A woman with a little “flab” on her belly was a symbol of beauty and prosperity in the 1700s, as several works of art demonstrate. According to the beauty standards of today, however, it is almost considered unbecoming, to the point of becoming a taboo. The winter just ended. A few big lunches during the holidays and dietary strains can make both women and men accumulate annoying extra pounds. If you want to know how to make your stomach look flat in clothes, follow these simple tips and you will surely have some benefits.

How to make your stomach look flat in clothes?

If your goal is to hide your belly with clothing, you need to take care of the look, starting with the underwear. In fact, hiding unsightly love handles and pads will be quite simple for women by wearing containment underwear which must include invisible briefs and containment stockings. Many times it is enough to avoid wearing too tight underwear that below the waistline tends to create that “refund” that highlights the belly even more.

In specialized stores, you will find seamless patterns, also known as seamless. In recent years, intimate suits with high-waisted panties and corsets have returned to the fore: in addition to being very elegant, they give the figure a slimming effect. Don’t hesitate to use them!

Color of the clothes

Pay particular attention to the colors of your clothing if you want to succeed in hiding your belly. I prefer dark shades (blue, black, military green, dark red, and burgundy) and do not wear prints, stripes (especially horizontal ones that “widen” instead of streamlining the figure). Colors that are too light are obviously not recommended.

If you are in summer and you can’t resist the temptation of pastel colors, the advice is to use accessories to have “points of light.” Unleash your imagination and wear scarves, earrings, necklaces of any color, even flamboyant, but avoid belts. With these tips, you will certainly be able to hide the bacon and enhance your figure. For men, waistcoats and gilets are very useful.

Use proper accessories

By using the accessories carefully, you will be able to divert attention from the abdominal area and focus the gaze of others on your strengths. The keyword is balance: your figure must be harmonious and well-balanced. Use clothing with a linear style and sober colors with more lively and lively accessories. A colorful bag or eye-catching earrings will divert your gaze from your weak point, your belly and bring out the harmony of your person.

For women who want to wear a sheath dress prefer pleated dresses, with the fabric that creates a knot at the height of the abdomen or with the bell skirt

Do a massage for a flat stomach

Getting a nice flat stomach is the desire of all women. In fact, all of them would like to eliminate those annoying extra pounds or those unsightly rolls that focus on the abdomen. It is good to know, however, that in addition to following a healthy and balanced diet and regular physical activity, it is possible to obtain a flat stomach even by performing a simple massage.

It is not said that you have to spend hours to devote yourself to the care of your body: a few minutes can be enough every day, in total relaxation. To make this useful massage, get yourself some scented candles and light them.

Also, take care to create a deeply relaxing environment by providing it with low and relaxing music and some soft light lamps, then lie down on the sofa or on a mat. Place one hand on the stomach and one on the belly, then breathe deeply: inhale slowly, inflating the abdomen and exhale, letting it empty slowly: this procedure helps to get rid of anxiety and stress.

Use massage oil

At this point, get yourself a massage oil of your choice (it is advisable to use one that also has antispasmodic properties, such as orange blossom or chamomile oil). Sprinkle some oil on your hand and start making circular movements around the navel area.

Then apply light pressure to the central part of your belly. Then continue like this and hold three times as you breathe. Always continuing to press, then direct your fingers first to the right and then to the left. Low and soothing music is certainly useful for perfect relaxation.

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