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Psst... Why is Peaches Geldof getting her own reality show as a magazine editor?

Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't reality TV require some element of well... reality?! Actually, come to think of it... Regardless, I'm stumped by the news that Peaches Geldof has been given her own reality show, in... Read more »

Peaches Geldof for Ultimo - check out her saucy new ads!

As I mentioned last month, Peaches Geldof is Ultimo's newest recruit . The socialite has reportedly racked up a six-figure deal with the lingerie brand to become their latest ambassador for the Miss Ultimo line,... Read more »

Peaches Geldof previews PPQ line

Peaches Geldof has previewed her forthcoming line for PPQ for the Times . The tabloid-favourite, who also models the collection in the ad campaign, presents a couture-esque, dark, dramatic capsule range, which is due... Read more »

Hard up for cash? Peaches Geldof flogs clothes on eBay

Do you wish that you could look like Peaches Geldof ? And no, I'm not talking ASOS.com here either! Now you can actually wear the clothes literally off the socialite's back, since she has taken to flogging her... Read more »

Peaches Geldof to design capsule collection for PPQ

No surprises here I'm sure with the news that Peaches Geldof is teaming up with PPQ to design her own capsule collection. Geldof is a close friend of the London-based label, even modelling their spring/summer '08... Read more »

Peaches Geldof's five finger discount at Carnaby Street boutique

Oops! Peaches Geldof is in a spot of bother after she inadvertently shop-lifted at a store in Carnaby Street last Thursday night. The so-called 'Boomtown Brat' caused havoc at the Victim boutique when she left the store... Read more »

Newsflash: Peaches Geldof ties the knot in Las Vegas

What the...? Looks like Peaches Geldof has gone a done a 'Britney' by getting married in a quickie ceremony in Las Vegas to a boyfriend no one even knew existed. The 19-year-old's publicist released a statement overnight,... Read more »

Psst... Is Pixie Geldof planning a collection for New Look?

Goodness gracious, if what the tabloids are reporting really is correct, then every celeb under the sun will soon have their own clothing collection at New Look . Previously it was Beth Ditto who was rumoured to be... Read more »