Getting a tattoo is one of the most important decisions a person can make. And before doing so, many things must be taken into account, such as the place where it will be done. You have the whole body to choose from and if you are hesitating, the back is one of the best places. Visit our partner site to know the latest fashion

For issues such as the texture of the skin, the amount of muscle, and space. The back is an interesting area to tattoo. Suppose you already know what this place is, now it remains to know what to get tattooed. As for this, there are many alternatives and everything will depend on your taste. But to help you with this we have created a selection of some of the most interesting styles and types of tattoos that you can get.


The tribal is a tattoo style that I quite like. First, because it has a lot of history. It is one of the first expressions of the most recognized tattoo of humanity and best of all, it looks great. These types of tattoos have very interesting shapes, which seem to be separate pieces, but together they make a very good complement.

As it is a type of tattoo that is made up of smaller pieces. It is excellent on the back as it can be better adjusted to the anatomy . There are different types of tribal tattoos, some with straight lines. Keep Reading Royal blue dress shoes

Tattoo on the spine

These tattoos that go right up the spine look great. In terms of aesthetics, it seems quite beautiful to me, the issue is that it can hurt a little more than expected. In this area are the vertebrae and there is not much muscle or fat that covers them, so think about it.

In case you have decided, you can do whatever you want to yourself. In the photo we show you a design with circles of different sizes, lunar cycles have also become fashionable and there you can do whatever you want while following the line of the column. For example, you could get a tribal there in the above style and it will look great.


Geometric tattoos look pretty good, the thing is that not all tattoo artists handle this technique. If you want to get a tattoo of this type, what I recommend is that you go with a professional. The pulse must be taken into account, in addition to the way in which it adapts to the anatomy of the back.

If you already have the above controlled, with this style you can do many things. The purest geometric tattoos are made up of only triangles, squares, lines, and little else. But something interesting about this style is being able to create mixtures with the traditional or realistic.


Wings as tattoos on the back are a classic. If you are going to do this you should take into account that many people already have it. But if you like it, you go ahead. The good thing about this style of wings is that the tattoo artist can make a special design for you with a different shape and make it unique, and the meaning is beautiful.

As for the wings you have different options. You can make small wings, but the most recommended are those that occupy all the wings. This is because anatomically it fits better with the shape of the back and it looks much more realistic. Ideally, there should be two, but some only make one.

Traditional Japanese

Traditional Japanese is another one of my favorite styles. These tattoos are aesthetically beautiful, and the style is meant to take up a lot of space, and the back is perfect for this. The good thing about traditional Japanese is that it has many characteristic elements that you can play with to create unique pieces.

Among the predominant elements of this style are dragons, tigers, flowers, waves, clouds, and more. In the photos, we show you a dragon tattoo that occupies the entire back and looks quite good. But there is also the other photo of the tiger that is a beautiful tattoo.

As for the colors, the classic is black and red. But you can incorporate other colors such as green, orange, purple, and whatever you want.

Dot work

Tattoos are art on the skin and Dotwork confirms it. This is another of the tattoo styles that I like the most because it has a lot of detail. If you look at it from a distance it may look like normal shadows and the traditional fill. But when you get closer you realize all the shadows. And fills are made with small dots of different sizes that give all the texture to the tattoo.

Like geometric tattoos, this Dotwork tattoo is great because it can be adapted quite well to the anatomy of the back. You can play a lot with shapes and create truly unique pieces. In the tattoo of the image that we show you, we can find different geometric shapes, about 7 textures and there is a complete piece that is quite beautiful.

Oni mask

Oni masks also come from Japanese traditional culture and folklore . This is one of the tattoo styles that I like the most because aesthetically it looks great. These masks are packed with so much detail, and when tattooed on the back you can pay attention to every millimeter and when finished it’s a very beautiful piece.

The photo that we show you are an Oni mask of a Japanese warrior and a dragon. All this fits very well on the back if it knows how to adapt to the anatomy. It also has some little flowers and it’s all done in black and grey. Although you have the option of incorporating some color, I would recommend that you leave it in black because it looks much better, in addition to the fact that it ages with better quality.