The air conditioner is a machine that cools down or heats up the temperature of a place which can be room, car or anywhere else. The air conditioner is also called A/C or air con. The air conditioner is used to make a place comfortable for people and animals. The air conditioner is not meant for the usage of humans alone but it is also used in rooms where machines like a computer that produce heat are. Air conditioners produce cool breeze with the aid of the in-built fan that discharges the air that has been conditioned to the room. Air conditioners work according to the normal refrigeration cycle that works also in refrigerators. According to the refrigeration cycle, the heat will be moved to a hot region from a cold region which means with the aid of the refrigerant, the heat will be absorbed from the room and will be cooled down after which the heat will be discharged to another place. Apart from reducing the temperature, air conditioners can also be used to increase the temperature of a place. This concept is called the Heat pump system. In this system, the air conditioner works in opposite ways. The cool breeze in the room or car will be absorbed into the compressors of the air conditioner and the cool breeze will be heated up then the heated air will be discharged into the room and the cool air will be disposed of elsewhere.

It is very sad nowadays when people go to the market and come back with the wrong air conditioner, it does not mean that the air conditioner is bad but it may not suit the taste of the buyer. There are different types of the air conditioner, the one that suits your taste should be decided by considering the weather of the place you are in and the kind of temperature you want.

Types of Air conditioner you could consider

There are a few types of air conditioner one could consider some of which are:

  • The window air conditioner: The window air conditioner is one of the oldest types of the air conditioner; it is also the one that is most commonly used. In this type of air conditioner the main parts of the air conditioner which are the compressor, coil etcetera are all in one box and will be placed on the wall outside the room then only the fan will be fitted on the wall inside the room which makes the machine to work from outside and cool the room inside. The same method applies to the heat pumping type of the window air conditioner but it will work vice-versa which means instead of pumping in cool air it will pump in the heated This type of air conditioner can only be used in a single room.
  • The split air conditioner: This type of air conditioner has two units; it has a part that will be fixed outside and another part that will be fixed in the room. It can be referred to as the modernized type of window air conditioner. The difference between the split air conditioner and the window air conditioner is that in the case of fitting the split air conditioner, there is no need to make a slot on the wall while in the case of fitting the window air conditioner, there is need to make a slot on the wall. This type of air conditioner can be best used in a single room but it can also be used for two rooms.
  • Packaged air conditioner: This type of air conditioner is modern and is easy to fit because there is no need to create any hole on the wall and there is no need to fit the parts in different places. The compressor, coil fan, and every other part are fitted in one box and is placed in the room then the air will be cooled and discharged back into the room. This type of air conditioner can serve two to three rooms.
  • Central air conditioning: This is the best type of air conditioner and it is considered to be good for business purpose because it is designed to serve very big places like hotels, cyber café, mall and other big places. It can also be used in homes but it will be too expensive. This type of air conditioner is powered by a very big compressor that will be in a place and will pump cooled air into all the phases that are placed in the building. This type of air conditioner is very common in companies that use big engines or computers because the heat that is coming out of the engines must be cooled down.

Maintaining the air conditioner

Many people often complain that their air conditioner is developing fault after a short time of purchase, they often think it is the fault of the producer of the air conditioner but most of the times it is the fault of the user because when the air conditioner is not taken care of, it will surely develop faults. Below are some ways to take care of the air conditioner:

  • Cleaning the external part: This is the most important step in maintaining an air conditioner, it is compulsory to clean the dust around the air conditioner from time to time because dust can block the compressor and cause the compressor to break down. Sometimes when many dust particles enter the air conditioner compressor, the compressor may not break down but the air that will be discharged by the air conditioner may contain dust particles which are dangerous.
  • Regulating the voltage: It is important to read the manual of the air conditioner and know the minimum and maximum voltage that should be used. If the electric voltage is too much, the air conditioner can burn out. To avoid this, it is better to use a stabilizer with the air conditioner.
  • Let it rest: It is advisable to have a time that the air conditioner will be switched off everyday to allow the air conditioner to rest because if the air conditioner keeps working without rest, it is prone to developing a fault.

The air conditioner is a must have especially in the part of the world that the weather is hot. Visit Keuze Helper, a site that will tell you more about things that you need to know about the air conditioner.