Kratom strains have become quite popular in the past few years. For consumption purposes, Kratom is available in powder as well as capsule form. Kratom capsules can be taken with plain water also. A wide range of Kratom products is available online. The significant problem faced by buyers is finding a reliable and authentic seller. To resolve this issue, we have come up with a list of five Kratom suppliers.

5 best Kratom Capsule vendors on the internet.

The name mentioned below is just for information purposes. We do not recommend the usage of these capsules for medicinal purposes.

1. Coastline Kratom

This website stands for the reliability, quality, and authenticity of Kratom strains. It is considered the best seller for Kratom powder. However, they do not offer a lot of variety in capsules, but they are still worth considering as they only deal with quality products.

The website offers 4 types of capsule variety, namely,

  • Bali
  • Maeng Da
  • Horned
  • Borneo

Kratom capsules on this website are a little expensive but, they are worth every penny for the quality they offer.

The website has a green, white, red, and ultra-enhanced range. The vendor offers a moneyback guarantee, which itself is an assurance of the product quality. In addition to this, a free shipping facility is also available. If you are looking for a good quality Kratom capsule and are ready to pay a little bit extra, then Coastline Kratom is worth browsing.

2. PurKratom

PurKratom is a Florida-based company that supplies Kratom capsules all over the World. The seller is known for its quality and has gained lots of appreciation in the Kratom community. The seller offers 24 types of Kratom capsules, including almost all the popular Kratom strains like White, Green, and Red Maeng Da, Sumatra, and also the super Kratom strains.

The vendor offers variety in terms of the region from which the powder has been imported, like Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Besides this, the seller provides discounts on Green and Yellow varieties of Kratom capsules.

The seller offers free shipping, a moneyback guarantee, and a same-day delivery facility on orders placed under 3 PM EST. The positive reviews and feedback provided by users further prove the quality and excellent customer service.

3. Super Natural botanicals

Based in Linden, USA, SNB is one of the most reliable and trusted brands when it comes to Kratom capsules. The vendor offers a wide range of Kratom capsules, including Maeng Da Variety (green, white, and red), White Indo Kratom, Red Bali Kratom, and White Borneo Kratom.

The company gives special discounts and free coupons for both existing and new customers. The reward program offered by the vendor is worth consideration. The seller provides a special discount of 30% to its regular buyers.

The vendor accepts a return order in case the product is either damaged or unsatisfactory. In such cases, the company either refund the money or resend the product depending on the customer wish.

The vendor is known for its fast delivery. All the local orders are dispatched on the same day, and international orders are delivered within 3-5 days.

4. Krabot:

The vendor has gain popularity in the past few years. The company is California-based and provides fast delivery all over the U.S.  It is one of the most trusted online vendors for Kratom capsules.

The seller is reliable and known for its quality Kratom capsules, excellent customer service, and safety. The company claims that all its Kratom products are free of pesticides and chemicals.  28 varieties of Kratom capsules are available on the website. The capsules contain the following Kratom strains:

  • Bali Gold,
  • Green Bali
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Green Malay
  • Red Bali, Red horn
  • White Indo
  • White Maeng Da.

Capsules are further available in two sizes (500mg and 1000mg), depending on the powder weight. Capsule bottles are available in three sizes, 30, 60, and 180 capsules.

5. Cali Botanicals

The brand is known for selling quality capsules at affordable rates. The seller offers a wide range of Kratom capsules including, Superior Red Dragon, Bali, Maeng Da, Thai Red Vein, etc.

The Kratom powder quantity is fixed (665mg) in each capsule. Based on the requirement, the buyer can select from 30, 50, and 80 capsules per bottle. However, we do not recommend using the product without consulting an expert.

Though the vendor does not provide a free shipping facility, it compensates the price by giving discounts and offers.