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The 360 degree mirror that gives your size a whole New Look

It's an invention which would send most of us running for the hills - a store mirror which provides you with a 360 degree angle of how you really look... gah! No longer will you need to ask "does my bum look big in this?"... Read more »

Kim Gordon's Mirror/Dash line to hit Urban Outfitters

The iconic Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth has had a clothing collection for Urban Outfitters in the pipeline for sometime now but news has just come through of a release date. Pipped for the 16th of February, the... Read more »

Which Lily Collins 'Mirror Mirror' look do you love?

Given the incredible Disney-esque gowns she gets to wear in the film (see trailer below) ' Mirror Mirror ' star Lily Collins faced a tough challenge to make her premiere dresses just as memorable. And with the impending... Read more »

DIY fashion: cracked mirror shoes

I made these! Can you believe it? I cannot. They were inspired by these Silver, Gold, Metallic "Cracked Twice" Mirror shoes from Etsy seller Shoes for Queens . My super crafty friend Courtney found them, and sent them... Read more »

Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl model for Lifestyle Mirror

I swear, you just can't seem to keep these two apart. As well as being one of the best looking couples around, Olivia Palermo and her boyfriend Johannes Huebl also make one heck of a modelling duo. In 2010 they starred... Read more »

Kate Middleton could wear a vintage Alexander McQueen dress to royal wedding

With just hours until the royal wedding officially gets underway, another rumour regarding Kate Middleton's wedding dress has sprung up. In what could be the final tribute to the late great Alexander McQueen , the Daily... Read more »

"Kate's nice.. but I won't talk about her" says Agyness Deyn

I don't blame her really... After all if I was being interviewed for a tabloid newspaper, I doubt I'd want to spend the whole time gabbing about someone else either. In her first interview for the Sunday Mirror ,... Read more »

Sex and the City cast embroiled in premiere outfit spat

When I think of the world première of the soon-to-be released Sex and the City movie, I think major... fashion... event. According to the Mirror , the cast of SATC are up in arms over who is going to wear which... Read more »

Ambrigramic t-shirt by Rachel Pfleger

Awesome is the only word to describe this t-shirt, on first glance it spells 'Hate', but look in a mirror and it says 'Love'. It's a whole world of fun and is a slightly more cerebral way of wearing a humourous t-shirt. I... Read more »

From supermodel to songstress: Agyness Deyn to release debut single

Above: Agyness Deyn and actor Danny Masterson at the Coachella Valley Music Festival in California last week. She will not be compared with Kate Moss , and yet it seems that the more famous Agyness Deyn... Read more »