Gone are the days when a woman looked great only in tight clothes that, many times, did not even let you breathe. For a few years now, wide pants have been in the wardrobe of many girls around the world.

The best thing about these pants is the comfort that each one feels when wearing them, but sometimes being comfortable wins out by looking good and we fall into the hole of sloppiness. In other words, this garment as well as it can become our best ally can also become our worst enemy, making us seem as if we do not care about our appearance.

The Chica Genial team loves this style of jeans; So to make you look great with them, we give you a list of great ways to wear Boyfriend Jeans.

It does not matter if it is to go to study or to a disco; these pants can always look good.

Look casual combining it with sneakers

The most common way to wear them is with sneakers and a comfortable polo shirt. Keep in mind that part of your ankles will show, so the stockings you use should not be noticeable; or if they do, it should be in a subtle way and preferably neutral tights in a single color.

Take care of every detail of your look so you don’t look disheveled.

A glam look with heels

Most of these jeans are ripped and have holes, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t look fancy when wearing them. A cute top and great heels can complete your outfit to go out to a somewhat formal meeting.

Sweet and tender with ballerinas

Ballerinas don’t just look good with skinny pants; With some Boyfriend Jeans, you can create a spectacular image. For that, take into account the model of the shoes.

This look is ideal for casual gatherings and shopping.

With a shirt, a masculine style

When worn with a shirt, you will achieve a somewhat masculine look but at the same time chic. Remember that both the pants and the shirt must be your size; on the contrary, you may not see yourself as you thought.

Combine them with a blazer

The blazer is a cool and elegant garment; You can combine it with many clothes, including Boyfriend Jeans. Like the shirt, the blazer should also fit properly to the shape of your body.

Boyfriend Jeans and white polo shirt

Wearing a white polo shirt and jeans is classic and if you don’t do it in style, it can look very boring. With some Boyfriend Jeans and the right accessories, you will stand out from all the girls.

A nice coat or a fashionable bag can make this look the coolest.

Highlight the pants by combining them with neon colors

Combining these masculine jeans with bright colors will be a plus. In addition, summer is the best season to wear these colors in your outfit.

Rock style with a leather jacket

If you are a rock girl, a leather or leatherette jacket is a must in your closet. Combine this jacket with some loose jeans and you will look like a true Rock Star fashionista.

With a black top, the lifesaver of all

As with a white polo shirt, this style is a classic. You can improve the look by opting for a glued top that outlines your figure.

Urban chic style, you will look a little daring

In this style, we rescued the shoes from the first example, but we added a fishnet-type pantyhose. You will have a super urban and modern look.

Choose some patterned jeans

The prints on the clothes are in full fashion, especially the prints on the type of jeans we are talking about. There is everything; flower, animal, cartoon, pop art, etc; You can combine all the designs with different polo shirts, sweaters, and accessories.

This is how you can wear those very comfortable Boyfriend Jeans and at the same time be impeccable. Don’t forget to get one in your size, otherwise, it will look huge on you.

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