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Maria Sharapova models technology-based fashion at Liberty

With Wimbledon just a blink away, Maria Sharapova took to the windows at Liberty to unveil some new prototype fashion designs. As Global Brand Ambassador for Sony Ericsson , the former grand slam champ revealed a... Read more »

Friday funsies: when fashion & technology mix...

A few weeks ago I put up a tongue-in-cheek gallery of light fittings that looked like couture clothing . It was a surprise hit at Shiny Towers, and it got me thinking about the other links between fashion design and other... Read more »

Westfield launches Future Fashion

Last night we journeyed down to Westfield London , the capital's famous shopping centre, for an exclusive sneak preview of their new Future Fashion campaign which launches to the press and public today. The first ever... Read more »

Nicola Formichetti to launch high tech brand

It seems there is no rest these days for Nicola Formichetti . Not only is he busy enough with Thierry Mugler, Haus of Gaga, Uniqlo and Vogue Hommes Japan , the designer has revealed he is set to launch a new high-tech... Read more »

PPQ get techie with a BlackBerry collaboration

If there's one thing I've learned working so closely with the girl geeks , it's that the links between fashion and technology are strong. The past few years we've seen everything from designer Sky+ boxes to mobile phones... Read more »

Antoni & Alison's 'models walking up and down in dresses' at London Fashion Week A/W 2012

It's safe to say that Antoni & Alison opened London Fashion Week with a bang this morning, showing a very creative collection of nothing but dresses. Wittily entitled ' models walking up and down in dresses ', the... Read more »

Stella McCartney talks Adidas My2012 collection

You might remember a few weeks ago when we met internationally renowned fashion designer Stella McCartney . Seen as though we checked out her new Adidas My 2012 collection recently too, we managed to ask her a few questions... Read more »

Add a touch of LFW to your laundry with LG

We're used to fashion and technology tie-ins, and let's face it, most of them are pretty awful. Making something pink and shoving a logo on it doesn't make it any more appealing to the fash pack, and it's been a long time... Read more »

Stella McCartney recruits Laura Robson for Adidas tennis collection

For her début tennis collection continuing her well established partnership with sportswear brand Adidas , Stella McCartney has recruited British tennis star Laura Robson . More used to preparing for a game at Wimbledon... Read more »

A slap on the wrists for fans of fast fashion

Kimberley Foster writes... In these fast-fashion times that we live in, we are being urged to stop buying and to start mending. Yesterday, the House of Lords published a report , attacking our spending habits, as well... Read more »