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Victoria's Secret Angels (attempt to) sing Jingle Bells

As most of our US readers would know, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was broadcast on CBS last night. You can catch up on our livetweets here. For the rest of the world, the wait may be a bit longer however you... Read more »

CQ Listen: Kate Moss singing on "Dirty Robot" track with The Lemonheads

Followers of Kate Moss's every step (who me?!) would know that she likes to pick up a microphone every now and again. There were those rare moments when she took to the stage with ex-boyfriend Pete Doherty and The... Read more »

Kate Moss won't sing with this band, says The Kills star

Can Kate Moss sing? From what I have heard via YouTube clips of her drunkenly warbling alongside her old boyfriend back in the Babyshambles days, our gal can carry a tune. But this matters not since her new boyfriend's... Read more »

Some model, some sing: Jodie Kidd and Rachel Stevens remind us that not all celebrities are created equally!

I'm sorry. I know (though some might say their costumes are frock horror candidates) that this picture of ex-model Jodie Kidd and singer Rachel Stevens on the Strictly Come Danging tour doesn't have much to do with... Read more »

M.I.A sings a Winehouse tune at Coachella

Replacing Amy Winehouse on the Coachella festival bill M.I.A has a little laugh by making up her own words to Winehouse's hit single 'Rehab'. M.I.A wowed the crowds with her jeans and t-shirt combo, which was somehow... Read more »

Supermodel Karen Elson sings with Ren Harvieu

Supermodel and former wife of Jack White , Karen Elson has teamed up with upcoming musician Ren Harvieu for a duet. The Salford born singer sent the track to Elson, as she "thought it'd be right up her street" and the... Read more »

Nicole Kidman has Ferragamo at her fingertips (and toes!)

When I first read about Baz Luhrmann's ( Romeo & Juliet, Moulin Rouge ) next film Australia , I did have a scary suspicion that it would end up being a musical set in the outback, starring Nicole Kidman singing to... Read more »

"I can't walk in heels," admits Keira Knightley

Despite her many ramblings down a red carpet, Keira Knightley still hasn't conquered the art of walking in high heels. "I can't walk in heels," she told this month's Glamour magazine. "I'm always so impressed when... Read more »

Mika snapped up by modelling agency

Singing about Grace Kelly one day, and the next day you're on the way to supermodel stardom. Okay, maybe not quite, but it could happen for Brit pop singer Mika , who has just signed with modelling agency Models 1. The... Read more »

CQ Gallery: Amanda Seyfried, Meryl Streep, Colin Firth and co at the Mamma Mia! London premiere

I confess, I'm a bit excited about Mamma Mia. It may be the naffest thing in the world, but what's not to love about a film that includes singing, dancing, Meryl Streep and Mr Darcy (oh, and Willoughby). The stars were... Read more »