Are you currently thinking about buying a perfect gift for a lady friend? It could be your mother, your grandmother, your aunt, sister, a colleague at work or girlfriend. With so many options out there in the market, you might be confused on what to pick. Visit stoneFoot to have a feel of the variety you are likely to encounter in the market.

Remember that, the most important part to remember when purchasing something for anyone who is special to you, you need to understand their taste. If you do it right at stoneFoot, you will definitely create happiness in them when they open the box.

Here are what you need to do before you set out to buy the gift:

  • Come up with an idea

The main idea is to buy a gift but, which gift?

  • Plan ahead: You don’t have to wait until the last minute. When you plan ahead, you will be able to decide on some romantic present or gesture which fits whatever occasion you are buying the gift for. With enough time, you will be able to execute it. It will also give you enough time to be able to do an online gift.
  • Brainstorm for ideas: There will be a need for you to brainstorm for at least three things: a list of things which you like about her, a list of things she likes, and a list of things that the two of you have in common which might include memories or jokes. You can use them as inspirations for your gift ideas. For example, if you are sure that she likes cooking, you could get for her a gift of an apron which has a print of your picture together with her on it.
  • Practical gift: Most people like practical gifts and with this option, you will have to be very careful so that you don’t end up buying one that is mundane and boring. A good gift needs to be something which she loves and which she can use but she is not in a position to buy it for herself. For instance, if you have noticed her eyeing a certain kitchen appliance yet she has never had enough cash to buy, this could be a perfect gift for her.
  • Utilize recent conversation: Maybe during your recent conversations, she might have dropped a hint of what she is yearning for. On the other hand, maybe the two of you have talked about something which she is into. This can be a guide to what to buy for her. Using what she said, you can buy for her a gift which will have a big impact.
  • Check out her Pinterest: If she has a Pinterest account, this might a source of information about what she likes without you having to ask her directly. Wishlist on her Amazon can be another source, especially if it is public so that you can go through it without having to ask her. Ensure that you are buying something which she doesn’t have already
  • Consider her love language: This refers to something which makes her feel loved. If you can figure out the love language of the lady you want to buy a gift for, you will be able to get something for her which she will truly cherish and make her feel loved.
  • Ask her what she wants: Here, you will have to use good judgment. There are ladies who will appreciate if you consulted them before purchasing a gift for them. You can ask her for a list of things that she would consider having in the future. That way, she cannot guess that you are just about to make her the owner of one of them.
  • Making a gift for her
    • Create a gift for her: If you don’t have enough money to purchase a gift for your lady friend, it is possible for her to still value you if you made one. It might take time and effort to make a good gift as compared to buying something online. But the good thing is that it will be unique, and thus, she will appreciate it more.
    • Create a frame photo or scrapbook: Due to the fact that most photos are on the phone or computer nowadays, when you give her a physical photo, it will be greatly appreciated. You can have the photo in a frame or in a scrapbook.
    • Put together her favorite drink: Try to fix her that favorite drink mixed with several other goodies. Use a fancy mug to serve it.
  • Doing something nice for her
    • Do the cleaning of the house: Maybe a clean house is not the only gift you want to give to your lady friend. But in case you live with your girlfriend, you can surprise her by cleaning the house. Think about all the regular chores that she does on a daily basis and do them for her: from laundry to cleaning the bathroom and the entire house.
    • Prepare a meal for her: Try and make a whole meal for her. Pick a recipe online and surprise her at how much you know how to prepare her favorite meal.
    • Shine her car: If she owns a car, take it out for the car wash and let it be polished. Bring it back when it is sparkling clean.