When you were in high school you may have felt a certain amount of pressure to dress in a particular way because that’s the way that your friends would dress. Or you may have just felt that you had to stick to some preconceived notion that people had about you. However, when you’re in college you can have a lot more fun, because no one has any preconceived notions about who you are, and you will be making all new friends. Nonetheless, sometimes having such a blank canvas can make it difficult to know where to start.

Here are five essential style tips for college students.

  • Keep it Comfortable

It’s important to remember that dressing for class is nothing like dressing for the club. If you are going to class wearing tons of makeup, revealing outfits and high heels, you will look like you don’t know where you are. Not only will you give your professors the impression that you are there to be seen rather than to learn, but you will be getting attention for all the wrong reasons. You will have long walks between classes, so it doesn’t make sense to wear heels. You don’t need to wear sweats or yoga pants, but do try to keep it subtle.

  • Always Accessorize

Just because you are dressing comfortably doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t accessorize. Your clothes in college should suggest that you have put some thought into your outfit, but you aren’t trying to be wildly distracting. Every outfit you wear should have at least 3 pieces: a top, a bottom and some kind of accessory. This accessory could be a scarf, a necklace, a vest, a hat, etc. Keep reading how to evolve snom.

  • Dress for the Weather

You should always check the weather before you get dressed in the morning. If you are from Hawaii or California, this may not have been necessary when you were growing up. But if you are attending University, then you are going to be living in a city that has very discernible seasons and weather patterns. You don’t want to freeze to death in a tank top during the winter, and you don’t want to be sweating bullets in a sweater during the spring.

  • Be Yourself

There are all kinds of fashion blogs or websites you can follow in order to keep up with the trends, but in the end you always want to make sure that you are wearing clothes that suit your personality. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t experiment with your look a bit, but you also shouldn’t look like you bought each of your outfits off of a mannequin at the mall.

  • Choose Flattering Lines

In addition to making sure that you are always dressing in ways that suit your personality, you want to make sure you are dressing in ways that suit your body type and your lifestyle. If you are not an athlete and you don’t do yoga, then there’s really no reason to be wearing yoga pants. If you don’t look good in culottes, don’t wear culottes. You don’t have to adopt every trend just because it’s trendy.