ways that suit your personality, you want to make sure you are dressing in ways that suit your body type and your lifestyle. If you are not an athlete and you don’t do yoga, then there’s really no reason to be wearing yoga pants. If you don’t look good in culottes, don’t wear culottes. You don’t have to adopt every trend just because it’s trendy.

5 of The Best Kratom Capsule Vendors Online

Kratom strains have become quite popular in the past few years. For consumption purposes, Kratom is available in powder as well as capsule form. Kratom capsules can be taken with plain water also. A wide range of Kratom products is available online. The significant problem faced by buyers is finding a reliable and authentic seller. To resolve this issue, we have come up with a list of five Kratom suppliers.

5 best Kratom Capsule vendors on the internet.

The name mentioned below is just for information purposes. We do not recommend the usage of these capsules for medicinal purposes.

1. Coastline Kratom

This website stands for the reliability, quality, and authenticity of Kratom strains. It is considered the best seller for Kratom powder. However, they do not offer a lot of variety in capsules, but they are still worth considering as they only deal with quality products.

The website offers 4 types of capsule variety, namely,

  • Bali
  • Maeng Da
  • Horned
  • Borneo

Kratom capsules on this website are a little expensive but, they are worth every penny for the quality they offer.

The website has a green, white, red, and ultra-enhanced range. The vendor offers a moneyback guarantee, which itself is an assurance of the product quality. In addition to this, a free shipping facility is also available. If you are looking for a good quality Kratom capsule and are ready to pay a little bit extra, then Coastline Kratom is worth browsing.

2. PurKratom

PurKratom is a Florida-based company that supplies Kratom capsules all over the World. The seller is known for its quality and has gained lots of appreciation in the Kratom community. The seller offers 24 types of Kratom capsules, including almost all the popular Kratom strains like White, Green, and Red Maeng Da, Sumatra, and also the super Kratom strains.

The vendor offers variety in terms of the region from which the powder has been imported, like Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Besides this, the seller provides discounts on Green and Yellow varieties of Kratom capsules.

The seller offers free shipping, a moneyback guarantee, and a same-day delivery facility on orders placed under 3 PM EST. The positive reviews and feedback provided by users further prove the quality and excellent customer service.

3. Super Natural botanicals

Based in Linden, USA, SNB is one of the most reliable and trusted brands when it comes to Kratom capsules. The vendor offers a wide range of Kratom capsules, including Maeng Da Variety (green, white, and red), White Indo Kratom, Red Bali Kratom, and White Borneo Kratom.

The company gives special discounts and free coupons for both existing and new customers. The reward program offered by the vendor is worth consideration. The seller provides a special discount of 30% to its regular buyers.

The vendor accepts a return order in case the product is either damaged or unsatisfactory. In such cases, the company either refund the money or resend the product depending on the customer wish.

The vendor is known for its fast delivery. All the local orders are dispatched on the same day, and international orders are delivered within 3-5 days.

4. Krabot:

The vendor has gain popularity in the past few years. The company is California-based and provides fast delivery all over the U.S.  It is one of the most trusted online vendors for Kratom capsules.

The seller is reliable and known for its quality Kratom capsules, excellent customer service, and safety. The company claims that all its Kratom products are free of pesticides and chemicals.  28 varieties of Kratom capsules are available on the website. The capsules contain the following Kratom strains:

  • Bali Gold,
  • Green Bali
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Green Malay
  • Red Bali, Red horn
  • White Indo
  • White Maeng Da.

Capsules are further available in two sizes (500mg and 1000mg), depending on the powder weight. Capsule bottles are available in three sizes, 30, 60, and 180 capsules.

5. Cali Botanicals

The brand is known for selling quality capsules at affordable rates. The seller offers a wide range of Kratom capsules including, Superior Red Dragon, Bali, Maeng Da, Thai Red Vein, etc.

The Kratom powder quantity is fixed (665mg) in each capsule. Based on the requirement, the buyer can select from 30, 50, and 80 capsules per bottle. However, we do not recommend using the product without consulting an expert.

