Just about everyone likes having the finer things in life. Well, when it comes to fashion, one of the “finer fabrics” would definitely have to be cashmere. It’s soft. It’s rich-looking. And if you take care of it properly, it will also last you for years to come.

However, there is something to keep in mind when shopping for cashmere. Being that it is the type of material that is such a hot commodity, there are a lot of retail stores that will sell a less-than-impressive version of the real thing. That’s why it’s so important to know how to find the best type of cashmere.

If you’d like some simple and effective ways to test for quality cashmere, here are five tips that will have you wrapped up in the absolute best.

Don’t settle for less than 100 percent

Say that you’re out at the mall and you walk past a window display that’s advertising 100 percent cashmere sweaters and scarves at 50 percent off the retail price. Although that sounds like a truly amazing deal, make sure you check the tag first. Being that the Federal Trade Commission makes it mandatory for manufacturers to list what their clothing is made out of, don’t believe that something is 100 percent unless the tag says that it is.

Don’t settle for less than two-ply cashmere either

Speaking of not settling, something else that you should look for is cashmere that is no less than two-ply. Basically what that means is look for cashmere that has a certain level of thickness. If you can find some that are four or even six-ply, that is even better. The thicker the fabric, the longer it tends to last.

Administer the “hand test”

One way to figure out just how thick your cashmere maybe is to administer what is known as the “hand test”. For instance, if it’s a cashmere sweater that you’re looking at, put your hand in the sweater, in between the front and the back of it. If you can see your hand through the fabric, this means that it’s too thin. You really should look elsewhere.

Feel the fabric

If you were shopping at a store and you asked the customer sales associate for some tips on how to know that you’re buying cashmere that’s top quality, something that they would probably recommend is you feel the fabric. That way, you can see if there’s any fuzziness or pilling. For the record, quality cashmere will actually “bounce back” when you touch it. Plus, it will not pill or wrinkle.

Look at labels

You already know that you should check the tag to see if something is 100 percent cashmere. Well, another thing that you should do is pay close attention to who the manufacturer is. When it comes to labels if you’re going to shop online, consider stores like TSE and Autumn Cashmere to get what you’re looking for. If you would prefer to go into a physical department store, opt for one that has a wide selection of cashmere to choose from. That way, you can apply all of these other tips in order to get just what you’re looking for. Enjoy!