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Marks & Spencer to get a dose of Ab Fab for Christmas '09

Yes, yes, yes! Why didn't we think of this earlier? Marks & Spencer plus Ab Fab = super funny ads for the holiday season! Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders have signed on to be the new faces of M&S's... Read more »

The BBC Sherlock Fashion Awards 2012 - Winners

At the beginnning of August it was Sherlock Holmes Week, and millions of Sherlock fans around the world celebrated with events across the world. A highlight of the week was a fashion design competition for young artists, who... Read more »

Author apologises for coining term 'fashionista'. (Eh?)

So apparently the term 'fashionista' was actually invented by someone named Stephen Fried . Few probably know of him (myself included), but he claims to have invented the word 'fashionista,' and now he is apologising for... Read more »