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Ugly Betty's Wilhelmina Slater goes for recessionista chic

It seems that even the big guns in the magazine world are tightening their pursestrings, well the fictional ones are anyway. Ugly Betty 's Wilhelmina Slater is having her wardrobe budget cut as the recession continues.... Read more »

Pick of the Blogs: Ugly, blazers, and FIT's Gothic exhibition

SATC fatigue is starting to hit the blogosphere [ Dressed and Pressed ] KoS two days in a row but it's justified by Michelle's interesting post on the merits of ugly in fashion. [ Kingdom of Style ] Beth confirms the... Read more »

CQ Gallery: Not So Ugly Betty

Looking at pictures of America Ferrera filming new episodes of Ugly Betty, I can't help but think the costume designers have taken a few liberties with the whole 'ugly' thing. Sure, her outfits are mismatched and uber bright,... Read more »

BBC presenter Kirsty Wark's raised hem raises a few eyebrows

It is that age old question that seems to rear its ugly head every now and again - How old is too old to show a bit of leg? Personally, as long as you've got it, and know how to flaunt it, then you are free to do whatever... Read more »

Gemma's adventures in fashion - Fashion Week predictions

Gemma Cartwright writes... It seems like only yesterday that I was jumping on a plane to Australia to escape looking forward to February's Fashion Weeks. Now here we are, another season on, waiting impatiently for the... Read more »

Frock Horror: Miriam Diaz Aroca at the Puss in Boots premiere

Did you ever wonder what happened to all Mayim Bialik's hats when Blossom went off the air? Well, now you know. From what we can gather from a hastily translated Wikipedia page, Miriam Diaz Aroca is actually a... Read more »

Frock Horror: Liz McClarnon at the 7 Pounds Premiere

Rumour has it Atomic Kitten are reforming . Hopefully if they do they'll have a decent stylist. Otherwise, this might happen again... I'm sure there a killer figure under there somewhere, but right now it's hidden by a... Read more »

Frock Horror: Paris Hilton at the Sundance Film Festival

Paris, this whole fuffy, five-year-old, bubblegum pink 'I'm so cute' thing...? ...it would have worked better if you hadn't also done a sex tape. Just sayin'. Read more »