Though the vendor does not provide a free shipping facility, it compensates the price by giving discounts and offers.

Car Covers want to know more about it?

There is need to cover your automobile, whether you store it inside or outside a and need proper protection from water/rain; Therefore, car covers need to be water proof, scratch and UV resistant. There are lots of options, and one can go in for it. This will make the process much easier and you can find, many people are looking for custom covers which can help them to get things done and make the process of protecting their car completely easy. There are many options in the market, but not all are up to the mark. Hence one needs to work hard to get the job done and this is something very important that you need to keep track of things. Make sure that you go in for Rvcovers. These are the best and can really give you very good results.

Why do you need a car cover anyway?

  1. Your car is among your most valuable possessions, this is something very important you need to take good car of this at all time and this is something very important.
  2. Statistics for cars getting damaged due to lack of covers are shocking, at all times and that is something very important that you need to keep track of.
  3. For protection against: sun, weather, theft, vandalism, insects and rodents and one need to take care of this completely.
  4. To keep cars exterior in good condition, this is something important which you need to note, once that happens, things are much easier and you will not have any kind of issues.

63 percent of all homes in the U. S have garages for storage and protection of automobiles , car, truck, SUV, van, crossover among others.

What must you know Before Buying a Car Cover?

  1. Indoor or outdoor

Leaving your car indoors from damage. Dust and dirt can temper with the paint job. This is something really important and one should take a good care of things before buying a cover and do the right kind of research and that will make things much simpler. Once you buy then there could be some issues.

  1. Indoor Car Cover Options

These are ideal for vintage and Luxury vehicles. This is an important thing and one should take the complete things, in their stride and this is very important.

  1. Outdoor Car Cover Options

The block title collection of vehicle covers is available in three levels namely: basic, prime and max. The weather title collection of vehicle covers is available in two levels: prime and max. They offer superior protection. Many people are very confused and look for good quality options.

  1. Cover craft Covers

Each of the several types of cover craft covers is designed to fit a specific set of needs.

Making use my car cover?

You need to look for dirt acting like sandpaper causing paint scratches.

UV Protection

This is important for cars and proper protection need to be done. Make sure you go in for Rvcovers.

The heat in your car can dry almost anything.

Dirt Resistance

A dirty cover will lead to a dirty car cover regularly. When not in use keep the cover in a cover storage bag for protection.

Breathable or Waterproof

This causes formation hence destroying the paint; this is one thing very important. Make sure that air passes by, if it does not then may cause some serious issues and that is the last thing that you want on your head.

When your cover is not in use, store it safely in car storage bags make sure that you go in for Rvcovers. This is one of the best.

Main features of car covers

  1. Protection from rain, and other things
  2. One should keep in mind Hold down and then one should straps on cover
  3. Elastic hem which is something very important and one should know about it for superior fit and that works wonderfully well at all times.
  4. Storage bag included and this is something very important that you need to keep track of.

So if you want something really good then go in for a brand which can give you really good value for money.

Is it easy to get the right dental treatment?

Well, it is never easy to get there good dental treatment as one needs to find the right options and look for solutions and once you find the right answer then things become much easier. There are lots of people who are very confused and do not know, what they should be doing. There are many good services which give ones the right information about medicine, one needs to work hard and find the right information.

There are lots of people who are looking for some simple replies and you will come to know the information about this in the best way. Many people are very confused and do not know what to do. SO if you want good treatment then you need to work hard and look for options and once you o that then you will surely find the right choice and that will make things much easier. So what are you waiting for, just go in for something thanes put the market and give you good results and helps you value for money?

It is very important, that you take regular care of your health and once that is done, it will be better. The tooth is no exception and one needs to take good care of things. There are many people who are very confused and are looking for some very good medical service, which can help them with dental issues without creating a big hole in their pocket and that helps them a lot. Keep in mind, that your oral hygiene is something very important, good care needs to be taken for that. If you want to take good care then things will be very simple and can really save you from some serious trouble. You should take good care of your health and once you o that then things will be much better and you will not have a problem. Many people are going through lots of issues with their gums and tooth and that is something that is very important.

