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Outfit Horror of the Week: Jordan's (a.k.a. Katie Price) Cirque Du Soleil ensemble @ book launch, London

Click image to enlarge. [Photo: Rex Features] My eyes... my eyes! It is has been a while since we featured our favourite Frock/Outfit Horror of the Week regular, Jordan , or is it Katie Price these days?... Read more »

Frock Horror: The Saturdays

If you've taken a look at our High School Musical 3 premiere gallery , you might have seen this picture before. In which case I apologise for doing this to you twice in one day. The thing is, this week there's been no bigger... Read more »

Frock Horror: Paris Hilton DJs in Brazil

Paris Hilton may be the ultimate frock horror contender, just in general life. But today I'm talking about a specific frock - the one she wore to DJ the Pop Music Festival 2012 at Arena Anhembi in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This is... Read more »

Frock Horror: Eva Green does Morticia (again)

Eva Green is gorgeous. In fact, she's more than gorgeous. She's 'there is no point my ever leaving the house if this is what I have to compete with' gorgeous. Luckily for us, most of the time she seems to be intent on... Read more »

Frock Horror: Cindy Margolis

It's a recipe for disaster, isn't it? The former 'Queen of the Internet' (the most-downloaded person of 1999) rocking up to a Playboy party on the arm of a man who'd won a date with her in a competition. If Cindy Margolis... Read more »

Frock Horror: Tina Hobley's skimpy number at Cartier Polo

Tina Hobley gave birth to a daughter in mid-April, so she's looking pretty damn good for a new mum. That said, I can't understand why she'd want to wear something so skimpy to the the Cartier Polo . I know it was a hot... Read more »

Frock Horror: Scary prom dress edition

According to the blurb, "This stunning prom dress really redefines glamour." Something tells me it would be miles better if it actually fitted , though. And if they employed some kind of hair and makeup team, or at least... Read more »

Frock Horror: Juicy 'Couture'

Question: do you really want to buy clothes created by people who go out in public dressed like this? [image: Amanda Schwab/Rex Features] Juicy Couture founders Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor at the... Read more »

Frock Horror: Liz McClarnon at the 7 Pounds Premiere

Rumour has it Atomic Kitten are reforming . Hopefully if they do they'll have a decent stylist. Otherwise, this might happen again... I'm sure there a killer figure under there somewhere, but right now it's hidden by a... Read more »

Frock Horror: Miriam Diaz Aroca at the Puss in Boots premiere

Did you ever wonder what happened to all Mayim Bialik's hats when Blossom went off the air? Well, now you know. From what we can gather from a hastily translated Wikipedia page, Miriam Diaz Aroca is actually a... Read more »