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Charity shops urge us to clear out our wardrobes as donations are affected by the recession

CQ loves charity shops, we do. High street retailers aren't the only ones feeling the credit crunch. Charity shops in the UK are also being affected by the recession, some bargain hunters might be flocking to their... Read more »

Ugly Betty's Wilhelmina Slater goes for recessionista chic

It seems that even the big guns in the magazine world are tightening their pursestrings, well the fictional ones are anyway. Ugly Betty 's Wilhelmina Slater is having her wardrobe budget cut as the recession continues.... Read more »

Never mind the recession, the Bank of England issues dress guidelines for their female employees

Click image to enlarge This reads like a joke but unfortunately it's true; despite a recession which has been described as the worst since WWII the Bank of England has set out a few guidelines for their female... Read more »

Pick of the Blogs: Vogue recession tips, Lady GaGa's style inspiration and Leah's Handmade Challenge

Click image to enlarge DSR is always good at sniffing out a cracking quote, this time she's unearthed some hilarious recession tips from Vogue. [ Disney Rollergirl ] Abandoning safe, slimming, chic, black is no mean... Read more »

Kylie Minogue's recessionista moment: Spotted at Salvation Army!

Has the recession finally hit the A-list too? According to spies in Melbourne , Kylie Minogue has been indulging in a bit of bargain-hunting by shopping up a storm at a Salvation Army charity store. Kylie spent less... Read more »

The Wisdom of Kaiser Karl: the recession

"We have no budget, we do what we want and throwing money out the window brings money back in through the front door. The bottom line is that I don't deal with the bottom line. The luxury in my life is I never have to... Read more »

Hadley Freeman on what we'll be wearing during 'the recession'

[ source ] Read more »

Selfridges snubs credit crisis with £1,000 Easter egg

The world might be plummeting into a global recession, but that hasn't stopped Selfridges from offering up the most decadent egg this Easter. The department store has unveiled a chocolate Easter egg containing a Gold... Read more »

Affordable luxury is the new black, writes Disneyrollergirl

Disneyrollergirl writes: "Wow, everything's suddenly so cheap, I'm quite loving this recession!" rejoiced a friend of mine recently, perusing the prices in the Selfridges sale. While I wouldn't quite put it like... Read more »

Lynn Yaeger says fashion week is 'like school'

"I always say that I would rather spend a week at Rikers Island or the hospital than do Fashion Week. Don't you think it's like school? It's sort of divided up into periods and it has mean girls and you go from one... Read more »