So go ahead and get the right treatment and you will never have a problem.

Make sure you visit a good website, which will give you lots of information on the subject and once you do that then things will be very simple and you will never have a problem. During the recovery period, it is always very important to take good care of your health and that will make the process much easier. This is something that one needs to keep in mind and once that happens, things will be much better. Many other people are very confused and do not know the right options and where they should be taking help from. This is something they need to keep in mind.

Make sure, that you visit the website and that always helps you a great deal, and that helps you a lot.

There are many people who are not taking the dental issues which they face very seriously and then regret later and that is the last thing they can go through. So what are you waiting for, just take care of your health and you will never have a problem? One has to take good care of things and that will make things much easier and you will never have a problem. There are many people who are not taking this seriously and can end up in serious problems. This is something which no one should overlook. Keep in mind, that you have a very strict routine to avoid any kind of problems, once the implant is done, if it is done in a right way then there will be no problem and you will never have a problem. Many people are stuck and this is something very serious. One needs to take good care of things. Once that happens, things will be much easier. Your recovery is the most important thing and this should be done in the right way to void any kind of problem. There are lots of people who overlook this and then regret later and that is the last things they want at a patient. Once you go through this, then you need to take good care of your health and that will help you if possible. There are lots of people who are very confused and do not even know what is the right option for oral hygiene and that is very important. If you do things correctly then it can help you to health the moth in a very easy way and that work great.

A lot of people are suffering from dental problems and a looking for solutions and once you find the right options things will become much easier. So if you want to have good health oral care follows some basic tips.

Also keep in mind, that you do not have too much of hard food as it can some serious impact on that area and that is the last thing you want. Many people are just living on soft food for a week and that is something very important. It is important that you chewing it in the right way. Once that happens, things will be much easier. Having something like Noodles, oatmeal or banana is one of the best ways of getting things done in quick time and that helps a lot. There are many people who are not sure about these things and ignore it and that makes it a very tough or healing this is something important the everyone should consider in order avoiding any issues.

This is something that is really good and you can have a good time if you get the right treatment and you will not have a problem. There are lots of treatment and you need to select the best based on your needs. So what are you waiting for?


It was easy to see why Saab has become a favourite amongst the red carpet crowd with several knock-out gowns ranging from creamy ivory to mustard yellow to dusty orange, grass green and electric blue.

Caroline Flack wears

Caroline Flack followed Fearne Cotton lead at the National Television Awards 2012 last night, opting to support British Fashion in a dress by ppq.

She poured herself into the silk skater-style dress with its Versace-esque paint splash and chain link print, adding her own fashion touch with a pale pink collar poking out the top. The effect on curvy Caroline – who’s said previously that she hates her big chest – was far more fit-and-flare than the dress looked when it was shown on the catwalk. It barely hugged the body of the model who wore it.

Stop shopping and start curating a wardrobe

Does that sound pretentious? If it does, this concept may not be for you. But if you love fashion and creating looks this might be something you’d enjoy pursuing. Calling them looks and not outfits is your first clue. A new year (or season, or job, or week, or meal) can be a blank fashion slate.

Try some extreme colour courtesy of Uniqlo

The trend for colourblocking may be slowing down a bit, but there’s a new way of wearing colour that’s set to take over. For those who’re brave enough, the extreme colour trend can look amazing, but it takes guts to give it a go. Instead of blocking out your look in a set of different colours, go really extreme by wearing one shade from head to toe.

At least you won’t have any trouble matching, right?

Uniqlo have made trying this look really simple with their Spring range of coloured denim and matching knitwear. The trick is to mix textures so things don’t look too flat.



This would be the perfect dress to wear to formal events in warm weather – the neckline and hemline are modest, it’s a light summery shade (but not pure white, so you could get away with it at a wedding) but the detail gives it that extra edge, with no need for dramatic jewellery or extra accessories. Wear your hair up for the full effect – you want to show off those pink petals!