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Suit Horror of the Week: Heather Mills's divorce day fashion disaster

Heather Mills ... you have some 'splaining to do... And I'm not just talking about that whole throwing-water-over-your-ex's-lawyer incident either. On perhaps the most important day of her life, the former wife of Sir... Read more »

Groovy baby - Gisele Bunchen to be Austin's new sidekick?

If the rumour mill is right (and we like to believe that it always is!), we could soon be seeing supermodel Gisele Bundchen taking on Dr Evil and his baddies alongside everyone's favourite velvet-wearing spy, Austin... Read more »

Sir Paul McCartney weds Nancy Shevell

It was a jubilant day in the McCartney household yesterday with Sir Paul McCartney , 69, saying "I do" to Nancy Shevell, 51. The newly-hitched couple emerged from the Marylebone Register Office yesterday as husband and... Read more »