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eBay Picks: the Rock Selection

Click to enlarge I don't know if it's because we're listening to Ozzy Osbourne in the office, but this week's eBay picks come with a rock flavour. Take your pick from a bodycon dress, leather skater skirt or... Read more »

ebay picks ankle boot 80s skirt tulip tuxedo dress polka dot pussy bow blouse.jpg

eBay Picks: tulip skirt, pussy bow blouse, tuxedo dress and '80s ankle boots

Click image to enlarge There's something for everyone in today's eBay picks, a pretty Zooey Deschanel style tuxedo dress in brown and a great '80s floral tulip skirt. Carrying on the '80s theme is some wicked ankle... Read more »

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eBay Picks: '60s green cape, stockings and handbags

Click image to enlarge To occupy the remainder of your Friday afternoon we have chosen some great pieces for our eBay picks. Star of the show is the deep green '60s cape which will make a feature piece in your winter... Read more »

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eBay Picks: vintage cossies, brogues and skirts

Click image to enlarge This week's eBay picks is skirt themed, choose from the '50s full skirt or the Topshop tulip. If you're bored of ditsy prints but still fancy the Luella-lite look then the ethnic print mini is... Read more »


Molly Ringwald has wardrobe regrets over 'The Breakfast Club' - we don't!

If you weren't a kid (or a fan) of the '80s, then you'd probably find most of what Molly Ringwald wore in her hit teen flicks pretty unforgivable. And why wouldn't you? Looking back now, it was merciless what the poor... Read more »

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CQ eBay picks: harem pants, polka dot mini, suede handbag and mod dress

Click on image to enlarge Here's the first of our eBay picks , how terrific are the silky '70s harem pants? I've got my eye on the polka dot dress, it looks so easy to wear. Full product details after the jump, and... Read more »


The Scene: Stars mingle at Visa Swap shop launch, Covent Garden

For the last three weeks, London's fashionistas have been getting tough with their wardrobes, donating their unwanted high street and designer clobber to the much-anticipated Visa Swap loft. The result? A glittery launch... Read more »


Hard up for cash? Peaches Geldof flogs clothes on eBay

Do you wish that you could look like Peaches Geldof ? And no, I'm not talking ASOS.com here either! Now you can actually wear the clothes literally off the socialite's back, since she has taken to flogging her... Read more »

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Ninja Vintage plaid skirt

After taking a break from fashion for a while one of my favourite vintage stores Ninja Vintage is fully back up and running, hooray! I love this plaid skirt which has been done up tight paperbag style. True to Ninja... Read more »


Shop Portobello Road Market on the 'net

There aren't many things that beat a day leisurely trawling through the Portobello Road markets for some fab vintage finds - all while enjoying an icecream on a warm summer's day. But it's not always sunny in London (you... Read more »


Get your hands on vintage Dior for 60 bucks...

Dior for $60 - yes, you did read that correctly! From tomorrow (4 June), Yoox.com are kicking off their amazing sale, with stunning vintage Dior pieces gathered from far and wide. Read more »

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The Coveted's hotlist of eBay sellers

Trawling through eBay can bring down even the most avid fashionista, I mean try looking for suede boots when all you get is a sea of UGGs?! I've just spent half an hour looking through all the great links that Jenine from... Read more »


Miss Selfridge Red Squiggle Flower Dress

Anyone looking to be transformed into a 1990s prom belle of the ball? If you loved the nineties or have a costume party to attend, here's a dress for you. Miss Selfridge's vintage collection has just released this Red... Read more »


Thandie Newton wants us to buy vintage

Any excuse to buy vintage clothing and I'm all ears... Thandie Newton wants us all to get a little bit greener by stocking up on secondhand clothing, instead of always purchasing new. "It is grotesque how out of control... Read more »


Don't pay over the odds for vintage...use your ebay savvy.

There is a plethora of great vintage clothing available online, but it can be hard to find. Vintage websites tend to charge heavily for their editing skills, so using your own style savvy is often the way to get a... Read more »