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Quote of the Day: Simon Doonan on women becoming increasingly self-critical

"You know, at least once a week someone calls me up and says, 'Don't you think it's terrible when fat girls have muffin tops over their jeans?' And I say, 'Not if they're happy.' Who cares?" [We don't really... Read more »

Simon Doonan's words of wisdom: How to deal with these tough times...

"When war broke out, Quentin Crisp went out and bought 10 pounds of henna. You don't get it, do you? It means when times are tough, you have to be even more fabulous and more glamorous, and you have to rise above... Read more »

Nina Garcia said to have parted ways with Elle magazine

Rocking the fashion world at the moment is the news Nina Garcia has parted ways with Elle magazine, causing a hubbub of whispers around mag-land the fashion director did not leave on her own terms. Garcia, who also... Read more »

More credit crunch busting tips... this time from Dame Viv

"Times may be hard but British fashion has always been eclectic. Women should try on their husband's jackets and even boxer shorts for size as outerwear. Wearing political badges is also a great look and kerchiefs worn... Read more »