Facial is a deep cleaning procedure commonly used for the rejuvenation of the skin. It can be done in both men and women. Facial is a solution widely used in anti-ageing techniques because it allows the extraction of black spots, removal of impurities, exfoliation of the skin by removing dead cells and renewing them with a large dose of hydration. Although its technology is not as advanced as that of other available procedures, it is very well received because it is affordable for almost anyone of all ages. This treatment is also known as facial or deep cleansing. A large number of establishments such as spa and beauty salons offer it. Obviously, there are some more complete than others. Their prices may vary depending on the place, the experience of the person doing it and the additional procedures that are carried out.

You have probably heard this word more than once, especially lately since facials are increasingly available to everyone. However, what is it? What does it consist of? The word facial refers to any treatment located on the face or face whose purpose is to beautify and improve the conditions of the said area either superficially or internally. There are many types of facials which vary in their application and desired results, for example, are the firming, moisturizing, cleaning, descaling, etc.


What is facial about?

The first thing is to take the aesthetic or therapeutic center by a facial diagnosis, this means that the cosmetologist or dermatologist will check your face and tell you what you need (added to your own concerns of course), followed by cleaning your face to give step to the application of the product, can put masks or use devices such as radiofrequency or laser, everything will depend on the type of facial. Usually, this is accompanied by messages that help penetrate the product and in turn to muscle relaxation.

Like everything that requires an intervention with your person and health, it is important to look for specialized centres both in the technique and in the quality of their products. In terms of costs, facials are increasingly available to all public because by diversifying their services we can find from a facial cleaning to those with appliances where prices vary. We also have to take into account the frequency with which we go to these services, which can range from making it routine as part of our beauty rituals to testing as a compliment from time to time, but remember that while hydration and exfoliation.

General aspects of facial:

Professional cleaning should be carried out in a guaranteed centre or beauty institute and by a qualified beautician. Hygiene and hazardous waste management is a key factor when choosing the place. During the procedure, rhythmic movements are made based on the touch with the fingers and with the help of specialized machinery. These reactivate the blood and lymphatic circulation, which detoxifies, oxygenates and decongests the skin. The benefits are practically immediate because the skin of the face is clean and hydrated. In addition, it recovers its tone, brightness and natural appearance.

It is advisable to take the facial at least three times a year. Some dermatologists recommend doing it even every two months. However, it is not a general rule because it depends to a great extent on the type of skin of the person and on the daily care.

Oily skin usually needs to clean impurities more often than dry skin. If your skin is extremely greasy even every month you can take a facial. Similarly, a skin that is aware of basic care on a daily basis, that is, cleans, tones and moisturizes twice a day, needs cleaning less frequently.

Therefore, it is possible that a person with oily skin that is cleaned correctly and daily his skin requires less professional cleanings than a person with dry skin that does not.

Facial Cleaning Procedure at Us!

The steps of this technique can vary from one place to another depending on the additional treatments that you want to perform or the method used by the beautician. However, in general, the following things happen if you take facial at us:

  • The skin is cleaned by removing impurities and dirt from the environment or makeup if it is a woman. This is necessary to be able to observe and evaluate the skin in its natural state.
  • A diagnosis of the state of the skin and the type of skin is made in order to select the most appropriate line of products to apply. The state of the skin can be reactive, dehydrated, stained, and photo-aged, with lack of elasticity or with acne.
  • An exfoliation is performed that removes dead cells from the surface. For this, you can use an exfoliant with granules or pearls or a chemical treatment such as peeling. The latter has a separate procedure.
  • The skin is toned at the same time that light taps are made that regulate it and prepare it for vaporization.
  • Water vapour or applied which is more ozone steam for about 15 minutes to open the pores of the skin, oxygenate, soften fat and dilating the vessel.
  • The manual extraction of black spots, comedones, pimples or pimples is performed. If the skin has baits or crystallized fat, it may be necessary to use a tiny needle to open the pore and be able to extract the bait. This step is the only painful one of the whole procedure.
  • Regenerative products are applied and a relaxing massage is performed on the face and the neck.
  • A hydrating, relaxing, anti-inflammatory and the bactericidal mask is applied. Depending on the mask, it is allowed to take effect for approximately 20 minutes. The pores are closed using high-frequency light in order to prevent them from being clogged with impurities in a short time. Also to avoid bacteria and cauterize! Finally, a moisturizer with a sunscreen is applied that generates a protective barrier against contamination and UVB and UVA rays.

After taking the facial, we recommend avoiding the sun and resting enough. This allows the skin to regenerate and recover from the intervention, which can be painful depending on the number of comedowns that the skin has.