Who does not prefer luxury in the things they do! Whatever we buy, we always aim at buying the best version of the product. This is because acquiring the best of the products provides us a feeling of satisfaction and ultimate luxury. When the point is to buy glass pipes, there are plethora of options available in the market which are both beautiful and luxurious as well. These pipes are available in variety of styles, shades and prints. The pipes these days are not just simple glass tubes but are equipped with much more better and attractive features. Some of the pipes have mastered the art and are at the top of engineering marvels, offering bubblers with two and sometimes even three chambers along with helix shaped smoke chamber and ice holder to cool the smoke down.

What are glass pipes?

Glass pipes are used for the purpose of smoking tobacco or herb. Glass pipes are a lot more complex than any other glass object and are constructed with the help of best of the artisans by using exact chemical formula that give rise to shapes and designs that were unimaginable a few years ago. From the cut to design to colors, these pipes have all what you can imagine in a pipe. The pipes are even adorned with precious gemstones which add the Midas touch to the standard pipes.

Talking about glass pipes that are available in the market nowadays, we have some of the best products to offer which will urge you to buy glass pipes immediately :

  • Hand pipes – These are also known by the name of chillums and are one of the basic shapes of glass pipe available in the market. These are preferred by users who would want a simple pipe to inhale as all you have to do is pack the material for smoking, light the flame and inhale the pipe for the best of the experience. Such pipes are suitable for small quantities of tobacco and other smoking materials.
  • Spoons – The next level of sophistication in the glass pipes are the spoon pipes which are also equipped with a carburetor which enables the smoke to be inhaled rapidly. When the person covers the hole with his finger, can he draw the air and then he has to uncover it to inhale. This ensures that the smoke produced from the pipe remains fresh.
  • Sherlock glass pipes – You must have seen Sherlock and Gandalf proving their screen presence by smoking this really long, slender and arched stem with a large bowl. These pipes may or may not have carburetor and are capable of producing smoke that is unfiltered that is harsh to taste because of inclusion of tars and resins.
  • Steamrollers – For those of you looking for a harder smoking experience, we also have the steamrollers. These are pipes which have glass or glass fittings on either of the sides and are also fitted with carburetor which is the open end near the bowl. Steamrollers are known for hard, hot rips but with time and practice, they can be turned into amazing smoking pipes. Such pipes are mostly preferred by long time smokers because of the high concentration of tobacco in the smoke.
  • Bubblers – There are many of you who do not prefer the harsh taste of the smoke which is due to high concentration of tars and resins. Well, it is not a problem anymore for the bubbler pipes reduce the concentration of smoke with the help of water before the time it is inhaled in. water reduces the content of tar and resin and also cause the smoke to taste better and mild. The bowl is sometimes even filled with hot water which adds vapor to the smoke to ease out the smoking process.
  • Novelty pipes – The most common of all the glass pipes are the novelty pipes which are handheld, with minute details and multiple designs. So, be it your favorite television show, or a pipe that glows in the dark, or a dragon themed one, we have all the right options for you!

Thus, we have presented all the products available in the market. So, go and buy glass pipes right now.