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Kate Middleton Photoshopped (again!) for a magazine cover

Now this is disappointing. After recently being subjected to some crafty airbrushing which saw her grace the cover of a US political magazine with rotting teeth, Kate Middleton has undergone the Photoshop treatment once... Read more »

Eliza Cummings denies she was Photoshopped for Vogue Italia, May '09 cover

Ever since the April '09 cover of Vogue Italia , starring Eliza Cummings , was revealed last week (left), folks have been all too quick to assume that she must have been Photoshopped for the job. Now the British model has... Read more »

New 'Sex and the City 2' promo poster a Photoshop "disaster"

It's our first official sneak peek at the highly anticipated film sequel, Sex and the City 2 , and already it is being labelled a Photoshop "disaster." It seems SATC fans aren't impressed by overly-airbrushed new... Read more »

Pick of the Blogs: Victoria Beckham photoshopped, cage corsets and denim leggings

Click image to enlarge DSR has catalogued the collection of denim leggings at the recent Urban Outfitters press day [ Disney Rollergirl ] French, cute and stylish. Some kids have all the luck [ Jak et Jil ] Puff... Read more »

Numero magazine Photoshops Karlie Kloss's ribcage

We've all seen thousands of images of models being altered to look slimmer...but just how many photos have you seen of women with their ribcages smoothed over? It seems that the editors at Numero magazine decided Karlie... Read more »

When bad Photoshop happens to good people: Spring 2008 Gap ad

So... can you spot that third arm then? [ Source via NY Mag ] Read more »

More Madonna for Louis Vuitton A/W 2009-10 ads

Photoshop is working overtime in the latest A/W 2009-10 ads from Madonna and the Louis Vuitton crew. The first image from the campaign was leaked last week , and now more have been uncovered. So far the reaction... Read more »

Natasha Poly's missing elbow on the cover of Vogue Russia

I don't know about you but I have had just about enough of magazines and their crazy Photoshopping ways lately. First it started with this awful cover of Kate Middleton and her awful rotting teeth . Then, just this week,... Read more »

Kylie Minogue's disappearing foot for Elle UK

It seems another case of bad Photoshopping has taken hold of the magazine business once again. Kylie Minogue's left foot appears to have disappeared from the cover of the January 2013 issue of Elle UK . Sporting a... Read more »

Pick of the Blogs: Chanel fishing rod, fabulous fringing and M.I.A .

There's nothing like a Photoshopped picture of Karl Lagerfeld to make your day, it's in aid of a $20,000 Chanel fishing rod..Don't all rush out and buy one now! [ Born Rich ] KoS' purple fringed dress: definitely DO WANT. [... Read more »