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Top things to snap up in the January sales

Put down that sequinned dress. I know it's only £15, but when are you going to wear it? Unless you're snapping up a last-minute New Year's Eve outfit, resist the temptation to buy half a dozen party dresses and nab yourself... Read more »

UPDATED: The Cambridge Satchel Company wins the Battle of the Satchels

You can barely walk down the street now without spotting someone with a statement satchel, and one of the biggest reasons behind this (other than Alexa and her Mulberry ) is The Cambridge Satchel Company . Set up by... Read more »

Backstage at Margaret Howell's androgynous Spring / Summer '13 at LFW

Day three of London Fashion Week kicked off with another early start over at classic designer, Margaret Howell . The iconically British brand, decided to host their show at their central London store, which to our... Read more »

Deputy Ed Isabelle's Christmas Wishlist

Pity the poor CQ team who have to compile a list of their dream items only to wake up to the usual Boots shower gel set; or is that just me?! I've compiled a list of my most coveted items from all over the internet in a handy... Read more »

A slap on the wrists for fans of fast fashion

Kimberley Foster writes... In these fast-fashion times that we live in, we are being urged to stop buying and to start mending. Yesterday, the House of Lords published a report , attacking our spending habits, as well... Read more »