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Sex and the City movie sequel still not official, says Patricia Field

The last time that we checked in with what was happening regarding the rumoured film sequel to Sex and the City: The Movie , Kim Cattrall had spilled the beans , Sarah Jessica Parker was reluctant to confirm details , and... Read more »

Sex and the City movie sequel tipped to film in London

With the deals signed , possible filming locations for the movie sequel to Sex and the City are being scouted. And it looks like SATC could be coming to our fine city. According to the latest buzz, several scenes... Read more »

Sex and the City sequel update: Sarah Jessica Parker asks fans not to get Carried away

Sarah Jessica Parker is urging fans not to get their hopes up, after Kim Cattrall confirmed that there will be a sequel to Sex And The City: The Movie . Cattrall spilled the beans to Mel B who was guest hosting... Read more »

Vivienne Westwood's Sex and the City sequel proposal

As we wait for the official word that a sequel to Sex and the City: The Movie is definitely going to happen, Vivienne Westwood has revealed her own plans for a follow-up movie. At this week's 10th anniversary bash of... Read more »

Movie news: Coco Avant Chanel poster banned; Clueless the sequel?

It's Friday and I have some fun movie news for you. As we all know, Coco Avant Chanel recently opened in cinemas, much to the delight of fashion fans. However, it seems not everyone in Paris is happy to see Audrey... Read more »

Pat Field to stay on for Sex and the City movie sequel PLUS new script rumours!

Stylist to the stars, Patricia Field , is sticking by Sarah Jessica Parker and the rest of the cast on the Sex and the City film sequel (phew!) Despite reports that she might be quitting due to a row with SJP, Pat... Read more »

And today's SATC sequel tidbit... Which character dies? *gulp*

I cannot believe that I am actually writing this *sigh* but according to the latest whispers, someone in the Sex and the City film sequel might not make it to see the end... NOOOOOOO! But before we get ahead of... Read more »

Ed's note: A 'Sixteen Candles' sequel with Molly Ringwald? Eighties nostaglia moment!

Kimberley Foster writes... In this era of movie sequels, prequels, trilogies, and remakes (can they really be recreating My Fair Lady with Keira Knightley ? Gulp!) I often wonder why some of our most classic cult '80s... Read more »

Vivienne Westwood *still* wants to pen the Sex and the City sequel

When I read this piece in the Independent yesterday, I wondered if perhaps it was an old item, but apparently not. It seems that Vivienne Westwood still has her heart set on penning the Sex and the City sequel,... Read more »

Newsflash: Sex and the City film sequel confirmed at last!

Here it is finally, after months and months of non-stop whispers ... the sequel to Sex and the City: The Movie has been confirmed! All four leading ladies have now signed on the dotted line (for how much, one can... Read more »