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Yay or Nay - Fake Fur

We've talked a lot in the past about real fur, and it's safe to say the topic always results in a great debate. But this time, I want to know what you think of the fakes. There'll be loads of faux fur jackets and coats in the... Read more »

Gwyneth Paltrow: the latest celeb to apologise for wearing fur

Is it just me or has there been an increase lately in starlets claiming they were 'misled' or ignorant of wearing fur in magazine and ad campaign shoots? Last week Kate Winslet came out saying that she thought the... Read more »

Pick of the Blogs: Nagi Noda's hair scultpures, fake tan and 'The Cross Dresser Test'

Copenhagen Street Style is back... But this time it's in New York. CSS are hanging out in the Big Apple for the next three months. [ Copenhagen Street Style ] I got a fake tan for the first time, go and laugh at the... Read more »

Kate Winslet 'misled' over fur photo in Vanity Fair shoot

Last week we reported how Kate Winslet rejected claims that her Vanity Fair shoot was airbrushed . Now, the actress has been forced to deny that she knowingly wore fur in the photo-shoot, insisting that she thought... Read more »

Pick of the Blogs: gloves, headbands and crochet a fake designer handbag

Click image to enlarge There's nothing I love more than a good sale, and Susie's found a corker of a sale on Gloved Up's eBay store. Make haste! [ Style Bubble ] Karla answers your questions, pt1. Everything from her... Read more »

Six of the best: Patchwork faux fur coats

If you thought last year's animal print faux fur coats were a bit much, you just wait for what this season is dishing up. Fun fur is about to get even more ridiculous, as we move away from familiar patterns and into texture and... Read more »

Stella McCartney's next job... designing for the Queen's Guards?

The very last person I ever expected to be designing bearskins for the Queen's Guards is Stella McCartney . The Telegraph reports that the strictly vegan designer may soon be creating faux-fur versions of the hats as... Read more »

Get the Matthew Williamson winter look for less

The king of boho, Matthew Williamson, showed an Autumn / Winter collection that was full of artfully layered dresses, coats, wraps and scarves with thick tights and stunning shoes. One of my favourite looks was an... Read more »

Pick of the Blogs: Chanel, Jovovich Hawk and homework

Click image to enlarge It's fake but real Chanel. Real pieces of Chanel made into fake but still real, capice? [ Fur Coat, No Knickers ] Some pleasing fashion odds and ends from Jane, including an incredible pair of... Read more »

Why We Love 'How To Look Good Naked'

I try to stay clear of TV makeover shows because I find myself shouting at the screen in disgust, but when I stumbled across Channel 4's 'How To Look Good Naked', I was pleasantly surprised. While so many tv makeover... Read more »