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What's in your wardrobe: Fur Coat, No Knickers' Rachael

We're big fans of Rachael Gibson's witty blog, Fur Coat, No Knickers . So much so we even let her loose on Catwalk Queen sometimes and this is one of those times. As part of our wardrobe feature she kindly let us have a peek... Read more »

Fur Coat Rachael tells us about her favourite metal fashion bloggers

Fur Coat, No Knickers ' Rachael writes... I love heavy metal. More than pugs or pizza or beer or fashion. You might not know it to look at me, but beneath the usually floral-decked exterior, lies a solid metal... Read more »

Rachael from Fur Coat No Knickers wants to know what sunnies you'll be sporting this summer

All my style crushes for the year so far have had one thing in common: epic sunglasses. Lady Gaga , obv, Amber Rose , Arlo Weiner ... none of these faces would like quite so marvellous without their specs. I've... Read more »

CQ Pick of the blogs

Our intrepid LFW reporter Rachael Gibson picked up on a story about female lawyers being banned from wearing fishnets...The cheek! [ Fur Coat No Knickers ] Don't believe the Abercrombie & Fitch hype [ Disneyrollergirl ]... Read more »

Pick of the blogs: Chanel chainsaws,

Rachael is drooling over Tom Sach's sculptures [ Fur Coat, No Knickers ] Batshit Glam is making me laugh as she describes the perils of wearing her gorgeous new cream dress. [ Batshit Glam ] I'm suddenly hankering for a... Read more »

De La Sade will make your legging dreams come true

Click image to enlarge Fur Coat, No Knicker's Rachael is obviously a woman on a mission to find the best leggings on the internet , and I'm more than happy to ride in the slipstream . Finding leggings that are a... Read more »

London Fashion Week - What the bloggers are thinking

"She walks like [Daisy] Lowe's complete and total opposite - give her a few more inches and a bit more attitude, and she's right up there with Trentini." - Fashionista's Britt on Alexa Chung's turn on the catwalk at... Read more »

Golden Globes 2009: What the bloggers (and the boys) thought...

To finish up our Golden Globes coverage (yep, this is it, you can all breathe a sigh of relief!) we've opened up the floor to our friends. After all, it's all well and good us discussing at great length the merits of Eva... Read more »

Let your inner hippy guide you to high-fashion looks

The fine line between hipster and hippy has been softly blurring for a couple of years now, culminating with Martin Margiela's epic horse print tee last season. But why pay £600+ for a designer shirt when the real... Read more »

American Apparel take fashion extremism to a hole new level, geddit?

I spend more time than is probably advisable lurking around online fashion communities, and without a doubt the singular most boring (but recurring) topic is people picking up on some slightly 'different' item from Topshop... Read more »