Mantra by Tara Reid spring/summer 2009 at Athens Xclusive Designer's Week

Did you know Tara Reid had a swimwear/clothing line called 'Mantra by Tara Reid'?

tarareid_mantra.jpg[Images: P Anastasselis/Rex Features]

Well... she does.

Question is: would you wear it?!

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CQ Gallery: Top ten retro swimsuits & bikinis!

Just like me, a lot of you love a bit of retro swimwear. Fuller-cut styles are far more flattering than tiny little triangle bikinis on bigger body shapes, and can also add curves to those who need them. Recent offerings from designers and specialists alike have proved that you don't always have to flash flesh to look sexy, and as a result, pin-up girl bikinis have appeared in most mainstream collections. Still, some of the best ones are hidden away in the most unexpected places. CLICK THE PICTURE to view our top ten really retro bikinis and swimsuits!

Dolly Dagger sun suits.jpg
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CQ Gallery: Celeb bikini inspiration


Other sites and mags usually look at celebrity bikini photos to ogle or abuse the bodies. As much as - secretly - we do that too, when it comes to bikinis at Catwalk Queen, we're looking at the pics for a whole other reason. Taking inspiration from some of our favourite celebs, we've got the rundown on how to pick the bikini to flatter you. Curvy like Kelly or slim like Kate, busty like Gemma or tanned like Coleen...we've got loads of inspiration for your holiday suitcase.


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Cuteness ahoy! Nautical swimsuit from FablesbyBarrie

nauticalswimsuit copy.jpg
How adorable is this swimsuit? I love the multi-layered halterneck bandeau top, and vintage style cut. At first glance it looks hard to wear, but actually the dark blue is slimming across the tummy, the low cut is forgiving on the rear, and the neckline is flattering. Besides you'll be too cute in this outfit for anyone to want to judge! It's $110 and is available over at FablesbyBarrie. [Emily Tan]

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What swimsuits looked like in 1952 - would you wear them?

Have you started stocking up on (more) swimsuits for your summer holidays? If you haven't, then check out this video for a look at what women were wearing 56 years ago in 1952. These were days before the skimpy bikinis we know of now. There are swimsuits which are called "Heavenly Bodies, because they're out of this world", and a suit called the "Wing Ding, which can be worn up or down for obvious reasons". While this is what people wore over half a century ago, fashion hasn't changed that much when you consider the retro pieces available in stores today. Enjoy!

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Bikinis for big boobs: What to do?


With my holiday looming nearer and nearer I'd made all the usual preparations. I'd religiously buffed, scrubbed and fake tanned, I'd been dieting so my thighs wouldn't look Godzilla like in this summer's ra ra skirts, I'd tested out all the waterproof mascara's I could find, and there was one more hurdle to go - the bikini.

Always a fearful subject (how many times does anyone see you prance around in your knickers?) it was made so much harder by the dreaded twins, also known as my bust.

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Top three check bikinis

check bikinis madras topshop debenhams toast.jpg
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Over at Brandish we've got a mild obsession with madras check. It's a great alternative to plaid and flannel checks and perfect for the summer. I've tracked down three of the best summery check bikinis on the high street which will hopefully bring some sunshine to your rainy day!
See after the jump for product details.

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