All carpets have a label on the back where the conservation and cleaning of the piece in question are specified. When in doubt about the action to follow, go to a professional. In the case of carpets exposed in public areas and large passage of people is recommended professional cleaning. Cleaning urine stains is essential as soon as possible since it can discolour and damage wool and nylon if, for example, they fall on carpets, carpets or fabrics of a sofa. As the smell of urine can be very persistent, especially that of pets, apply an aerosol deodorizer after cleaning the urine stains. Got the urine stains out through us!

GreenWay is an innovative carpet cleaning system that works for a continuous steam generation. This new system of professional cleaning allows eliminating the remains of dirt or stains of any upholstered surface efficiently without damaging the material of the same. For an express cleaning of dust and localized spots, a specialized technician can perform the service in his own home. For a deep cleaning, we pick up your carpets at home and once we finish the service we deliver them at no additional cost. Thanks to the deep cleaning of the upholstered surface that is made during the process, able to clean stains of all kinds, GreenWay allow you to enjoy the carpets and carpets of the home as the first day.

The method of cleaning upholstered surfaces carried out by GreenWay, both carpet cleaning and carpet cleaning, takes place at the client’s house, thus guaranteeing total satisfaction in the final result of the product and in the service offered. If you want to know how to perfume your home with the vacuum cleaner do not miss this easy, practical and very economical trick. If you have not yet made your own homemade air fresheners, first of all, we encourage you and the second is that your house may not release the aroma you want: fresh citrus, warm aromas of vanilla or cinnamon, a touch of lavender. But now all that is possible to do without effort while you vacuum. Got the urine stains out?

What how to perfume your house while you breathe? Very simple, to the bag of the vacuum cleaner, or in its absence to the deposit, add a scented wipe with some essence. You can use cuts, approximately four, of the wipes that you use in the washing machine to avoid bleaching and spray it with some cologne that you have at home, fabric softener or essential oils. So, every time you inhale the air that is expelled you will have the aroma that you want and not that unpleasant smell of dust. Remember that it is important to keep the vacuum filter clean and not always fill the bag to the maximum because it can burn the engine.

It is true; having a pet at home is a rewarding experience, although patience seems to disappear when you find the surprises that your dog leaves in the living room, for example. And it is complicated to remove the smell of urine. However, today we will tell you how to remove dog urine stains on the carpet in a simple way.

How to clean the carpet?

You just realized that the dog just peed on the carpet then you can take action immediately, do not wait for the stain to settle there forever. It is, is the risk of having a pet in a small house or an apartment that does not have a backyard. These situations also happen if you do not promote habits in your pet or if your dog stays long alone at home, got the urine stains out? No wait and read ahead!

What do we do?


  1. Take a cloth towel, or a disposable cloth, and put it on top to quickly absorb fresh urine.
  2. Rinse the towel with cold water, wring it out well and then put it back in the stained area; If you prefer, put a heavy object on top so that the towel absorbs even more. Leave it for 10 minutes.
  3. After waiting for 10 minutes, in which you probably train your dog to indicate that this is not the place of their needs, take a container with a little water and empty it on the stain with special care that the liquid does not It is scattered throughout the rest of the carpet.
  4. It used a cleaner for stains on the area. Currently, the market has thousands of products available for these cases; you will not believe that your dog is the only one. The cleansers also remove the annoying smell of urine. Read the cleaner’s instructions and follow them.
  5. Do the procedure of step two, but instead of water, add a little special cleaner.
  6. Leave the towel on the stain all night and put a heavy object, such as a book or something that allows absorption faster.
  7. It’s another day and it’s time to throw away the towels or clothes that you used to remove the urine stains in the previous steps so that your dog does not mark them again. If you used cloth towels, you should wash them with hot water and that’s it.

There are a variety of reasons why cats overlook their litter box and urinate everywhere at home. If your cat is sick, has behavioural problems, is getting used to a new pet or a child, or protests that his litter box is dirty, then he may choose to use your rug or your couch to do his minor needs. It is important that you consult with your veterinarian to find out why your cat does not use its litter box.

Additional cleaning tips:

  • In case you have not been able to remove the urine stain from the carpet completely, you should consider using professional tools such as steam cleaners.
  • Although it is a fresh stain it is likely that after the steps we have mentioned the stain does not exist. Therefore, it is essential to act on the spots as soon as the incident occurs.

You already have a house perfumed with the vacuum cleaner!