What am I wearing tonight? How do I match this to that? What shoes should I wear? All questions that every woman asks herself every day. So how can we take care of our casual style? Let’s see it together in this new post by Fashion House, where we will see specifically what to wear, the most casual clothes in circulation, and tips to better take care of your look!

Whether it’s an aperitif, a visit to the museum, an afternoon of shopping with a friend, or a simple walk in the center, choosing a casual outfit is always the best solution.

Street style fashion is in fact the hottest trend of the moment: ripped jeans, V-neck t-shirts and bodysuits, shorts, long shirts and vests, jackets, and sneakers.

Here are some must-have items to wear this summer for a casual look and that absolutely must not be missing in your wardrobe:

  • Denim, the casual garment par excellence, also chosen this year by those who usually dress more classic, elegant, and chic;
  • Ripped jeans, a real must for both boys and girls, to combine comfort with a t-shirt, a duster coat, and a pair of sneakers;
  • Colored chinos, the famous five-pocket trousers, soft, comfortable and colorful, a valid alternative for those who do not like to wear classic jeans;
  • Shorts, one of the most popular garments at the moment especially in view of the summer. Comfortable and practical, micro-sized, the shorts are always to be combined with tops and sneakers or with a shirt and very high heels, for a summer outfit ;
  • Denim shirt, another must-have item for the summer that completes your sporty and casual outfit ;
  • A sporty skirt, a super cool garment loved by women who choose to wear it as a daily outfit, perhaps for an aperitif on the beach or for a walk downtown with a couple of friends.

Dungarees and jumpsuits: the casual must-have items of this summer

Comfortable, sporty, and super sexy, jumpsuits and overalls are officially the hottest casual garments this summer. Perfect for multiple occasions, jumpsuits and overalls are the right choices at the right time, especially for those who love to dress sporty. For a casual look, simply combine them with a pair of sneakers or flat shoes and just a few accessories. Definitely comfortable, fresh, and versatile, the jumpsuit or one-piece suit, together with the classic dungarees is the trend of a summer that promises to be intense and very hot. Above all this garment is a valid alternative to the evening dress and to the more elegant and refined style.

Floral dresses for your summer outfit

This year’s summer fashion is tinged with strong and radiant colors but also with extravagant patterns that are very popular, it is creative and colorful but above all, it is an eccentric, particular, and decidedly floral fashion. In fact, flowers seem to be the trend of the moment, and women really like this fantasy.

Tops, sweaters, silk shirts, jackets, tracksuits, leggings but above all dresses. There is nothing more romantic than a floral dress, perfect for an afternoon of shopping or an aperitif by the sea. Summer fashion, this year more than ever, is about emotions, romance, and femininity.

Casual T-shirts: the trendiest of the moment

Street style icon, the t-shirt is the casual must-have par excellence, loved above all by teenagers.

The T-shirt is the cult garment of the moment and the one that goes well with any type of outfit. The soft neckline is combined with the casual luxury and comfort of a glamorous and unique garment.

Here are some of the hottest summer t-shirt designs:

  • Vintage T-shirt;
  • Striped T-shirt;
  • T-shirt with tropical flowers;
  • T-shirt with funny writings and slogans;

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