Biking is a great way to get exercise, but it can also lead to back pain. This is because biking puts a lot of stress on your back. However, there are exercises you can do to help relieve the pain. These exercises include stretching and strengthening your back muscles. You can also try using a bike seat that is more comfortable. If the pain persists, see a doctor. Here are some useful exercises for the cyclist who wants to solve the problem of back pain. Keep reading: Mongoose mountainbike

1. Crunch

It allows strengthening the abdominal tract, which thus supports the back better and becomes the defensive barrier of the internal organs. It starts from lying on your back, with your legs bent and the soles of your feet resting on the ground. As you exhale, you raise yourself, bringing your forehead to your knees, keeping your hands behind your neck or on your chest. By controlling the movement and inhaling, you then return to the starting position. The return must be controlled. You don’t have to fall backward like a sack of potatoes!

2. Oblique Crunches

The abdominal wall divides into the rectus abdominis and the obliques, which must be developed accordingly. Lie on your back, lift your legs and cross them. Bring your hands behind your neck. As you exhale, lift your torso bringing your right elbow to touch your left knee, and then return to the starting position in a controlled motion. Repeat on the other side.

3. Lumbar lifting

With this exercise, we are going to work directly on the back muscles. Lie on your stomach extend your legs and arms. As you exhale, raise your arms and legs at the same time and then, still controlling the movement, return to the starting position.

4. Extensions on the elbows

This exercise works your glutes, abs, and lower back muscles at the same time. Lie on your stomach. Atonement, raise yourself by placing your elbows and forearms on the floor while supporting yourself on your toes. Keep the body straight and still for 30 seconds or one minute. Don’t hold your breath but breathe deeply. Do not force. If you cannot maintain the position, relax, take a breath and then try again.

Back pain in cyclists can be caused by excessive low back stiffness

Another problem that can cause inflammation of the lumbar muscles may be the poor flexibility of the back. In fact, having a powerful but not very flexible and mobile musculature can lead to overloading the muscle groups with tensions and causing the classic pains that afflict us. To solve the problem at the root, you do not need tachypyrines or oki tasks, but you have to work hard to dissolve the contractures and make the muscles more flexible and fluid. Check this article BMX Bike Brakes Repair Issue Top Guideline

You can turn to medical offices that offer special treatments with ultrasound or to specialized masseurs. However, it would be a good idea to learn how to stretch daily and work to make it an integral part of training and of our life. The advantages of stretching are innumerable and will be extensively covered in dedicated articles.

Now, to try to solve back stiffness problems, you can do the exercises described below.

It is important, when doing the exercises, to keep breathing and not to hold your breath, and not to exaggerate with the effort. The pain of the stretch must be present but must not exceed the danger level. It’s best to start slow and stretch as time and sessions go by.

  1. Front-knee approach

Lie on your back, grasp the right knee with both hands. Raise your back until your forehead touches the knee. While breathing, hold the position for 20-25 seconds and return. Repeat with the other leg.

  1. Inversion of the lumbar muscles

This exercise is part of Yoga practice, where it is referred to as the plow. It is a deep and powerful exercise that deeply stretches the lower back muscles. The first few times you practice it, do it in the presence of another person so that he can help you maintain the position and get out of it if there are problems. Lie on your back, lift your legs and bring them back over your head until your toes touch the floor. If you can’t touch the floor, create a thickness with pillows. Maintain the position for 20-30 seconds.

  1. Front stretch

Sitting with your legs crossed, stretch out to the front, bringing your arms as far forward as possible, with your palms resting on the floor. Maintain the position for 20-30 seconds.

  1. Overturning

Sitting on the floor, extend your left leg over your right knee. Rest your left elbow on your right knee as you rotate your torso and bring your right arm back. Push the knee with the elbow and rotate the entire torso, looking straight behind you. This exercise stretches the glutes and lower back muscles. Hold for 20-30 seconds and repeat on the other side.

Importance of exercise to solve back pain

Exercising regularly is an important part of helping your back pain. It can help prevent further problems as well as reduce the severity of the problem. Many types of exercise are effective in helping with back pain. These include stretching, strengthening and core muscle exercises. Stretching is beneficial because it helps to relieve muscle pain and spasms in the back. Strengthening exercises are good for strengthening your core muscles, which helps to reduce back pain. Core exercises help your back by increasing the strength of your abdominal muscles. If you are looking for good core exercise, try the plank. You should be able to hold the plank for at least 30 seconds without any problems.

To do this exercise: Lie on your stomach with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Hold your stomach in and try to lift your head and legs off the floor. You should be able to stay perfectly still on the floor for 30 seconds. The core is a group of muscles that span from your pelvis to your rib cage. When you do exercises that target the core, you will be working your entire body. The exercises that work your core are called “abdominal” or “core” exercises. These exercises increase the strength of your abdominal muscles and help to stabilize your spine. You may also like to read, Tighten bike brakes quick and easy tips