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Sales!! Net-a-Porter, Warehouse, Matches & Oasis

There's nothing better than a good mooch in the summer sales, and luckily for us, there are LOADS around at the moment. I mean loads. Pretty much all of the retailers are reducing their summer stock by at least 50% and it's... Read more »

Warehouse to launch first eco-range

It is always good to see more High Street retailers jumping on board the green wagon, and the latest chain to do so is Warehouse . It has announced plans to launch its first eco-range called Ware-Eco . The... Read more »

100 Cheap Party Dresses (#s 5 & 6): Sale chic

The next pair of party dresses in my list of 100 are a pair of contrasting looks reduced in the pre-Christmas sales. The drape front purple silk number ( £40 at Warehouse ) is one of those 'business in the front, party in... Read more »

Sale Shopping Finds: 50% off more on your high street faves

We absolutely love the Summer sales, but when it comes to reductions, we can't help thinking some shops are a little bit stingy (Zara, we're looking at you here ). Knocking £10 off an £80 dress doesn't really strike us as a... Read more »

Shop the best of the Urban Outfitters sale

Can October really be classed as 'mid season'? No sooner have we packed away our sundresses and pulled out the opaque tights than our favourite stores are discounting their Autumn / Winter stock. First Topshop , now Urban... Read more »

Sale tip-off: final reductions at Warehouse

Last night I ventured downstairs in the Argyll Street branch of Warehouse and was treated to a scene not unlike what you find at Primark Oxford Circus on a Saturday afternoon. Obviously word was out that the last few days... Read more »

Warehouse are top of the frocks with their indigo and blue gems

While everyone else is flogging their sale stock, the Warehouse website is a veritable goldmine of gorgeous frocks that'll easily see you through Autumn and beyond. I was really impressed by the detail that had gone into... Read more »

Behind The Scenes at CQ: Sample sales and how to find them

Have you ever been to a sample sale? If you have, the queue above will be no surprise to you. These supposedly 'secret' events are never quite as quiet and exclusive as they claim (rule of thumb - if you know about it,... Read more »

Donna Karan empties her closet for charity

I'm sure we can all sympathise with Donna Karan's reflection on her spending habits over 35 years: "...Before I knew it, I was able to fill a warehouse. It just got out of control." Of course, the DKNY designer's wardrobe... Read more »

New York fashion industry tweets Hurricane Irene

[Click image to enlarge.] Hello from the hurricane zone! Yes, New York is under threat of Hurricane Irene, but it has not stopped us all from tweeting. In fact, it seems to be all we're doing. That and drinking. Here... Read more »