What's in your wardrobe?

In What’s In Your Wardrobe we take a look at the contents of the wardrobes of some of our favourite fashion friends and get some of their style secrets. Sneak a peek at our team’s inner sanctums, plus check out some celebrity wardrobes (or dressing rooms) that’ll have you green with envy. If you’d like to take part in this feature, don’t hesitate to drop us a line and we’ll be in touch!
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What's In YOUR Wardrobe?

Click image to enlarge "Nice collage Isabelle" I hear you say. Why yes, yes it is thank you. It is in fact some of the "best bits" from our What's In Your Wardrobe feature which saw esteemed bloggers (including... Read more »

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What's in your wardrobe: Our Editor-in-Chief Gemma

Isabelle's been asking me to photograph my wardrobe for ages for this feature, but I've always found an excuse. Apparently, there are a lot of people who want to see my infamous 'dress wardrobe' in all its glory (you fools !)... Read more »

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What's in your wardrobe: That's Just My Vibe's Kirsty Lee

It's been a while, but the Fashion Weeks are over and CQ's Wardrobe Snoop is back! This week, we've got Kirsty Lee of That's My Just My Vibe blogger fame. Kirsty is the epitome of chilled out London chic, and her outfits... Read more »

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What's in your wardrobe: What Claudia Wore's Kim

The span and subject matter of fashion blogs is broad to say the least, and while you might not instantly think of What Claudia Wore as a fashion blog we at CQ are massive fans. For those who are old enough to remember... Read more »


What's in your wardrobe: Flying Saucer's Selina

This week's wardrobe feature comes from Selina aka Flying Saucer , the beautiful redhead student from the north of England [ Erm, Selina's from Birmingham. That's in the Midlands - Gem ]. Selina is our second blogger to... Read more »

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What's in your wardrobe: Fur Coat, No Knickers' Rachael

We're big fans of Rachael Gibson's witty blog, Fur Coat, No Knickers . So much so we even let her loose on Catwalk Queen sometimes and this is one of those times. As part of our wardrobe feature she kindly let us have a peek... Read more »

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What's in your wardrobe: CQ's Isabelle

This is the first in a new and exciting CQ feature where we snoop into blogger's wardrobes to find out what they've got and how they store it. We've got a whole host of exciting bloggers lined up but if you don't know your... Read more »